15 Simple Ways To Fall In Love With Life Again
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15 Simple Ways To Fall In Love With Life Again

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Who doesn’t want to fall in love with life? But, is it really easy to fall in love with life always? Life isn’t always like being on an exciting ride. It’s more of a river always flowing with all the ups and downs.

No matter how much you try to make your days look amazing, at some point, you’ll feel like life has just stopped. Or at least, it’s been a cursed mirror that only reflects unhappiness.

It can happen to you if you’re a student, day worker, someone so successful or either a proud mama or a retired old lady. People of all ages and groups may and do experience this time to time.

But, life keeps flowing. However, it’s not easy to flow with your life when there’s only unhappiness. Basically, you’re never really completely unhappy. It’s just the time when you’ve stopped loving your life.

You start feeling like that it’s not being possible to keep up with life anymore. But, let me tell you a thing.

It’s POSSIBLE to fall in love with your life again. It’s possible to be in that same state of life again when you loved and wanted to live it to the fullest.

You don’t have to be super rich or to have a sudden growth in your life to do that. Here are 15 simple ways to fall in love with your life again.

1. Evaluate Your Expectations To Fall In Love with Life

Sometimes your expectations can end up being the biggest cause of your pain. It is okay to dream big and hope for the best. But high expectation is when your amount of hope doesn’t match with the quality of your work or with the situation you have.

To make it more clear, hope is actually about real happiness and inspiration whereas expectation is more about the result. Even sometimes it’s more connected with your happiness. Having unnecessary expectations can sometimes really hurt.

Like you cannot expect to have dinner at a fancy hotel every weekend if you only struggle with paying your rent. Or, you cannot expect to become a successful blogger within just 15 days of starting.

It’s not only impossible, but also dangerous and unhealthy.

“The secret to happiness is having low expectations.”

~ Warren Buffett.

Because, you see, accepting these harsh truths may seem difficult at first. But, then suppose you keep overworking to get that extra promotion in a miraculously fast way, and when you don’t get it, BOOM! You’re unhappy.

So, evaluate your expectations. Accept your situation. The best way to fall in love with your life is when you can achieve real acceptance.

2. Spend more time before your craft

Your craft is something that gives you a purpose and a purpose keeps you alive.

The craft can be your garden that always gives you the urge to be alive because, without you, there’ll be no one to water them. And then, your favorite plants will just die.

Or, it can be your painting that pushes you to bring some more colors in your life as well or your blog which urges you to write more meaningful contents.

Or maybe just your job or business that pushes you to work for your respective customers. Sometimes, we don’t really pay an attention to them due to the other distracting things on our life.

But, if you’re really suffering out of having that lazy and purposeless life, than have a look at your crafts. They might be the reason behind you’re going to fall in love with your life once more.

3. Find something that keeps you alive To Fall In Love with Life

Just like the previous point, there can be some other things too that can give a purpose to live.

But, what makes it different is that, it’s not just a craft. Instead, it gives you so many other options to choose from.

Choose your kids for example. When I was a child, my mom would most often tell me that ‘we ( I and my sibling) were the reason behind she lived. I think every mom in the world feels quite in the same way.

Or, take your future plans. Don’t you wanna see yourself being a successful individual and living the life? Or, talking about family terms, don’t you wanna experience your grandchildren playing around you?

Or, aren’t you just simply excited to explore more amazing people and experiences in life. There are so many things are being that can be talked about. So, make a list of as much as you can remember of them.

Stick it to the wall. They’re the things that’s gonna keep you alive.

4. Change the environment

Sometimes a boring life can be enough to make you feel stuck in life.

Not boring really. But, actually the environment. An environment consists of different things. It points out the place you live, the people around you, or the amount of positivity you’ve around yourself. Sometimes it even depends on the weather.

Maybe you’re a summer person. The beautiful shining of summers inspire you to live the life more. Now, if you will be leaving in a winter area, then it must be tough.

Or, maybe the community isn’t as open minded as you wanted to have one. Even though, it’s fundamental for humans to find their feet in any situation, but some things used to be that we cannot simply manage to adjust to.

When it happens, don’t blame yourself for not trying enough. Just move to a new environment that can make you fall in love with your life again.

5. Start Every Day with Something Good

I tell you – your whole mood literally depends on how you start your morning.

You might be confused that how it’s actually related to falling in love with life again. Well, clearly it is.

Because, when the day goes right, you automatically say ‘I love my life!’ Though, every day isn’t always gonna bring you something good for you. But, the mood you get for most days can change things faster than you think.

“Make each day your masterpiece”

–John Wooden

And the mood completely depends on the mood you start your day with. If you’ll start your day feeling lazy and useless, it will reflect on your daily activities.

So, every time after getting up you feel something negative, tell yourself that you’re strong and worth all the beauties of the universe. To cheer yourself up even more, say it in a loud way for a couple of times and your mind will start believing it already.

