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10 Simple Ways To Overcome Body Insecurity

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This is part 4 of 6-part series on body insecurity where I share my history with body insecurity , signs of body insecurity, effects and reasons of body insecurity and tips to get over it and also motivational quotes to inspire you to love your body

Have you ever felt insecure about the shape of your body? or maybe about the way you look? Have you ever hated yourself only because the shape of your body isn’t good enough? Or, have you overexercised or had a harsh diet just to look like other perfect people?? Well, if any of these things ever happened with you, then chances are that you’re suffering from body insecurities. And now you need to overcome body insecurity .

Body insecurity is a type of feeling or guilt that an individual used to have after looking at their body. It’s also considered as body image issue. Sadly, in the world many people are suffering from this and as you can guess, women are the majority here. According to Do Something, “Approximately 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies and resort to dieting to achieve their ideal body shape. Unfortunately, only 5% of women naturally possess the body type often portrayed by Americans in the media. 58% of college-aged girls feel pressured to be a certain weight.”

Body Insecurities may have a huge impact on your self esteem too. So, it’s necessary to overcome the problem when it’s time. In this article, you’re going to know about 10 simple tips that will help you to overcome body insecurities.

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So, if you’re interested, then continue reading to the end.

How Overcome Body Insecurities

1. Be aware of the toxic people

There will be always some people around you and everywhere else whose only business is to just talk about others body shape. Those people used to have their own standard of beauty. They may appreciate you a bit when it will  go in their way. But, most people will always keep judging. They will always pick up on your body and will advice you on how you should look.

Even though, they know that some things are unchangeable and our body is also one of them, but still they will keep pushing and will keep criticizing  you despite it’s never your fault. Those toxic people are the first who contribute to our body insecurity. Those people can be among  your friends or even can be among your family members or relatives too. Whoever they are, always learn to ignore those snakes. 

2. Get yourself outside

Not stepping out of home and always being in the touch of mirror will never help you to cure. Because, the more you will narrow down your world, the more you will feel like the ugliest person in the world. If you will only be surrounded by the old people or if you will only stick to the same environment that never inspired you, then you will never improve.

So, step outside. Whenever you feel like the unluckiest for your look, always know that there are thousands of people are being in a worse situation than you. I know it’s never the best motivation, but at least it works to overcome body insecurity. You see you’re physically almost fit today, but tons of people used to take birth with some serious conditions that mostly never cures.

Can you say that they’re luckier than you?? Or, maybe you’ve a body shape that you hate but who knows that there is someone who is craving to have that shape like you. To elaborate, maybe you’re regretting because you’re skinny and you want to gain weight. But you never know that if there is someone who is trying to be like you or is being mistreated because they’re not like you! You will never understand these facts unless you step outside. So, always be comfortable with exploring new things, new situations, and new people because they help a lot to  grow your confidence too!

3. Control your diet

Some people used to be on a harsh diet whenever they have any feeling of body insecurity. Specially those who think that they’re over weighting used to follow some of the harshest and most extreme diets like Raw paleo diets, Dukan diet, Keto diet etc. Taking those diets in extreme without taking the suggestions of specialists can be undermining for both your body and life.

When people take those extreme diets, at first they think that the result is going to be amazing. But they never know what it’s doing to their health. According to Better Health Channel, “Your body image may not be accurate. Many people think they are overweight or underweight when they are not. Poor body image is often linked to dieting, over-exercising, or eating disorders. Frequent dieting can affect your mental and physical health.”  It also affects your self esteem badly. According to The Keep, “Dieting is known to cause increase in body dissatisfaction and lower body image and plays a role in the effect of media perception and body image. Body dissatisfaction has been linked to many psychological consequences. It is known to contribute to low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety.”

So, it‘s time you control your diet before it destructs your health. Otherwise at one point, you will have no way but to regret and you will never be able to overcome body insecurity .

