Behind the blog

Hey there!

I am Abida, the creator of True Self Growth. I am an enthusiastic blogger and and a dedicated self lover who is always trying to improve herself a bit everyday. I am not a perfectionist but making myself better little by little everyday in every way is the goal of my life. I am always trying to be the best version of myself for myself and by myself and that’s why I like to call myself a dedicated self lover. In the way of my self growth journey, I have experienced several new thoughts, feelings and ideas that I still feel almost everyday. I have created this platform to share my thoughts, experiences, tips and ideas that helped me through this journey of improving myself and hoping to inspire and empower other people too in the aspects of self growth, self love, mental health and productivity

A bit of the background of me –

I was just a simple depressed girl living in a small town of Bangladesh with my parents with no ambition, no dream and no specific plans for my future life. Even only 2 years ago, my life was so messed up that no one could help me with that. I used to hate myself badly and used to judge myself based on the opinions of other people all the time. I was surrounded by some toxic people and for them, I underestimated myself everyday. I had never felt my worth because they made me feel that I was good for nothing. During the pandemic of Covid19, I had to change my town and had to move to a new city.

There, I was apart from all those toxic people and I had just myself. That was the time when slowly I felt my worth. I met some amazing people who made me know about the practice of self love and inspired me to start having good habits and to become productive. I improved new habits, did new things, explored new places and new people which I had never done before. In this way, from being an extremely disappointed and introverted girl with low self esteem, slowly I was able to become super confident, courageous and skillful and finally left the habit of judging myself harshly and yes! I fall in love with myself. This journey was challenging, frightening, and mysterious but after all, I made this!

Before I started this site, I had an another blog and unfortunately anyhow that crushed. I was a bit disappointed but started this blog again and when I started writing, it took my creativity to a different level and I also found my passion in writing and finally started living the life I had always been dreaming of!

You’re amazing in the way you are. You can always be the best in your own unique way. Anyone can give you suggestions but you should never spare anyone to judge you or bully you. No one should have the right to make you feel worthless or bad about yourself. It’s never too late to start working on yourself. If you’re failing now, then don’t get disappointed. Bad times don’t last for ever. Soon, you’re going to be there where you deserve to be

What you will find here :

  1. Think of this blog as an ultimate place where you will get various contents on topics like building confidence, self love, friendship, time management, mental health and productivity
  2. My authentic thoughts and experiences on different topics that most people don’t talk about.
  3. Motivations that will inspire you to become a better version of yourself

I have innovated this site in order to share my experiences, thoughts, struggles and tips that helped me on the way of my self improvement journey in an organized way so that anyone could find it inspiring and empowering

My 10 personal suggestions that is taken from my life:

  • Make self love your first priority
  • There is nothing wrong in being different
  • Don’t push yourself too much, just focus on perfecting yourself a bit everyday
  • Don’t allow anyone to judge you
  • Travel more, meet new people and collect amazing moments and experiences
  • Be kind to everyone and also to yourself
  • Let the toxic people go from your life
  • Be creative
  • Smile more
  • Never give up and always aim for a better future

Lastly, thank you so much for visiting my blog. Hoping that you guys will support me through this journey. I am truly humbled to have you here on my site and I appreciate every piece of your supports.

Have a nice day!