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10 Wonderful Lessons You Can Learn From Children

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“Learn from children” – how many of us can do this thing actually?

No doubt that the the little human kids are the most innocent creatures in the world. We all were a child once, and we grew up through different process and healthy adaptions. We learnt different things that we need to know to survive and live happily in this complicated world from our parents and everyone else around us. 

Through this normal flow of human lives, we all know that kids learn new things from their elders and older until they finally become matured and know how to take his own responsibilities. But, have you ever known that there are also some awesome life lessons are being that we can learn from children? 

A baby won’t have to be special to teach us these lessons. We can learn the lessons easily from them if we pay a little attention to their innocent, unique and spontaneous nature and character. By the way, if you’re a mom and is interested in the term of self care, you might consider checking out this article.

In today’s article, you’re going to discover 10 wonderful lessons that you can learn from the little innocent kids. 

learn from children because it's a beautiful process.
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So, if you’re interested, then continue reading to the end!

Wonderful Lessons You Can Learn From Children

1. Be friendly, Love everyone

When we grow up, we start being picky about choosing people naturally. Sometimes, we even consider choosing friends based on their money and beauty. When we start getting a little special, we start detaching ourselves from the simple people. Even, in the busy world, we forget to make any type of interactions with our best friends at a time. Sometimes, they also forget us. 

It’s true that we need to be a bit cautious while making friendships and building relationships with other people. But, despite all these, don’t you think that we are making our life too complicated? The answer is undoubtedly ‘yes’. 

On the other hand, if you will pay attention, you will notice that how easily the babies can make interactions with anyone of any age. Even though, they can make always the best interactions with the kids of their age, but they also never fail to make good interactions with those adults who love them genuinely. 

Eventually, most frequently you will find the kids being the best friend of the senior people who are upper 50 or 60. Their choice will always depend on how much time you spend before or with them and how much you love them. They can make the choice because they also used to have the feel of emotions even though they’re too younger.

2. Don’t stop learning new things

Not necessarily, the lessons and skills will have to be always academic or artificial. The lessons and skills can be something spiritual like exploring new things, visiting new places, meeting new people and experiencing new amazing moments. Even learning to sew in your free time when you’re at home can also turn out be an amazing hobby.

As we grow up, most of us start getting accustomed to the lifestyle we have. Our life gets busier and harder and we stop traveling. Moreover, we also stop meeting new people and sometimes lose touch with those people we already knew. Moreover, when we used to be at a middle age,  we start adapting a stubborn mindset where we believe that we don’t need to learn anything else and we are already experienced.

On the other hand, you won’t be able to identify a single day when a kid doesn’t learn anything new.You will always find the kids being excited and curious to know and explore new things, new people, new places and new moments for their whole childhood.

Overall, the kids know that how to enjoy the moment to the fullest. I think we should also learn from children how to enjoy our life.

3. Grow a little everyday

As we grow up, we start caring about perfectionism than making an actual progress. We compare ourselves to others. We regret when we find that we are having less things than someone else. Furthermore, we mostly dream to make a progress or an extreme change overnight.

However, if you will have a look of the growth of the kids, you will get the most valuable lesson. You will understand that no positive change or growth can be maid overnight. But, a huge amount of time can still bring a good growth. 

When, the kids start being adults, they don’t feel the difference everyday. They think that everything is going normal. But the fact is they grow a bit everyday either physically or mentally.

4. Be happy with your simplicity

You see at a time when we grow up, most of us start getting quite addicted to the fancy lifestyle including fancy dresses, expensive shoes and many more . Overall, we start expanding our interests more than caring what we actually need. Even sometimes when we don’t get the fancy lifestyle anyhow, we start complaining. 

In contrast, you will never find a child desiring or complaining to have a fancy dress or a costly pair of shoes. Even they also don’t use heavy makeup only just for looking a bit appealing.

From their lifestyle, we can learn one of the biggest facts of human lifestyle. And that is, “there is nothing wrong with staying simple!” 

5. Never be sad for too long

You see nowadays most of us used to be quite a lot touchy than the normal. We used to be too reactive towards the things sometimes that actually don’t matter the most. Tons of people are being who may feel down even for small and silly reasons. Even when we don’t have anything to feel sad for, most of the time we used to be anxious by thinking about other problems being in our life.

