13 small habits to have a better life and to have self development
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13 Small Habits To Have a Better Life

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A better life is something that we all thrive for. But is it really easy to get?

Well, maybe it’s not. But, in some ways, getting a better life is definitely an easy thing. The fact is, life is better with you. So, how you treat it can make a difference.

Some small habits can sometimes be the fuel to a better life. But, have you wondered, ‘ what are the best habits for a healthy lifestyle? ‘ Well, this article could be your answer. Here, you’re going to know about 13 simple habits to have a better life.

You might know about most of them already. But, most people would never really talk about it in depth just like we did here.

So, don’t just skim and keep reading to the end.

1. Maintain a good relationship with your parents

It’s really upsetting that how many people are breaking relationships with their parents based on small reasons.

Even some people don’t really care about it at all. As you can see, many teenagers nowadays literally see their parents as their biggest enemies. I don’t about your perspectives regarding this.

But, what I can say is that putting a small effort in building the relationship will change your life.

First of all, the relation with your parents likely be the first most lovely relations in your life that you’ve ever experienced. So, it must be a valuable gem

Remember the times when they were your biggest strengths? Having a little conversation with your parents can change your mood when you’re feeling down.

Not only that, if you’re having several obstacles in your life, then sharing them with your parents can truly make your problems lighter. The best part is, sometimes you can get one of the best suggestions from your parents that you will never get from anyone else.

“My Parents are My Backbone. Still are. They’re the Only Group that Will Support You if You Score 0 or You Score 40.”

– Kobe Bryant

2. Maintain a good relationship with kids to have a better life

Kids are undoubtedly the most innocent creation of god.

Being with kids for some times a day, will definitely blow your mind.

Not only that, playing with kids for sometimes can make you a lot rejuvenated and even can help you to have a good time in your busy life.

Furthermore, being with kids for some times will make you recall your inner child and chances are you’re going to feel more spontaneous than ever.

Additionally, you can also learn different things from a kid like innocence and loving others. If you have forgotten to stay happy in your life, then I will recommend you to learn to smile from the kids. Because kids themselves sometimes can give away some of the most wonderful lessons to have a better life that you’ll ever find

3. Stop Trying to be a Perfectionist

Do you know which is the biggest obstacle that you can ever face while doing something or trying to be successful in something?

Well, sometimes it can be your own mindset. Your own perfectionist mindset.

Many of us want to be perfect in all ways. But, the fact is perfectionism and success cannot be at the same life. Because, with perfectionism, you lose the freedom to do whatever you want to.

For instance, maybe you’re trying to write your own blog post or maybe you’re trying to complete a project. In these situations, if you will try to do everything perfectly, then I can bet that you will never be capable to complete any of them.

I’m not telling you not to think about these pivotal things at all. But, if you will try to be a perfectionist, then it will only increase your overthinking and will make you stop from doing this at all for the most part.

Because, it will make you doubting your own every step, and as a result, whenever you will try to do it, you will be failed for your overthinking and unnecessary fear of perfectionism.

Instead, I will recommend you not to think about perfectionism, just try to improve yourself a little bit everyday and give your best when you’re doing something. In that way, chances are you can do better than you have ever expected.

 4. Try to be solution focused in order to have a better life

Our life is a roller coaster. It’s full of ups and downs. Even I myself sometimes go through some of the worst moments of my life when I think, there’s no way.

But, there’s one always and WILL BE .

I understand that every human in the world is having some problems. But, it’s for everyone. Just some show it and some don’t . Most of the problems in our life are worthy of being solved.

Now you might be wondering that if that’s the case, ‘then why a bunch of people keep saying that they’re stuck in their life with their problems?’

Well, there is the case. Estimated 7 billions people are being in the world, and in this situation simply there used to be two kinds of people . One is solution focused and people of this category are such cool minded. They’re not likely to run away after watching problems. Instead, even in a serious situation, they try their level best to stay cool and patient and try to solve the problem.

