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10 Signs You’re Addicted To Your Mobile Phone

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Addicted to mobile phone – Many people talk about this term often but only few really care about it. There are tons of addictions are being in the world. The most popular and also the most dangerous addictions we have ever heard of were simply something like drug or alcohol addictions. But how many of us have ever listened of mobile addictions?

Yes, mobile addiction. Don’t take is easily or don’t think it’s an uncommon and silly addiction that no one or only few would suffer from. That is a way lot more than you think. Even teenagers are the biggest victim of it. According Smart Social 76% of teens use social media (81% of older teens, 68% of teens ages 13 and 14).

Mobile addiction can be really undermining sometimes that it may create suicidal thoughts in one’s mind and even can cause one’s mental breakdown and harm you mentally anytime. That’s why, just like other addictions, it’s crucial that you take proper treatment for this one too.

However, for taking cures, firstly you need to understand this. As I have told already, that many people never take it seriously, so they get to understand the addiction when it’s too late. Sometimes, some of them even never know about the signs of it. Knowing about the signs can be the easiest way of recognizing it.

In this article, you’re going to discover 10 of the most common signs of mobile addiction that almost every mobile addict would experience.

10 signs you're addicted to your mobile phone
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So, if you’re being interested, then continue reading to the end..

How to Understand You’re Addicted To Your Phone

1. You cannot leave your phone anyway

This is the very first thing you will feel when you’ve slowly started getting mobile addicted. Suppose that you’re a college or a university student and you were so serious about your study and still you are. But when you’re with your phone, you feel bad for your study. Your concern wants to make you detached from your phone. However you can never leave your phone anyhow.

I know the situation might seem a bit unrealistic if you have never faced this before. But, trust me this is so true. When you’re having mobile addiction, you will feel an invisible attraction, power or anything that won’t let you to leave your phone easily. In a word, if you ever faced any situation where you know that wasting time on phone is harming you but then you are not being able to do anything with this, then it must be a red flag that means your mobile phone is literally controlling you!

2. Your mobile phone feels like the best friend to you

 What is meant by a best friend? This is someone you can be with for your whole day without getting a bit bored. When you’re having mobile addiction, your smart phone may feel the same to you. You may feel drained and monotonous after doing a work for 30-40 minutes. Whereas, you may not feel a bit shattering even after spending your whole day with your phone.

Besides, you may also find yourself avoiding the favorite people around you for your phone only. To illustrate, maybe you’re in a family get-together party where everyone of your family is laughing and talking to each other. At that moment, you may find yourself sitting at a corner and scrolling your mobile phone which sounds weird but is actually real. Because, at that moment you find yourself more comfortable with your phone which is really dangerous and even it can make you unsocial too!

3. You make excuses to be with your phone

This is a situation where you’ve mobile addiction and then literally all of your attentions are always there. But then sometimes brain also tells you to do the right thing and then you take the advantage of it.To make it more clear, you know that it’s never right to waste time on unnecessary things. So, you try to find a reason.

When you’re mobile addicted, to be with your phone you may find yourself creating several tiny excuses. For example, maybe you’re saying yourself that you need to check something from your phone, then you take your phone and start doing unnecessary things. Just like this, there will be many tiny and baseless excuses that you will make yourself to be with your phone only when you’re mobile addicted

4. Spending time with your phone feels like the only way of resting

Taking rest is a vital task for human. You must take rest if you want to rejuvenate your brain and start working again. But, there can be many ideal ways of doing that. Like you can make your mind peaceful by reading one of your favorite books or by listening to classic music. Even spending time with nature can give you the best feeling ever. Taking a nap is also a perfect way of resting if you’re feeling way too tired.

However when you have mobile addiction, nothing of these ways will ever come on your mind. Whenever you will get a chance, the one thing you would like to do is to sit with your phone and start scrolling. Spending time with your phone will feel like the best source of getting rest for you while it will considerately make your mental condition worse. 

5. You avoid your health for your mobile phone

What are the best ways of taking care of your health? Having a plenty of sleep, eating healthy, maintaining hygiene etc….. But, when you have mobile addiction, you’re likely to avoid all of these things. Wondering how??? Here are the answers of your question.