4. Accept Genetics

If you’re blaming yourself for not looking perfect, then it’s never your fault and sometimes you have nothing to do with this because everything that happens with your body shape or with your look is mostly for your genetics.  To spell out, you may have any feature from any of your parents. It’s also possible that any feature your body has once was carried by any of your close relatives in your father’s side family or in your mother’s side family.

Studies show that, for a general human 80 percent of their weight and body shape is likely to be influenced by their genes. Which means, if you’re short or too tall, then chances are that any of your close family members or relatives had the feature before you which you’ve carried by. Normally, You inherit half of your genes from your mother and half from your father. But sometimes it may be the opposite. To elaborate, despite your parents are short, but still it’s possible that you’re going to be a way lot taller than them.

So, whenever you feel bad about yourself or you blame yourself for your bad body, remember the fact of genetics and you will feel a way lot released in your mind. 

5. Don’t wait for other’s acceptance

There will be always some people who will never accept you in the way you are. They will pretend to be good with you but will speak of your flaws in your back.  When it comes to beauty standards, it happens a lot.

There used to be some people who live in our heart. You may never want to let them go. Even you may also try to change yourself for them. Maybe you push yourself too much to be prettier in their eyes. Also you may judge yourself based on their opinions. You may hate yourself because they hate you. You may try to be like as they say want you to be. However, this is time you stop yourself. You stop yourself from investing all these efforts before them and finally start working for yourself.

You know their useless opinions about your body will never bring you anything. So, if anyone cannot love you in the way you are, it’s time that you let them go. Otherwise, you will may still have them in your life but you will lose yourself. Letting those toxic people go from your life will definitely help to overcome body insecurity .

6. Create a list of meaningful people

The world doesn’t contain only toxic and judgmental people. This world is beautiful with thousand beautiful and meaningful people with a wise mind. You know those people who became great in the history never had their appearance as their only contributor. And some of them never had a pleasing look or body shape but still made a place of their own. So, if you still feel horrific about your body shape, you better have a look of them.

Make a list of people whose situation matched with you. Know about their stories and write them down if necessary. Know about their experience and what they say about it. Even not necessarily those accomplished people are going to be your only motivator. You may also find some angelic people around you who understand your situation.

Whenever you feel down, have a look of that list. Take time and read it upside down. Observe it and trust the fact that beauty isn’t everything and I’m pretty sure that in that way your situation will get a lot better and it will be easier for you to overcome body insecurity.

7. Understand that the social media is a trap

Talking about social media, it’s now one of the biggest sources of the body insecurities people used to have within them. If you’re suffering from body image issues, then chances are that social media is contributing to this everyday and even it could be the starter.

Some people say that social media is inspiring. But, the fact is it’s a way lot more frustrating than this. As  per myself,  I know how hard it is to control our feelings while seeing those influencers having the perfect body so far and suddenly we have a look of our body, and we understand that there is a huge difference between them and us. That disappointment knows no bound.

And when those pictures come in front of our eyes over and over again every day, then it makes us feel that all these things are really true. But, it’s not! The world of editing is bigger than you know. You may not know a lot about editing but it doesn’t mean that it’s not there. Most of those influencers you see used to be a pro editor mostly and some of them used to hire a professional editor for it. Even when they say that their photo is taken with zero makeup or filter, always know that there is something happening and happened. Because no one has a perfect body and that is the only fact in the world.

8. Understand that your uniqueness is your power

There are more than 7 billion people are being in the world. What if every of them would be looking the same or what if every of them would be having the same body shape or the same look? I guess it would be the worst. right? The world is beautiful because it’s full of unique people with unique appearance, unique mindset and with unique situations.

If you’re struggling with your body image issues, then after all the downsides, there is at least one good side and that is you’re unique! No one can be like you. Even if you have twins, they will most like have some slight differences with you. Your struggles are also a part of your journey, a part of your unique story. So, never ever underestimate your uniqueness and it will help you a lot to overcome body insecurity.

9. Know about your powers

Everyone in the world used to have some inner powers. Something they can do better than anything. It’s something they love to do. That’s something they can do for hours. Something that can make their life beautiful.  Figure out your that powers. You don’t need to be the best in it. Just figure them out and then start developing them.

