10 Signs Your Mental Health Is Getting Worse
Mental health

10 Signs Your Mental Health Is Getting Worse

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Mental health is a big part of your life. It’s as important as your physical health. Just like physical problems, there are several mental health conditions are being that you can experience time to time. Even if you’re mentally strong, but facing some mental health issues is absolutely normal When you have any physical problem, you might feel it right away and can take treatments as well. But, have you ever thought about your mental health conditions like this?

Mental health problems cannot be encountered right away. Many people just know about it when it’s too late. As a result, they have to face the bad impacts of it in the long run of life.

Tons of people in the world have very few to no idea about those warning signs. They never know that their mental health is getting worse. If you’re one of those people, then the article is for you. Because, in today’s article, you’re going to know about 10 sings that will show you that your mental health is getting worse.

How to know Your Mental Health is getting worse
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So, if you’re interested, then continue reading to the end.

How to Understand If Your Mental Health Is Getting Worse

1. You’re losing interest in little things

Every human in the world used to have some specific things that they love to do. And I am quite sure that you also had some things like this too. Losing interest in doing them isn’t normal at all. Even though, it’s possible to experience several changes in your interest by time, but not feeling interested to do anything is really a danger. 

Even medical science has also given it a name too. According to Healthline,  losing interest in the things you enjoyed once is a sign of Anhedonia. It’s a core symptom of major depressive disorder, but it can also be a symptom of other mental health disorders too. But, it’s noteworthy, not everyone who experiences this used to have mental health issues. So, if you’re experiencing this for now only , then there is no need to panic. But you must pay attention to it if it goes extreme.

2. You’re trying to isolate yourself

Have you ever felt like isolating yourself from your family members, friends or from your loved ones?  It can be a sign of feeling mistreated, misunderstood and unwanted and even though those feelings are not always real. It’s also considered as social isolation. 

Social isolation can affect you badly in several perspectives of your life. According to Public Health, “Mental and physical health are interconnected. Social isolation’s adverse health consequences range from sleeplessness to reduced immune function.

Because extreme loneliness can result to higher anxiety, depression and even can also produce suicidal thoughts in one’s mind. So, it’s necessary to talk with your close ones when you have feelings like this.  

3. You find it difficult to get out of your bed

Have you ever felt like that you’re not having interest in doing anything and the one thing you just want to do is to be in your bed for whole day? It’s possible to be happened even if you have slept well. It’s been scientifically proved that people who find it challenging to get out of bed often used to suffer from higher sadness than others. 

According to Achieve Medical Center , “The inability to get out of bed is a common symptom of someone suffering from a mental health disorder or substance use disorder. Often people who struggle with depression, anxiety, or any type of addiction may find it challenging to face the day each morning by getting out of bed.” 

4. You have made changes in your appetite

Have you ever felt like eating too much even if you’re not that much hungry? Or, maybe you’re just not feeling the need of eating anything at all. A recent study has found that, people who are relatively more depressed or anxious than others often may bring some changes to their food habits. They may end up overeating or not eating at all at the same time. 

According to Healthline , “Mental health conditions, such as depression and stress, can also lead to appetite changes and overeating. If you’re experiencing excessive ongoing hunger, make an appointment with your doctor. Your doctor may refer to your increased appetite as hyperphagia or polyphagia.” 

5. You find it hard to take care of your personal hygiene

If you find yourself neglecting your personal hygiene suddenly, then there can be several reasons behind it. Firstly, it can be a sign of self neglect. That means, you don’t care about yourself that much right now and eventually you have started feeling no need of personal hygiene since it’s a big part of self care. 

Another big reason behind this can be suffering from social difficulties and extreme isolation. According to Nex Us Family Healing, Depression, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and psychotic disorders are also examples where large reductions or changes in personal hygiene are seen.

6. You find it difficult to concentrate on anything

 Have you ever found it difficult to concentrate on something really vital. There can be several simple reasons behind that and most of the time, simply doing some meditations mindfulness works can treat it easily.

However, it can be also a syndrome of ADHD. It’s a serious issue. The US Census Bureau estimates 1,795,734,009 people were aged 5-19 worldwide in 2013. Thus, 7.2% of this total population is 129 million—a rough estimate of the number of children worldwide who have ADHD. 