Talking about sleeping, you’re likely to wake up multiple times at night just to check your phone. Even sleeping at late night only for spending a bit more time with you phone isn’t a new thing either. Talking about eating healthy, as I have mentioned in the very beginning that having mobile phone addiction won’t let you to leave it, so you can expect yourself scrolling  phone when you’re eating instead of paying a single attention to it which is actually harmful in many ways!

You may also forget to do the necessary works like taking a bath for your phone. Even little tasks like washing clothes and cleaning home may feel a lot for you when you’re having a high amount of mobile addiction

6. People around are worried about your mobile use pattern

It is possible that sometimes when you are having demotions in something, you may not figure it out that faster and the people around specially those who actually care can be the first noticing this. Just like this, when you’re getting addicted to your mobile phone, you may not understand this and at first you may feel like nothing is happening and you’re just spending normal times with your phone.

However, you may find the people around you being concerned about you or just telling you to stop spending time with you phone. On those cases, you may find it a bit manipulating but you should always pay attention to them. 

7. Your phone use has caused you any harm or injury

There can be several injuries that you may get out of using mobile phone excessively. You may experience sleep loss, anxiety, stress and even some other health problems too. Sometimes, it may also make you experience some tiny accidents too. But, aren’t they being enough for you yet to stop you from using mobile phone excessively??

Normally when we get harmed by something, we become careful that from the next time the same thing isn’t going to be repeated. However, if you have ever faced any situation where you have already faced any of these problems and you know that mobile phone is the culprit behind this. But, still if you’re feeling any eternity connection with that device that you’re not being able to hold yourself from using them despite all these harms, then undoubtedly you’re mobile addicted already!

8. You have lost the sense of using money

Mobile addiction may take away the sense of your using money just like it takes away all the productivity within you. You may find yourself using unlimited money on your internet usage or on your favorite video games whereas 90% of those usage can end up being completely unnecessary. To be clear, you may use internet excessively even though it is not that much necessary. And internet usage obviously costs money.

Maybe you are a teenage and your parents are worried about your mobile usage. So, they may not give you the consent or money to be with your phone. In these situations, you may also find yourself doing other tiny crimes like lying or stealing money. Even you may also start having a bad attitude with others for it. 

9. Even if you spend hours with your phone, it still feels extremely less

On the internet, you may have already found several lines saying something like you don’t care about time anymore when you’re passionate about something. In short, they never bore you and you never feel the necessity to look at the watch because then you can work forever. But, the fact is, not only in the term of dedication, but in the term of addiction, it’s the same!

When you’re mobile addicted, you may find yourself spending hours with it . However, still you may feel that you’ve spent some minutes only. You will never understand how time is passing until you finally run out of time. Even it won’t matter if you have already spent hours with it. However, still you may find it difficult to stay only an hour without it. 

10. You feel that mobile phones are absolutely necessary to increase your productivity

It’s undoubtedly true that mobile phone has made the human lifestyle a lot more productive. Now, the world is in your hand and you can do literally anything with this. From knowing any information to sending an email, you can do it within a minute using your phone. Even the productivity apps are just life changing! However you need to remember, mobile phone is never the only way of having a productive lifestyle. 

As an example, the effect of reading books daily is irresistible and can never be replaced with a smart phone. Even going outside, spending some times with the nature or having regular exercises are more vital than you can imagine. But, when you’re mobile addicted, nothing of these things will ever come on your mind. Then you will feel that the whole world is hidden in the phone. Or, you may also feel like living without the smart phone is impossible whereas it’s never true!

My final words:  All of these signs I have talked about here are completely real and experience based. However, there can be some other signs too you may experience if you’re a mobile addicted person. 

Actually it varies from people to people and it’s never possible to talk about all the signs at once. However, you will get to understand everything once you are a victim of it. Mobile addiction can be really devastating in the long run. So, when you’re suffering from this, make sure that you’re taking expert advice and therapies for getting the best treatment.

That’s all for today’s article. Don’t forget to leave a comment about your thoughts regarding this post.

Question for you: Is there any other signs are being that the people who are likely to be mobile addicted used to have but we’ve forgotten to list them here? If yes, then what are they?

Let me know the answer in the comment below!

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