It might be confusing to think that what these things are having to do with body insecurity? Well, there is supposedly a huge connections between the two. If you will have no skill and just your beauty, then you will always be working before making it perfect which is never good. That will increase your issue and will make you more thirsty for a perfect appearance. Secondly, there is a quote that says staying busy is the best way to forget about miseries. So, if your body image issue is giving you too much pain, then try to stay busy with something you’re passionate about and then see if it works for you to overcome body insecurity.

10. Understand that beauty is worthless

I know it’s so daunting to accept the truth especially when you know about something like pretty privilege.  This is when people who are deemed more attractive—based on accepted societal beauty standards—have an upper hand in the world and are afforded many opportunities that us, regular folks don’t have. You may be sick of finding people valuing the beauty of others more than anything in the world, but then again all the beauties are worthless.

Yep it’s worthless. Because beauty can never outweigh the power of brain. That’s why you may find some of the ultra billionaires living the simplest life possible. Whereas, many people living the medium life may pretend to look dazzling. The reason behind this is that the skilled people already know that they hold the power. But, the unskilled and useless people just use their beauty as their only power to earn a lifestyle.

So, always be aware of this fact that a beautiful person will never be able to outsmart you if you have skills and good ambitions. Also you will never be able to make anything out of your beauty if it’s the only thing you have.

My final thoughts:  I hope all these simple tips will help you to overcome this problem. Body image issue is a serious problem. So for anything, the best you can do is to consult with a therapist, or a counsellor or maybe someone who is an expert in it. Also, being body shamed by anyone is a terrible feeling. So, never body shame anyone around you and always support them whenever you can.

That’s all for today’s article. Don’t forget to leave a comment about your thoughts regarding this post.

Question for you: Is there any other ways are being that can help to overcome body insecurity but we’ve forgotten to list them here ? If yes, then what are they?

Let me know the answer in the comment below!

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Continue on to Part 5 : My history with body insecurity where I shared my personal story with it and how I managed to get rid of it.

This is part 4 of 6-part series on body insecurity where I share my history with body insecurity , signs of body insecurity, effects and reasons of body insecurity and tips to get over it and also motivational quotes to inspire you to love your body

Part 6 : 50 Body Positivity Quotes To Inspire You To Love Your Body

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  1. I think we all struggle with body image, especially since society focuses so much on it. It can be hard to love your body when you don’t see your body type represented or portrayed in a positive manner.

  2. Amber Myers says:

    I used to worry, but I find as I get older, I care less. If I’m happy with myself, I don’t care if others aren’t. I know I could probably lose some weight but eh, life is short. I’ll grab the carbs!

  3. Kathy says:

    These are some really good ideas. Overcoming body insecurity can be really hard. I like that you made this post.

  4. I am comfortable with my body and I have come a long way with it. As a child, I was told not to eat x item at the babysitter and it embarrassed me.

  5. Richelle Milar says:

    Overcoming body insecurity is a really hard thing to do. Thanks for sharing this post with us!

  6. Rose Ann Sales says:

    Sharing this with us is so wonderful of you. I am surely gonna share this with others too! Thanks for the help!

  7. Catalina says:

    These are precious advice. We need to learn this from our childhood!

  8. Accepting genetics AND not caring about other’s opinions are pretty big steps in overcoming body insecurity, thanks for addressing them!

  9. These are all great reminders of being accepting of yourself. We should all focus on loving who we are.

  10. It’s important to focus on loving who we are. These are all awesome reminders of accepting ourselves.

  11. People will always have their own opinion. But if you embrace what you have and love yourself, you could really care less about what other people think.

  12. Love yourself, have the understanding of who you are, who cares about other people’s opinions, you are what you are thanks to sharing.

  13. Marie Gizelle says:

    If we only live with “one should not be overly concerned about what others say,” and “do not talk bad about others” the world would be a better place. Wanting to be better should be motivated by our self – not by what others say.

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