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10 Awesome Tips To Help You To Control Your Emotions

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Having emotional control, or emotional regulation, means the ability of managing emotions and controlling them when necessary. It’s about learning to stay calm while handling small problems, and reacting with just the right amount of emotional reaction given to the situation.

As a human, it’s normal to have emotions and you can express them as well. But, you should always remember that your emotions are a part of yourself. So, you must know always that how to control this. And that is what many people used to find difficult. They don’t know how to control their emotions and how to express this and where to do so. And eventually as you can guess, they regret in future for the outcomes they have out of expressing their emotions too much.

We, the humans have different types of emotions including sadness, anger, joyfulness etc. It’s always pivotal to know that where to actually express them. If you don’t know how to control your emotions, then your emotions will control you and you will most likely become unsuccessful to become the person you want to be.  Since if you can’t control your emotions, you can’t control literally anything in the world.

In this world, where many people have become a slave of their emotions, there I want you to read this article. In this article, you’re going to discover 10 awesome strategies that will definitely help you to control your emotions.

10 awesome tips to help you to control your emotions
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So, if you’re interested, then continue reading to the end.

How To Control Your Emotions

1. Memorize the past impacts of your emotions

Expressing emotions excessively always used to leave a bad impact. If you had the habit of being too open about your emotions, then I am sure that you also had some bad impacts of it.

When you’re being in the journey of controlling your emotions, then thinking about the past impacts will make you concerned and will inspire you to practice more so that you won’t have to face those situations again. 

2. Visualize your future self

When you’re trying to do something new that you have never tried before, then visualizing your future self can become a big source of inspiration since it inspires you to be there where you dream to be. It may also help to have a specific plan.

Expressing emotions excessively make people weak and mentally feeble. So, when you’re trying to get rid of this stage, then thinking about the strongest version of yourself that you want to be can be actually helpful and motivating at the same time. 

3. Don’t express your emotions to the wrong people

Even though good people still exist, but 80% people around you are likely to be negative and pessimistic. Expressing your emotions to these negative people can actually harm you more than you think. 

Because, they will never understand your feelings or situation either. Instead, they may give you some wrong suggestions that may divert you to the wrong ways.

That’s why it’s always necessary to care about whom you become open about your emotions.

4. Take suggestions from someone who can truly help you

When you’re being in any types of problems, there will be always some people out there to help you with this. Just like this, if you find it difficult to control your emotions by yourself, then you can seek help anytime. 

Controlling emotion has become a big prob of many. So most likely,  there will be always some people going through the same situation. Talking with them may become helpful more than you think. 

You can also talk with the adults like your parents and older relatives. Because they are older and chances are that they had experienced your situation too once. Talking to a specialist can become the best solution.

5. Keep a mood journal

If you have several mood swings, then keeping a mood journal can become extremely helpful. When you write down about each of your feelings and mood swings, then it will help you to measure the changes of your mood every moment 

Moreover, when you’re trying your best to control your emotions, then it will also help you to track your progress time to time. So, start keeping a mood journal from today. 

6. Stay positive to yourself if you would like to control your emotions

Sometimes, we tend to disappoint ourselves more than anyone else can ever do. Before others start telling anything about us, we start telling ourselves that we can’t do this. We become too fast to judge ourselves.

Learning to control your emotions can be a matter of time without any experience. In that case, if you will become too harsh on yourself, then you will never be succeed.

So, from the starting to the ending, never let yourself to be negative. 

7. Don’t let others to control your feelings

For the most part, you will find some people around you trying to tell you what should you feel right at that moment. They will try to suggest you the way you should express your emotions. When you find people like this, then just avoid them. 

People have different emotions and they will only suggest you the way they feel about everything. Taking suggestions isn’t bad but giving the access to someone to control your emotions is absolutely wrong. 

You’re the one knowing the best about what you feel. No one can ever know yourself more than you. So, always be aware of this manipulators around you.

8. Be honest about your feelings to yourself to control your emotions

Not being able to control your emotions can become actually a result of not having a good understanding with yourself. If you know less about what you feel, then you will never be able to express your feelings in the perfect way in front of others too.

So the first step you can take is being honest with yourself. Talk to yourself. Give yourself some spaces and know what you actually feel. This process will definitely help you.

9. Take a deep breath

I am quite sure that this is not the first time you’re listening about the tip of taking deep breaths. But, have you ever thought why the experts suggest taking a deep breath too often? Well, here is the answer.  

Deep breathing can help lessen stress and anxiety. By breathing slower and more deeply from your stomach, you signal your nervous system to calm down. But when you’re practicing taking deep breaths, make sure that you’re not expecting any outcome too fast. Because, just like anything, it also takes time to be effective finally. So, even if you will start immediately, but most likely it’s going to take a specific amount of practice and consistent effort to feel the effectiveness finally.

10. Eat healthy foods as necessary to control your emotions

Sometimes, health can have an enormous impact on your emotions and mental situation. A big part of our health depends on what we eat in our day to day life. So, when you’re having an absurd mental situation like having the habit of expressing emotions excessively and showing overreacting to things, then being careful about what you eat is necessary and sometimes it can also make a huge change too. 

According to clevelandclinic ,  Dark chocolate (at least 72% cacao), whole grains, nuts, legumes, and fruits and vegetables all have a part to play in maintaining a healthy mind. The key is stocking up on foods that help with your stress or emotions, and avoiding processed junk that might make you feel worse. 

If you’re feeling sad or down for something, then eating foods like cacao, bananas, berries can help you to boost your mood. If you have the habit of being outraged easily, then eating Coconut milk, Kiwi fruit., Walnuts, Salad, potatoes etc, can be really beneficial. So, try to take these healthy pivotal foods when you feel the need of controlling your emotions from the next time.

My final thoughts:  At the end, the one thing I want to say is, maybe controlling your emotions is difficult and even too much difficult sometimes but it's possible and necessary too. You may find thousand of tips and tricks all over the internet where people talked about controlling emotions. But, you are the one who knows which is going to be the best for yourself. 

In this article, I have elucidated 10 effective tips to help you to control your emotions that have been advised by many other people and had worked for me too once. This is noteworthy that it doesn't matter how many of these tips you implement, but it will always take time to learn controlling your emotions. So stay calm and be positive always ☺

That’s all for today’s article. Don’t forget to leave a comment about your thoughts regarding this post.

Question for you: Is there any other strategies that have helped you to control emotions previously but are not listed here? If yes, then what are they?

Let me know the answer in the comment below!

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