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15 Simple Ways To Become a Happier Person

Ever Wonder, how to be a happier person?

In this world, where majority of people talk about the miseries, struggles or having the fake smile, you might easily think that “where is the true happiness?” Is it really possible to become truly happy in life or at least be one of those happier people?

Being a happier person or the term ‘true happiness’ means much more than we ever think and is much easier to have. It’s not that, people talk about the bad things only. They talk about the achievements, the amazing inventions, the great future they expect the world to have, overall picturing the perfect materialistic life. Seeing all these, it’s so effortless to define them as ‘happiness’.

However, happiness or being a happier person is just making peace with your soul and yourself. And, yes, it’s just this simple!

Being truly happy doesn’t give the guarantee that you’ll never cry or feel down or will always be protected. It doesn’t come with a lot of sureties. But it teaches you to love the life you live.

When you can make peace with yourself no matter what’s happening in your life, regardless of whatever you have or whatever you have achieved or haven’t achieved yet in life, you still love the life, that’s when you know you’re on the path of being a happier person. When you’re truly happy, you’re not in the survival mode only, but you’re more about living and loving the life. That’s when, even the fact that you’re living makes you happy.

Though, it’s so much easy to have, but what’s difficult is to find out the right ways. In this article, I’ve talked about some basic things that helped me to love the life and become a happier person hoping that they might help you too.

So, if this is something that makes you interested, have a good read.

Stop Finding Everything Embarrassing

Suppose, you’re hanging out with someone, who is a little too perfectionist. She is very careful about the way she sits, talks, walks, moves and about every of her movements. But, you’re not introduced to these things so much. So, when you do things in your simple natural way, the conflict begins.

When you talk, she says, don’t talk too much or people will think you’re so talkative. Even when you eat, smile, or simply sit and do nothing, she still picks up on your mistakes. Won’t it be so disturbing to be with them? You’ll try to leave them as soon as possible.

Now you don’t have to hang out with these kind of people really often. But, the one person you can’t help living without is you. Although, it might sound a bit unrealistic, but many of you live in this way. Many recognize it as a form of saving self-image, but I consider it a disturbing types of perfectionism.

Finding every single thing you do shameful and saying ‘ew’ in everything won’t only ruin your relation with others, but it’ll ruin the relation with yourself too causing absolute unhappiness. So, if you want to be a happier person, get rid of this habit as soon as possible.

Pay Attention

If you’re wondering, how do I become happier? Master the art of noticing. Pay attention even to the smallest things around you and in your life.

Pay attention to the meals you take

I can tell you, it makes a great difference when you’re taking your meals and being busy with your phone at the same time or taking meals with zero distractions. Because, then even if you don’t like the food now, you may eventually end up liking the taste the other day. In contrast, when you don’t pay attention, even if it’s your most favorite dish, you will likely feel nothing.

Pay attention to the media you consume

The same goes to the media or shows you consume. Are they really benefitting you anymore or you’re just using them out of your old habits.

Pay attention to the people around you

Pay attention to the good in people as you do to the bad sides. Even if it’s a common bad reaction, you don’t have to take everything in mind. But, just by paying a bit attention, you’ll understand so many things about them.

Pay attention to the beautiful things around you

The same applies to the beautiful things around you in the nature. By paying attention, you’ll learn to understand the beauty or meaning of the situation or moment, even if it’s a bad one. Which can work as a magical thing making you truly happy.

Honestly even if it’s a regular meal, or the common TV show you watch everyday, paying attention can make a huge difference making you a happier person.

You Don’t Have To Be Like Everyone Else

Nowadays when people are more about showing the perfect side of themselves, I want you to know that you’re the best in the way you’re.

Showing emotions or being vulnerable doesn’t make you look weak. Even though some people might say that emotions make people weaker, but it’s just their own perceptions and this is how they acknowledge the people around them.

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Also, there is nothing wrong if you don’t have a specific fashion sense like everyone else or you just prefer staying simple. And it’s noteworthy that by any means, it doesn’t make you look like a pick-me. Further it doesn’t mean that you’re trying too hard to stand out.

In fact, you’ve already stand out when you just chose to be yourself. Just taking a simple step towards having acceptance of who you’re and the things you like and don’t like without being judgemental at all can have a huge impact on your happiness.

Someone has already felt what You’re Feeling Right Now

We get to experience countless amount of emotions throughout our life. These emotions aren’t always just happy, angry and sad. Sometimes, it can also be restlessness, pressure, anxiety, exhaustion, embarrassment, nostalgia or pride.

Even though, according to psychology, there are nearly 34000 emotions out there, but sometimes you may also experience something that just cannot be named. Something that you don’t find so effortless to talk about.

Whatever it is, just because it cannot be easily elaborated, doesn’t mean it was never felt. And this is something we often forget. Even you’re feeling an ocean of sadness right now or something like depression, it’s easy to think you’re alone and nobody will ever understand what you’re going through, but you’re not. Chances are, someone on this earth have already felt what you’re feeling right now and survived as well.