6. Love Your Body

Falling in love with your life requires to fall in love with yourself firstly. You wanna love yourself a bit more everyday. Don’t you?

But, it’s impossible when you’re just hating a part of it. You know what I’m already talking about.

Yeah! Your body. The most common insecurity people have or get nowadays is body insecurity.

I can guarantee, at some point, you also felt bad about your body. So, did I and still sometimes I do.

You’ve gotten just one body. So, loving your body can literally change the way you see your life which can make you fall in love with life again.

7. Stop the competition for a moment To Fall In Love with Life

Competition is everywhere!

Competition to look better. A competition to be more rich. The Competition to secure the good position. A competition to top the class.

I know how much necessary competition is in our life! Because, at some points, competition becomes an invisible force that pushes you to try even harder. That pushes you to try a bit more.

Competitions keep us alive. It brings the most fundamental joy of winning to our brain.

But, you know what, competition can sometimes really make your life shitty. I mean, as you embrace competition as a crucial thing and get obsessed with it, you start forgetting your real purpose.

You’re trying to compete with your neighbor that who can look more rich. But, don’t you earn money to make yourself happy or just to show off?

Or, in the competition with a big blogger on who can have more followers – really? Did you just start to have more followers or to bring more insights.

If the competition is taking out happiness from your life, stop it already. Stop for a moment and look around. What’s the real purpose? I can tell you’ll fall in love with your life again.

8. Learn to Receive Love

We all go through different unusual situations in our life. Situations that were hard to handle. Situations that taught us new lessons. Also the same situations formed our life and broke the softie us.

As a kid, it was just so easier to trust someone easily.

Every time anyone would try to show us some love, we would reflect on them with the same amount of energy. We weren’t afraid of trusting. When someone would appreciate us, we would receive that appreciation without denying.

But, now? Now, what? Life has put us literally in a situation where we cannot trust others anymore.

Fall in love with yourself again.

At the same time, we find it hard to receive love and trust from people. We don’t let people in our life. Even we doubt when someone appreciates us. We start thinking, ‘what is their true intension?’

I know the world showed us the worst side of it as we grew up. But, trust me there are still good people worth being in your life.

So, learn to receive love and thus love will surround you and will make you fall in love with your life again.

9. Rejuvenate Your INNER CHILD

Don’t you ever miss that fluffy, noisy, lovely childhood? Just think, how enjoyable was life then! No self-hatred, No destruction, only happiness.

Now you may easily say, ‘B..But, We’re not a child anymore, Abida!’ or ‘People were so soft then or the world was softer to me!’

Well, so was your mindset. Not telling you to be a very softie! But, can’t you just rejuvenate your inner child. Or, that mindset you had? Can’t you just start watching things in a much positive way again?

I know you can. Also don’t be shy to be a bit of playful. Be a bit crazy, childish. Be that always smiling kid again. take the wonderful lessons from kids that can help you to fall in love with life

I hope when your inner kid will get alive, it will make you fall in love with life again.

10. Put Yourself ( your happiness ) First To Fall In Love with Life

Does it feel so selfish when you’re putting yourself first. Or, does it feel selfish to put your happiness first? I don’t know.

Saying ‘yes’ to the first one shouldn’t be a permanent issue. But, saying ‘yes’ to the second one is. You see, the positivity starts with you. You carry the positivity or even sometimes the negativity with yourself.

Even the positivity starts with a smile. A smile that comes out of real happiness. Even though aesthetically, you can still spread positivity even if you’re sad, but permanent sadness or unhappiness bring negativity.

And honestly I’ve never seen such quotes where people say, ‘you can still spread positivity when you’re negative’. It’s impossible.

So, let’s just put your happiness at first. Learn how to successful say ‘no’. Self love is not Selfish. When the inner you will realize, you’re putting your happiness first which means you’re important, things will start changing drastically.

“It’s not selfish, but selfless to be first, to be as good as possible to you, to take care of you, to keep you whole and healthy, that doesn’t mean that you disregard everything and everyone, but you gotta keep your cup full.”

– Iyanla Vanzant

11. Bring Some Positivity into Your Life To Fall In Love with Life

Are you feeling like there’s no light in your life? All you can see is darkness? Think again.

Is there anything wrong with the question? Your life wasn’t made dark itself. So, the question that you should ask to yourself really might be something like, ‘ what’s not really letting the light to come into my life?’

Well, it might be the nets of negativity just like the nets of an avid spider.

The negativity not necessarily always going to be caused by any events. Sometimes, it can be your thoughts itself.

Fall in love with yourself once more
Image Source: Unsplash

Have some strong positive self talks. Let it be messy sometimes. Let it be time consuming. Also let it be a bit of shady. You don’t have to always figure out the mistakes. You seriously don’t have to.

Also are there anyone causing it? I mean any toxic people or toxic relationship? Or, maybe it might be both!

Whatever it is. Just removing the negatives as much as you can sometimes be the new way of falling in love with your life again.