On the other hand, I can bet that you will never find a baby being too sad unless a very traumatizing thing happens with them. Whereas, we forget to smile very often, they always stay sunshiny. A recent study has found that, smiling is a learning process for the kids and they just try to process exactly what joy is through their smile, through smiling, they also learn how to share that joy with others around them that they’re gazing at.

Just think for a moment about how positive the little kids are already. I think the positivity is really a good thing that we all should difinetly learn from children

6. Don’t hide your emotions

Since, you belong to this generation, I believe that you certainly know hiding emotion is not a rare thing nowadays among the people. A recent study has found, estimated 20% human in the world are used-to hide their emotions everyday. Even it’s like also a disorder. It doesn’t matter if you have the disorder or not, but I am sure that there were several times in your life when you tried to hide your emotions. The most possible reason behind hiding our emotion is, most of us think that expressing a lot of emotions may make us or proof us weak.

On the other hand, you will never find a baby hiding their emotions. They may not speak always, but without a word they can express their emotions so effortlessly. Just think for a moment that how the same thing that has been so complicated for us can be done by the children easily.

Hiding our emotions and not speaking up about this may expand our anxiety and can push us slowly towards depression. So, I think we should definitely learn from children about how to express our emotions properly.

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7. Learn to be adaptable

It is known to all of us that every new level of our life prefers a different version of us. Despite of knowing about this, most of us used to find it difficult to accept the truth. When we fall in a completely different situation that we haven’t expected, we start complaining right away.

On the other hand, the kids have to adapt different changes every moment. They have to adapt both the physical and mental changes. They have to adapt different new people and situations by time. 

Even, for the most part, they handle the adaptions so professionally.  So, I think, learning how to find feet in any situation is actually a skill that we can learn from children.

8. Be brave enough

We all think that the kids are soft. But, if you will pay a little attention, then you will understand that they’re more brave and even than us. You see, they jump, fall and most importantly, they always stay courageous to try out and explore new things.

Whereas, we used to be anxious about different things all the time, considering this, their unlimited courage is really praiseworthy. In a words, being brave enough to explore things and fall at a time is an another amazing that we can learn from children.

9. Forgive everyone

We all know that forgiveness is a real virtue and only the strong and intelligent people may forgive others. Despite of knowing about this, mostly it used to be really challenging for us to control our anger.

On the other hand, one of the biggest reasons behind the innocence of the kids is their forgiveness. You will never find a kid being outraged with someone for a long time. Even if a kid is being terribly scoffed by someone within their parents or others, but still they will talk with them normally after a time. Never think that kids don’t have feelings. The truth is, sometimes kids may feel more than the adults because their mind isn’t as complicated as them. That’s why it become so easy for them to perceive the importance of forgiveness.

Overall, I presume that forgiveness is surely an another awesome thing that we can learn from children.

10. Relax; don’t force things

As we grow up, our life becomes quite painful because people around us sometimes try to control us and interrupt in our life. Even, confess or not, sometimes we also try to do the same thing with other people either intentionally or unintentionally. We want them to follow our own insight and support our own perspective.

On the other hand, you can never force a child . You cannot force them to grow faster, you cannot force them to talk or start walking as soon as possible, you cannot force them to cry or fake their feelings. All of these things will be always done automatically in their own ways. 

Through this process, we can easily understand that nothing can be forced and done in a good way which is an another wonderful lesson we can learn from children.

My final thoughts:  The list of these lessons might look so wondering to some people. However, for me I think the list is way too small. There are numerous lessons are being in the world that we can learn from those little innocent kids. We just need to adopt only one thing. That is, "anything can be learnt from anyone of any age!" 

That’s all for today’s article. Don’t forget to leave a comment about your thoughts regarding this post.

Question for you: Is there any other lessons are being that we can learn from children but we’ve forgotten to list them here? If yes, then what are they?

Let me know the answer in the comment below!

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  1. This is really lovely and so true! We could all do with that child-like joy we had when we were kids! We all want things done by a certain time but relaxing and letting things come in their own time can really help keep stress down!

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