So, every time you feel unhappy about something, just know that if they could this, you can too and I promise you’ll fall in love with your life again and will end up being a happier person.

You’re More Than Enough

“What I know now is that when we derive our worth from the relationships in our lives—the intimate ones, the social circles we belong to, the companies we work for—we give away our power and become dependent upon external validation. When that is taken away, our sense of value, and identity, goes with it.” – Elaine Welteroth

Frankly speaking, some of us are our biggest bullies. And we don’t bully ourselves always just on the terms of our looks or achievements. But, sometimes we also do this on being enough for something or someone.

As an example, maybe you’re addicted to overworking, because, in this way, you can earn more money and make yourself look rich. And this is when people of those big societies will value you or will choose you to hang out with. And if you don’t have that money, then they won’t.

Well, probably it’s somewhat true, but don’t you think it’s better to just use it as a motivation to be dedicated towards your work, rather than using it as a drive for unhealthy workaholism. In fact, why you even have to put so much efforts in ‘looking rich’? Why you’ve to be always the chosen one and not the chooser? Do you even ever think about it?

happier people

And just like this, there are many situations when you might feel the urge to make yourself right for something whereas, you’re already perfect in the way you’re. And if they don’t choose, someone else will and you’ll never be left alone in case it’s something you might worry about.

So, stop worrying already about this enormously useless thing and be a happier person.

Take Care of Your ‘Health’

To become a happier person, take care about all your health equally. When we talk about health, mostly we mean our physical health only. But health like emotional health, mental and spiritual health do exist.

Have you ever wondered how many health’s are actually there? According to The World Book, There are primarily 6 types of health. They’re-

  • Physical health
  • Spiritual health
  • Emotional health
  • Social health
  • Mental health
  • Environmental health.

According to an another source, there are around 21 separate categories of health out there. Looking after each types of health can be overwhelming.

However, to become a happier person, just make sure to look after those 6 categories properly and don’t let your self care be only limited into physical health. Hopefully you’ll end up becoming a much happier person.

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Who Cares ?

Literally nobody. And here you’re overthinking about others perceptions of you.

But, if you die today, even your loved ones will stop forgetting about you within some years. I mean, they’ll remember your existence, and will probably miss the days they spent with you and also may remember about some of your hobbies. But, it’s just that. No more than this.

They won’t remember your grades or saleries, or the silly mistakes you did or those moments that you feel embarrassed about and beat yourself up for. Seriously they won’t. Everybody moves on and so you should when you’re alive.

Cuz, you CAN’T experience happiness when you’re dead. So, stop caring about other’s thoughts already to become a happier person.

Don’t Look For Certainty

Very often we care about uncertainty, profits and future and all the other things that eventually end up changing our mind. I mean you shouldn’t definitely do anything impulsively that comes to your mind. But, guess what, sometimes, just don’t think twice.

If there’s something you want to try out and you can already feel the overwhelming urge to do this, sometimes you can just feel it in your body, then do it. Don’t think about about anything else. Though, life’s too short to try out everything but it’s also too big to do nothing and just keep assuming about the consequences.

For example, suppose you want to just write a novel. But will it make you novelist? Is there any guarantee that you’ll make a living out of it? What if you just get bored and stop in the middle? Maybe it’s just a simple regular will and nothing else?

Ask yourself these questions for a while and you’ll stop just there. And Years after, you’ll probably just find yourself wondering and thinking about your foolishness. At the same time, be ready to experience the enormous unhappiness of unfulfilled dream.

So, if you want to become a happier person, don’t think about uncertainty. You don’t even know if you’re going to breathe tomorrow. So, just listen to your mind and DO IT.

Smile More and More

According to SCL Health, When you smile, your brain releases tiny molecules called neuropeptides to help fight off stress. Then other neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin and endorphins come into play too. The endorphins act as a mild pain reliever, whereas the serotonin is an antidepressant.

In fact, smiling not only helps to relieve pain, but it makes you attractive, positive and elevates your mood. Besides, it can help you to grow your immune system and lower your blood pressure. According to several scientific researches, people who smile more are likely to be successful in life. Overall, smiling gives almost all the reasons to become a happier person in life.

how to be a happier person
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Some people don’t like smiling because, they think smiling too much seems weird. But by staying grumpy all the time, even if you’re having a good mood, it’s easy to start having a worse one.

“Remember to smile.” — Nelson Mandela

And after all, our teeth will start falling or will likely be weaker after a certain age. So, let’s smile now and give ourselves a chance to be a happier person!

Let the Happiness to be In

What if I tell you some people are actually afraid of being happy. Even there’s actually a proverb in Bengali language which translates to something like , “If you laugh today, you may cry tomorrow” . And it actually resonates to many of us. Some of us think that they don’t deserve happiness and love.