The another category of people are the entire opposite of it. They used to run away by witnessing problems. Sometimes even they might feel pressured by thinking about the problems more than solutions.

Be the second category of people and your life with get better drastically. Also if you’re feeling really stuck with your life, these amazing thanksgiving proverbs can really help you out!

5.  Practice forgiveness

Forgiveness is such a precious skill which can be tough to have for many.

Some people find it so enjoyable to take revenge whereas it sometimes can make your life much harsher than you think.

Taking revenge will waste your time, will make you unhappy and will make you destructive and hated by everyone. But, with forgiveness your life can be modified entirely and even you can also win your enemy’s heart sometimes with your wonderful forgiveness.

simple habits to have a better life
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Forgiveness can give you amazing mindfulness. In a word, forgiveness can be one of the biggest and most effective mindful self care tips that you can ever apply in your life.

So, start practicing forgiveness in your life from today and make your life more amazing.

Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.

Mark Twain

6. Stop Sharing Your Secrets with Everyone

We all used to have several secrets in our life and these are not worthy of being known by everyone.

Some people find it peaceful keeping their secrets to themselves and others find joy in sharing them with the trusted ones.

However, there also used to be some other people who trust people easily and share secrets with them. If you ever did them, it’s time that you stop.

7. Talk less and do more to have better life

“Action speaks louder than words”- I’m sure most of us have listened it at least for once in our whole life. But, not many of us really take it in heart.

It’s literally so easy to make a promise or to say whatever you wanna say. But, saying big words ain’t make you a big deal. You might feel proud at first.

But, as soon as people will realize that your words are getting heavier than your actions, then they will eventually lose belief and you’ll lose value.

8. Stop Wasting Money and Start Saving it

It must be so enjoyable to go shopping and pouring money without thinking twice.

Or sometimes you might even feel like a rich baddie singing the gorgeous songs in your mind.

But, as soon as you go back to home, VOILA! You’re not that rich anymore. Or at least, after some years, you might have the feeling, ‘I wish I had saved’.

I guess, it’s better to get your sense back before you get that regret in your mind.

“The more you try to please people, the more they get control of you and you’ll end up hurting yourself.”

― Chanda Kaushik

9. Stop Being a People Pleaser To Have a Better Life

Many people care about social interactions more than anything in the universe.

It seems like they never wanna hurt anyone. They say ‘yes’ to everything and everyone and would call something wrong which many people would consider.

At first it might seem so normal. But, before you’ll realize, you’re going to lose your subconscious mind to call which is correct or wrong and to make decisions. So, stop being a people pleaser today if you’re one already.

life will get better with you

10. Make a visit to your Neighbors once a While

Most miserably, we’re living in a distructive generation where we are only learning to stay alone and we don’t care about the things these are happening around us.

We don’t care about the emotions of people around us. We have forgotten to share our happiness, sadness and emotions with others. We only care about the stuffs that we see trending in our news feeds on facebook and YouTube.

When the news used to be invisible from our news feed, we also start forgetting about that.

I can still remember what my parents used to tell me. Their life were more happier and friendlier than today. Our neighbors, people who live around us are also a part of our life. Back in the time, people used to consider their neighbors as their closest friend and they used to make time to visit their neighbors and other friends.

But, now what?

It’s being seen in a masses of places where people of one house are spending a spontaneous life, and at the same moment people of an another house beside their house are dying for hunger. Don’t you think, it’s not okay?

Visiting your neighbors will make you more rejuvenated. It will give you more happiness than chatting with friends on massengar and whatsapp. Even, sometimes you can get your neighbors as your closest supporter on your danger.

11. Help out one of Your Depressed Friends

Depression has become such a greater part of our life. Almost every person in the world nowadays is having something to feel depressed. But, the saddest truth is, in this generation people are not likely to have someone who evidently care about their emotions.

That’s why, younger to old, every of them has learnt very goodly that how to have a fake smile.