12. Live in the Present

When you’re reading this post, are you busy floating in your past? Are you trying to think about those negative things that made you unhappier or the positive ones that you miss.

Or, are you living in the future, thinking about what’s gonna happen.?

I don’t care if you’re living in the past or in future. But a word named ‘present’ exists. Don’t forget!

I don’t know if your present is in a better situation than your past. But, it’s way lot more beneficial. Wanna know why?

Well, it’s simply because, your past can do nothing rather than distracting you from the present but your present is in your control. And your future is in the control of it.

So, let’s just live in the present. Observe it and you will most likely figure out things that can make you fall in love with your life again.

13. Appreciate the Small Things

We are humans and we love biggies!

We love big influencers with big amount of followers. That Big amount of success. Big amount of fancy clothes. Even feeling the guts to have a big heart! But what’s about the small?

I mean don’t they matter at all? Don’t they really exist? or, Are you just ignoring them on your own?

“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.”

– Camille Pissarro

Well, it’s time you create a place in your heart for those big momentums. Let’s start with the nature. How beautiful the sunshine is!

Or, is it raining? Don’t you love the sound of raining? Don’t you like how the bid chirps? Doesn’t the vintage look of the nature inspire you?

Still cannot find something? Take a closer look! Sometimes the most precious things are within you and those small things can be enough to make you fall in love with your life again..

14. Practice Gratitude

If you had been only seeing negatives around you and is exhausted with it, then it’s time to change.

But what to change? – Your mindset Babe!

As I mentioned earlier, everything is really never negative in your life. For practicing gratitude in the easiest way, build a gratitude journal.

Or, even easier, take a long piece of paper and write down 100 things that you’re thankful for. It’s a chilling moment.

Your mind may just scream, ‘What to write? I don’t know anything good!

Here the disaster goes. Your mind cannot see anything good. So, just pour some shine on it. No matter, how much time it takes. 1 hour or 5 hour. Complete that list.

VOILA! You’ve already broken the chain! Now write down a few more things every day and read it all once a while. Those are the reasons behind you should fall in love with your life again.

15. Take Your Life To The Place Where You Can Love It

When it’s only just an invisible feeling of unhappiness, then your sub-conscious mind can literally try out anything to make you happy.

However, if you already know the exact reason that’s causing it, then you cannot just try out anything randomly without focusing on that firstly. Because, your mind already knows that.

To make it more clear, Suppose, You’re not happy with the job you have. So, what you have to do? Love it or change it. But, what if you cannot love it in anyways. Then Change it.

But, now without doing that, if you’ll keep saying to your mind, ‘maybe practicing gratitude will make me happy’ or, ‘there’s something wrong with my expectations, let’s try it out.’

Well, gurl, whatever you do, your mind will always keep poking. I can say it will. So, every time something happens like this, bring your life to that most possible place that could really make you happy. If it’s possible, just do it. It’s the easiest way.

……………………….. ………………………….

Final Thoughts

The goal is to fall in love with your life, decorating it and making yourself happy.

No matter how much busy or pressured you’re with your life, at the end of the day, don’t forget to make this small extra effort.

Also you might feel like, nothing’s really changing at first. But, you know everything takes time. It’s okay to be slow, but make sure you don’t stop.

Because, at the end, your happiness is your own responsibility.

……………………….. ………………………….

That’s all for today’s article. Don’t forget to leave a comment about your thoughts regarding this post.

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Let me know the answer in the comment below!

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  1. I will take on all of these and implement them into my life next year. I need to fall in love with myself and life again.

  2. I love the idea of starting every day with something good. Even something as simple as a little coffee and a few pages of your favorite book can start the day on the right foot.

  3. Self love and self care is everything to me. It took me a while to accept and love my body but it’s all worth it and changed my life.

  4. As you get older it seems easier and easier to fall in love with life and yourself. Too bad we don’t all start doing this sooner.

  5. I love that these are all so simple, but can have a great impact. I’ve noticed, since I started exercising first thing every morning for the last two years, I’ve felt better and been in a better mood all day. Small things really add up!

  6. These are good, general guidelines for all to follow. For me, a change in environment is key. As a matter of fact, I’m changing my environment right now as I sit here at the airport gate, California bound! The change in scenery should be great.

  7. All great tips to keep in mind. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Jennifer L Prince says:

    I agree on the competition thing. It can really rob joy and we can always find someone who is doing it better than we are. There’s no reason to be like that!

  9. Great tips and I love the topic. So much of this is to do with reframing. Practising gratitude is a really powerful way of loving life again even when times are hard.

  10. This list is so helpful and all the points you have raised are well thought out. We need to follow this advice.

  11. I think being in the moment is a great way to fall in love with life. Your list is wonderful and inspirational!

  12. Great ways, I was crafting before, and it indeed gave me a purpose. And I enjoyed every moment of it. These are great to consider. Thank you for sharing!

  13. This is such a great list. I love that a lot are simple things but that can have such a big impact!

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