10 Characteristics of Emotionally Intelligent people
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10 Characteristics Of Emotionally Intelligent People

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Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict. It’s also known as emotional quotient or EQ. People who are emotionally intelligent used to have a strong self awareness. Besides, a good self regulation and a plenty of social skills.

Being emotionally intelligent is essential if you want to be want to achieve your personal goals and accomplishment. Moreover it’s also necessary to feel the connectivity with yourself. When you’re emotionally intelligent, you will find it relatively easy to understand your feelings and other’s feelings too. Besides, you will likely to have a balanced life overall.

Being emotionally intelligent can be very beneficial though, but it’s not easy to become one. You will need to have practice as well as good intentions to become emotionally intelligent. In this article, you are going to know about 10 of the most common characteristics of people with high emotional intelligence.

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Characteristics of Emotionally Intelligent People

1. Emotionally intelligent people don’t believe in taking revenge

There will be people loving you and there will be also a group of people always hating you, bullying you, ignoring you and trying to make you feel bad about yourself. Some people can be so mean sometimes that they won’t even think twice before ruining your life.

We all have to face those types of people almost every day. Whenever we meet them, then one way most of us think of is taking revenge. It’s true that those people are highly disturbing and can’t be tolerated for a single moment. So, we always try to find a way to get rid of them.

But, that is the place where emotionally intelligent people are different. They know that human life is hard. We will have to deal with those people in every stage of our life and if we will keep fighting with them, then the fight will never stop. Some people believe in forgiving but they believe in ignoring. Instead of shouting at someone and wasting their words, they stay silent always and they never even take their behaviors in mind.

2. They accept every of their feelings

There will be times when you will feel to be a bit crazier and childish, there will be times when you will feel down and demotivated, tired or maybe just alone. We all go through those situations.

Sometimes, we tend to say ourselves that feeling in that way isn’t okay. Many people say that it’s all in your head. But people with high emotional intelligence know that human life is a combination of various things and feelings. So, it’s entirely normal to have those feelings time to time and you never need to be afraid of them or you never need to avoid them. Just make sure that they are not affecting you anyway in your life.

3. They’re always ready to accept negative feedback

You will find many people saying that they’re always open to negative feedback and it never bothers them at all. But I want to ask you a question. Being honest, don’t you ever feel any problem while accepting negative feedback? Well, accepting negative feedback was never that effortless for anyone

Especially, there will be times when those negative feedback will be unexpected and accepting instant bad feedback about something that you worked hard on can be so demanding. But, that is where the emotionally intelligent people are professional at. They’re always ready to accept any negative feedback at any situation. 

4. They have a strong self awareness

Sometimes, you may find it tough to understand what you’re feeling at a moment. Sometimes, you may also find it difficult to control your emotions.

However, it never happens with those wiser people. Because, they’re always so aware of what they feel and how they feel. They know about their wishes. They know about what can make them happy or sad. Their self awareness always helps them to control their emotions. For increasing your self awareness, you must know yourself goodly at first.

5. Emotionally intelligent people never seek attention from others

Even though many people claim that they never feel the need to have attentions from other people, but the fact is 90% of them frequently lie. I know it’s untrustworthy and not acceptable, but trust me it’s a real situation.

No one ever takes their birth with the intention of having attention and even no one is raised in that way. But, suppose that you have a large circle of friends and every of them used to be admired by someone else but you’re the only one not having those stuffs. Obviously the feeling you will have at that moment is never easy to carry at al.

But, people who are emotionally intelligent always remember their worth. They know that everyone is unique in the world and she will still stay special even if no one will appreciate this. So, they never need to seek attention from anyone at any situation. 

6. Emotionally Intelligent People always prefer self-respect more than anything in the world

In this world, you will find tons of people ruining their prestige for anything that feels precious to them. To illustrate, one of the most common things people ruin their prestige for is money. In each and job, you will always find some employees getting paid under the table. Though, it’s disrespectful but for those mean people, it’s not a serious thing to care about.

Even, sometimes staying with those people who never value you can be also an insult that you give to yourself. 

But, when it comes to those emotionally intelligent people, then they are never ready to compromise their self respect. It doesn’t matter that how many difficult times they have to go through for this, but their self respect is always their first priority. 

7. They are always grateful for what they have

Wise people never run before worldly things. It doesn’t mean that they stop doing progress. But, not getting something in life cannot prevent their happiness or it can never ruin the peace of their mind. They always stay thankful for what they have and keep working for having progress at the same time.  

8. Emotionally intelligent people often used to have a balanced lifestyle

Having a balanced lifestyle never means working super hard than anyone else. Suppose, you worked whole day avoiding your sleeping and didn’t take rest for a single moment and then one of the next days, you fall seek and couldn’t work anymore. Obviously you can never call it a balanced lifestyle.

A balanced lifestyle is a mixture of a good health and of good mind. People who emotionally intelligent treat their health as the engine and the mind as the engineer. None of these things can ever work without the help of the other one. Eventually, both of these things need to be equally cared always.

9. They are never envious of other’s success

According to Wright Foundations, “from the perspective of a famous psychologist, Alfred Adler, jealousy stems from our inferiority complex. Everyone has an inferiority complex. If you think someone doesn’t have one, you don’t know him or her well enough. Feelings of inferiority are embedded deep in our psyche.” In a word, being jealous of other’s success is common thing for most of the people in the world.

But, for those who are emotionally intelligent, it’s never the same. They always take other’s success as an inspiration. Even when their mind tries to make them feel envious, they fight with it to learn and grow. 

10. Emotionally intelligent people always respect other’s feelings

They always remember that other people have hearts too. Everyone in the world has emotions just like us. Other people also go through different things in their life and even if they don’t show it always. 

That’s why, in this world, where almost every of us is so quick to judge, the emotionally intelligent people prefer showing empathy instead. Because, they always presume that it’s always a better way to make this world a good place for everyone in this earth.

My final thoughts:  Emotional intelligence is an unique thing that can make you a powerful human being. Not only because it makes you mentally stronger, but it also strengthens your soul and makes your mind bullet proof. 

Mastering emotional intelligence may feel tough but it's possible. You don't need to stress over anything. Having a plenty of passions and consistency while practicing is everything that you need to master anything in the world☺

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