Even, chances are that in your friend zone your happiest and most smiling friend  is also suffering from depression in his life. Maybe, he is also having several fears that is not letting him to share his problems with everyone.

But, as a friend it’s your responsibility to ask him about his problems and help him at that moment. Being a friend doesn’t mean only having a conversation for sometimes between each other. Being a friend means compromising, understanding and helping the other friend and being with him and even in his deadliest danger.  

Reaching out to a depressed friend or to someone who needs help won’t only make their life better. But, it’ll make yours too.

12. Build a habit of Asking for Help To Have a Better Life

This point is specially for you if you’re one of those people who despise sharing their problems with others and tend to consider it as a meanest work.

Well, I must confess that, sharing your problems and weaknesses with everyone sometimes may create some critical circumstances. Because, not all people are likely to be emphasizing and good of heart. Some evil people can be also out there who can make fun of your problems and can use your weaknesses in future to hurt you.

But, if you desire to not to share your problems with anyone, then don’t get me wrong but you’re doing the wrong work. Hiding your problems from everyone will never serve you to lessen your problems.

If you think, that you’re having someone around you who can help you with your problems, then obviously you should ask for help. Some people might be a little egoistic and they can assume that maybe people will consider you a feeble person if you will ask for help.

But, trust me it’s never the case. Even, if you will refuge to ask for help despite of knowing that people might help you, then reckon me there can be no idiotic work like this that you can ever do.

13. Give away Free Things

Free things make people happy.

So do this once a while to your neighbors, to your friends, to your customers or audience.

It won’t only benefit them, but you’ll also get to make some really good friendships as well.

…. …… ……. …….. ………..

Final Thoughts : You may know about most of the habits here already. But, again, knowing about them won’t only make your life better.

So, go ahead, try them out and make yourself happier.

…. …… ……. …….. ………..

That’s all for today’s article. Don’t forget to leave a comment about your thoughts regarding this post.

Question for you: Is there anything new that you would like to share regarding this topic ? If yes, then what are they?

Let me know the answer in the comment below!

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  1. Losing the drive to be perfect is the single greatest thing that anyone can do for themselves ever. Perfection is unattainable, and trying to get there will drive you nuts!

  2. Vanessa Palma says:

    I love the one about neighbors. You would be surprised at how little people do this now. I love getting to know mine.

  3. It’s good to help a depressed friend. I try my best to do that. These things to do and get a better life.

  4. I love the one about parents. I just reconnected with mine, but we didn’t stop talking for small reasons. It’s always important to forgive though. I gotta say, my life is much better with them in it 😍

  5. Wow i love them, especially the one about relationship with parents!

  6. I will take your advice on stopping wasting money. Honestly, I try.

  7. Being generous with time, talents and money often brings a feeling of happiness when you can serve others.

  8. These are some great tips to help live a happier life for anyone.

  9. These are tips that I need to try. I need to start talking less.

  10. This is a great article! I think having kids in your life is a huge benefit. I see this as a parent and teacher. They just add so much joy!

  11. I think these are all wonderful ideas as well. I actually give away free stuff all the time, especially in summer. I always go through our things and get rid of what we don’t need for free. People always love it.

  12. Jennifer L Prince says:

    I love the ideas addressing helping others. I think that’s the best way to feel better — helping other people really is the best feeling!

  13. Mehwish says:

    This is a great way to start fresh, thanks for sharing this

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    This is a really great post, I think aside about the parents, learning how to forgive is also really important. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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    Such great tips here and I love that you shared it with us. I am always looking for ways to improve and feel better and many of your suggestions are spot on 😉

  16. I totally agree with you. It is important that we learn to stop trying to be a perfectionist because we don’t need to be perfect all the time. I also love that you included giving away free things because sharing just makes the world a better place.

  17. This is a great post! I struggle with perfectionism, people pleasing, and asking for help. These are 3 things I want to really work on this year. Thanks for sharing!

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  23. I love the ideas addressing helping others. I think that’s the best way to feel better — helping other people really is the best feeling!

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