That’s why they block happiness often by –

  • Being overly critical about themselves and everything around them,
  • Staying within their comfort zone
  • Living in their heads.
  • Trying to Impress and please others
  • Not accepting change
  • Comparing
  • Or, simply sometimes by not even trying to get rid of the toxic people around them.

Don’t do these to yourself. Would you ever show this much cruelty to someone else? Then why you? Also some people chase happiness. Again, happiness isn’t something to be chased. It comes to your life naturally when you just make yourself open to it and choose it to be in.

Have Faith

Have faith on yourself to be a happier person. Also Have faith in the people in your life. Also Have faith on the situation. Trust the process. And most importantly, have faith on the verse of life to be a happier person.

Life can be harsh and it can often make us lose faith. But, trust can save life. Simply, a single dose of the faith you’ve can save your life or can sometimes save the lives of the people around you. Trusting something doesn’t require a lot of things honestly. It doesn’t require hours of searching to find someone trustworthy or something like that. The only thing it requires is to be honest with our guts.

Just floating on nothing is the easiest way to unhappiness. And even if your guts lead you to the wrong path, then so what? Mistake happens and we’ll trust again.

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Keep Learning

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” — Mahatma Gandhi

Very often, we underestimate the importance of learning just by thinking of it as a way of achieving higher things in life. Or, just knowing about more things.

When it comes to gaining more knowledge, one might easily think that what would I do with all the knowledges in this world. And probably will end forgetting about some of them. I AM NOT AN EINSTEIN! at least that’s a joke we all used to make back in our primary school.

But, guess what, it’s actually quite a lot related to happiness. I don’t know about you but you know what disgusts me the most? It’s the feeling of being stuck. Feeling like I can’t move – that’s what makes me feel miserable the most. And every time I get a feeling like this, I make myself open to new knowledges.

It can be anything for me. Not just reading a book or learning a massive skill, but learning a few words of a new language, or learning to cook a new dish or simply learning a new chess move can make me feel at ease.

So, learning is definitely not something you’ve to motivate yourself for or mentally prepare yourself for. Whenever feeling blue, try learning something even it’s a very tiny things that you didn’t about. And most likely you’ll feel a lot better and happier.

Some Things Just Happen

Even though allegedly everything in the universe happens for a reason, but you know what, sometimes you should just let it be what it is. Because while trying so hard to see the reason , sometimes we unsee it all. I mean, very often the reason is already there.

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And maybe your heart already knows the truth. But, somewhere in the back of your mind, you’re trying to do some extra calculations to make it seem less disappointing. Or, even if you’re completely clueless about something, sometimes it’s just better to just leave it there. Not necessary, every single incident happening in life has to be named or labeled particularly as good or bad. Some things are there to give you the experience of it.

Look, being analytical is good. But, being too much analytical can actually end up being the reason of massive unhappiness sometimes.

Be Kind

“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” – Scott Adams

There some people who are tired of their lives or feel miserable in some ways and want others to feel this too. I mean, this isn’t particularly evil, as it’s something I would also think of doing if my day was really bad and I’m seeing someone being so happy. I mean, they deserve to feel the harshness of life too. It’s not fair if I’m just the one being sad.

But, you know what, you should really try stepping out of this typical thought if you want to b happy. And being kind isn’t something you only do for yourself. According to Cedars Senars, “In addition to boosting oxytocin and dopamine, being kind can also increase serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps regulate mood.”

So, start showing generosity in order to be a better and happier person in life.

The World is Good Actually Better Than You Think

If I told you that the world is a good place and you’re just being too much negative, you would laugh at me.

Even though how you perceive the world is a lot related to your current situation or the environment where you were raised in. But sometimes, you should just really step out of your little world and start perceiving the world in the bigger picture to become a happier person.

Even though, in the bigger picture, many people still would call the earth a dangerous and bad place, but, let’s be honest.

Do what all the people in the world are doing really your business? Probably no.

I’m not telling you to not care. But, sometimes we’ve to ignore some of the most obvious things for our own sake of happiness and to be a happier person.

And this is what you’re going to do here. There’s nothing wrong in just making yourself believe that the world is a good place. Look at your fellow people, the blessings you’ve and focus on all the good things and memories. And having this single thought stick with you can and will change your life and will definitely make you a happier person.

Final Thoughts :

There might be things that you already know or have felt in some ways in this list. But I hope it still helps even a bit to live a happier life and be a happier person. These things are only a few. The main thing is you’re the one choosing what being truly happy and a happier person really means to you.

So, first of all, figure out the things that make you truly happy. But the reminder is, make sure these things don’t seem so much like the outsiders. I means you should be happy about constantly improving, however, if having to achieve a specific amount of things or getting an amount of attention or having a certain appearance is something that makes you happy, I must say, there’s something so wrong that you should change it as soon as possible.

Otherwise, you’ll have the great opposite result sooner or later certainly that will make you suffer and will never let you to be a happier person.

“Joy is not in things; it is in us” – Richard Wagner

………………… ……………………….

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