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10 Harsh Truths To Accept To Become a Better Person [Part -2]

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In my previous post, I have already talked about 10 harsh truths to accept to become a better person. There I had already announced to publish the second part.

That’s why, today I am here with this article where I am going to elucidate another 10 harsh truths to accept to become a better person. Hope you will find it helpful too. By the way, if you haven’t read the previous part yet, then you can check that article only by clicking here . That one was interesting too .

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So, if you’re interested, then continue reading to the end. 

10 Harsh Truths To Accept To Become A better person [Part 2]

1. You always have more than you think

As we grow up, we used to start growing a wrong mindset about having blessings. We think that if we have accomplishment, success and anything we want, maybe that is the time when we’re going to have enough. But, as we continue to grow this mentality, one day comes when we forget to stay thankful for what we have. 

Unless, you are a very wise person, almost all of us belong to the same category. But do you ever know that there is always a group of people who just wish and cry for the things you have in normal in your day to day life?

You never get to know about them and you won’t know. However, everything will make sense one day when you will start losing all the things you have today.

So, accept this truth to become a better person and learn to stay thankful with the things and people you have in your life when it’s time. Otherwise it may become necessary for you to regret in future.

2. No one is really too busy – they just don’t care about you

Busyness has become one of the biggest struggles of the humans in the world today. Everyone is busy now. So, you must compromise sometimes and you need to consider this for your favorite people.

But, what if you’re calling someone consistently and they’re not caring about you anyway and always saying that you’re busy. Well, every situation for everyone is different though, but I can’t help saying that maybe the person doesn’t care and to become a better person and to live a better life, you must accept this truth

Because, when one cares, then he/she will do the same compromise sometimes that you do for them. So, if they’re avoiding you consistently, then the better thing you can do is to not disturb them anymore.

3. Donating money does less than donating times

By this point, I meant 2 things particularly. Firstly, time is more important than money. In this world, where you can buy almost anything with money, there time is one of those things that you can never purchase with anything in this world.

Secondly, it’s important to give time to your family. To illustrate, in many families, parents give foods and different costly materials to their children but they never give them a plenty of time. Then guess what, when the children grow up, then they either consider money as the most valuable thing or they just complain on their parents and make their parents compelled to regret.

Considering all these, you should never compromise the power of time with anything in the world. 

4. Your talent means nothing without consistent effort and practice

What is talent? Is it something that we take our birth with?? Well, for some people like Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton , the answer is ‘yes’. But, when you think about talents, then you should know that you’re not going to be any of those people always. Even those very talented people also had to work hard to become memorable. 

That’s why, every time you think about talents, I want you to remember that only 5% of your success may depend on your talents. But the other 95% depends only on your hard work and strategies you have.

5. Now is the only time that matters the most

I am saying this because sometimes we just avoid the value of the present. Most of us either care about their pasts a lot and some people just live in the future always.

Even though, it’s better to have a future planning or caring about the future, but you also need to be present at the moment since everything going to be happened in your future depends on what you do now.

And your past will only become your burden. We can’t change our past but it’s also difficult to move forward with this. I guess, when you’re climbing a big hill like your life, then leaving the burdens behind may become helpful.

6. Not everybody really cares about the problems in your life

Believe or not, but that’s the truth. Even though, there will be always some people around you like your parents and other family members who will inspire you always, but for most of the people they will only pretend to help.

Because, you never know what the other person thinks about you. If you’re one of those people, who always keep seeking help, then you should know that some people may show you sympathy but they actually never care that much.

That’s why, I want you to learn to solve your problems by yourself. There is nothing wrong in seeking help though, but trying first by yourself is always the best step you can ever take.

7. It’s not what happens, it’s how you react to them

Every little occurrence brings a new reaction on our face and also a new thought in our mind. We think that maybe the occurrences used to have the biggest impacts on us. But, we are wrong. The main impact depends on how we react to them.

For instance, maybe you have done an awesome performance on the thing you were passionate about and it’s obviously going to make you sunshiny. But, now if you will be so happy and if it makes you think that you don’t need to work before this anymore, then you will know that what’s going to be happened next.

Just like this, you can also change any negative situation with a positive insight towards it. So, always be careful about your reactions and insights about every little situations in your life.

8. Losing some favorite people can actually have a good impact in your life

I know it definitely hurts when you lose some of your favorite friends or other buddies or when you find them leaving you behind or cutting you from their life.  It’s like an intolerable pain. Everything feels so disappointing around us sometimes, we start feeling worthless and start questioning our existence and worth.

Surviving those situations can be extremely challenging but I want you to remember that everything is completely okay. You can’t stop your life. So, when you loose your favorite people, then you cry and wake up start moving forward with your life again, then it actually makes you stronger. Even it’s also feasible that some of them were not even good for you. 

So, learn to accept the truth if you want to be stronger want to become a better person.

9. It will never be the right time

 In this society, you will find tons of people talking about the right time always.  They say that “everything will come in your life at the right time”, “you will achieve everything when it’s the right time”, “You will have to wait for the right time to start” and many other things like this. 

I just want to ask you a question. When they say anything about the right time, do you ever want to know that what they actually mean by ‘the right time? Well, I am quite sure that you don’t.

I am not blaming someone but this is how the society and people around us create a fixed mindset within us about the right time. When you keep waiting for the right time, it kills your motivation, purpose and surrounds you within your comfort zone.

The fact is it will never be the right time. Sometimes, you will have to wait. But it means keeping patience only. It never means waiting for the right time and thinking when it will come!

10. Sometimes it’s okay to act like a heartless person

 By the term of ‘acting like a heartless person’, I actually didn’t mean being cruel sometimes or something like this. I just want to say that sometimes it’s okay to use your heart less and considering things with your brain.

You see, all the humans in the world have emotions and this is something we value a lot. So, we tend to consider everything with our emotions for most of the time. 

But, there will be some situations in your life when using your emotions will only harm you. Then you will have to take every decision with your brain otherwise you will fail. Controlling emotions isn’t easy always. So you must be prepared for this.

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My final thoughts:  In the part 1, I have already given my final thoughts . But, since those points were not enough, so I made this second part. There are billions of articles are being like this on all over the internet. You don't need to read them all. You just need to feel what you have read properly.

That’s all for today’s article. Don’t forget to leave a comment about your thoughts regarding this post.

Question for you: Which part of this post did you like the most? Also, is there any other harsh truths are being that one should accept to become a better person but we’ve forgotten to list them here and also on the 1st part? If yes, then what are they?

Let me know the answer in the comment below!

Finally, if you liked this article, then don’t forget to share it with others who can find it useful or interesting too. Your one share will make my day!

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