Even there can be other several reasons too. According to Health Grades , “Concentration difficulties can be caused by medical, cognitive or psychological problems or may be related to sleep disorders or medications, alcohol or drugs. Psychological conditions that can interfere with concentration include anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, emotional trauma, and stress.”

So, from today whenever you feel lack of focus, please don’t ignore it. Analyze it and try to figure out the right reasons behind it and take actions if necessary as well. 

7. You feel disconnected from the reality

Have you ever had any feelings where you thought living in your own imagination could be better than your reality? To illustrate, this is not something like you wish, this is something you live for. You start considering your imaginations as your present and you consider your present as unreal.

Well, this kinds of situations are also having a name. It’s called derealization. According to Webmd ,  “Derealization is a mental state where you feel detached from your surroundings. People and objects around you may seem unreal. Even so, you’re aware that this altered state isn’t normal. More than half of all people may have this disconnection from reality once in their lifetime.”  

Derealization Disorder or DPDR is mostly common in those teens who are around 16 years old. I guess, you had already understood how real it is. So, please don’t wait when you have this warning sign.

8. You’re having persistent feeling of guilt

To err is human. We are human and we make various big or small mistakes in our life. As we move forward, we forget about most of them and take the lessons out of it. It’s an entire normal process. But, what if there is a guilt feeling killing you inside 24/7.

Maybe it’s not happening for a single mistake that you made. It’s a feeling that you can’t stop it from poking you. Well, if you’re confused already then you should listen to the scientific reasons.

Researchers have figured out that sometimes the feeling of guilt and depression become greatly linked.  Research also suggests that anxiety, as well as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), can be related to feelings of guilt or shame. When a person can’t fix a mistake, guilt can persist until they have the chance to make amends. 

According to Very Well Mind  , “It is when these feelings become persistent and overwhelming that it is important to seek professional help. Talk to your doctor or a mental health professional if you are experiencing symptoms of excessive guilt or other symptoms of depression.”

9.  You’re losing your feelings

Have you ever felt like emotionless? Maybe something extremely amazing had happened but that couldn’t make you smile. Or, maybe something terrible happened with you but you’re not having any feeling for this? It sounds a bit like a robot. right?

Medical science calls it Schizoid Personality Disorder. Schizoid personality disorder is one of many personality disorders. It can cause individuals to seem distant and emotionless, rarely engaging in social situations or pursuing relationships with other people. 

According to Healthline , “Depression and anxiety are two of the most common causes. Severe levels of acute elevated stress or nervousness can also trigger feelings of emotional numbness. Post-traumatic stress disorder, which can be tied to depression and anxiety, can cause you to feel numb, too. Some medications can also cause numbness.”

10. Your self control is getting worse

Losing self control can be of 4 types. It can be losing your emotional control, losing physical control, losing concentration or simply showing over impulsiveness.

Losing emotional control and showing over impulsiveness are the most common self control problems people used to have. Between 4-24% people in the world suffer from these. 

Several issues may cause losing self control. One of the most common of them is high anxiety and high stress level. According to Family Intervention , “Many sufferers are dealing with other mental health issues such as depression or anxiety as a direct result of their lack of control. Others will turn to alcohol or drugs as a coping method”.

My final thoughts:  Many people in the world never care a little about their mental health problems. Some of them even don't know that these problems do exists. Some face these every day but they don't really care and this carelessness make them regret in the long run when everything gets out of hand. 

Mental health problems can create greater difficulties than your physical health problems if they're not cured in time. So, whenever you feel any of these signs, it's time that you consult a mental health expert as soon as possible. Some people may try to treat them at home anyway but it may take more times than the usual and most importantly then you will need a very supportive environment which is so hard to get. So, it's always the best to seek suggestions from an expert. 

That’s all for today’s article. Don’t forget to leave a comment about your thoughts regarding this post.

Question for you: Is there any other signs that have helped you to understand your mental health situation previously but we’ve forgotten to list them here? If yes, then what are they?

Let me know the answer in the comment below!

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