10 Awesome Ways To Beat Loneliness
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10 Awesome Ways To Beat Loneliness

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Beat loneliness in order to live a good life- you will find many people talking about this, however only a few of them really know how to do this. What was the last time you felt extremely lonely and quite bad deep inside and said yourself that you’re okay with this? Well, this is not only your problem. Even though no one ever talks about it, but According to a global survey, about 33 percent of adults experienced feelings of loneliness worldwide. Even it has been claimed by many other sources too.

16-24 year olds are the loneliest age group according to new BBC Radio 4 survey. According to IPOS , Loneliness has spread all over the world. According to BBC , Studies have consistently shown that one in 10 of us is lonely, and a report by the Mental Health Foundation suggests loneliness among young people is increasing.

Being lonely for a long time can have a bad impact on your mental and emotional health. It can lead to a lack of confidence and mental health problems like depression, stress and anxiety. 

So, it’s apparent that loneliness is never a thing to avoid. Many people don’t know in this world about how to fight with loneliness. If you’re one of those people, then the article is for you. Because in this article, you’re going to know about 10 of the most efficient ways to beat loneliness. 

beat loneliness anytime.

So, if you’re interested, then continue reading to the end. 

How To Overcome Loneliness

1. Take a new hobby

Even though, having a specific schedule is always good, but getting accustomed with a single routine for a long time can create dullness and loneliness at the same time because it will never bring something new in your life. So, you need to add new things to your schedule. Adding new hobbies to your routine can be really helpful.  It can be walking in park, gardening or learning a new skill. 

Taking a new hobby also helps you to get busy with your day and you never the get time to feel the extreme loneliness anymore. Instead, you feel excited for the whole day.

2. Have a pet animal

It’s not easy to have a pet animal and take care of it specially when life is too busy and getting quite messy. But, trust me it can contribute a lot to your mental health and also can play a great role to reduce your loneliness.

Pets reduces your stress firstly. Petting your favorite animal may give you mindfulness and it’s scientifically proven to reduce your blood pressure. Secondly, it provides the most needed companionship. A pet will never act like a human. However, it’s consistent love and loyalty and affection towards you will blow your mind.

3. Get into books

Reading books is not an easy task. It may feel boring and uninteresting at first if you’re not used to it. But, troth me, when you will get accustomed with them, books will feel like the best friend to you.

Since what’s most needed in a friendship is interest and reading books will never disappoint you. You can buy many high quality books from online at a cheaper price and those books will always fulfill your interest. The more you will read, the more you will be curious to read more and more and you won’t feel isolated anymore!

4. Meet your old friends

When we make new friends and stay with them, it feels like the best feeling ever. But, nothing hurts more when you need to leave them. Unless you’re super lucky, you’re never going to get the chance of staying with your friends for a long time. Even sometimes though when we have friends near us, we cannot manage to stay in touch with them. 

So, when you feel lonely, go there and meet those friends. At least, talk to your neighbors if you don’t have any friends at all nearer you. It will help a lot to decrease your loneliness and even more than you think. 

5. Do volunteering

When you volunteer for someone or for an organization or for something like this, then you help others without any types of materialistic purpose and that is actually a great way to have mindfulness.

Secondly, volunteering helps you to get in touch with a group of people and when you’re working for an organization, you’re likely to meet them almost every day. In that way, you can have a good circle of friends with good hearts who also love to help others without any materialistic reason. So, spending some times doing volunteering is definitely going to help you to beat loneliness .

6. Realize you’re not alone

When you’re lonely for a long time, then it’s easy to feel unwanted and not cared by anyone at all.

But, you’re completely wrong. It’s not easy in this busy world to have a regular contact with someone. When you’re feeling lonely, maybe someone around you is having the same feeling too but maybe they don’t have that situation to contact with your right away.

You need to realize that you’re not alone. There is always someone who cares for you deep inside and your that understanding will help you a lot to beat your loneliness. 

7. Build an online community

According to figures in the latest Statista Digital Economy Compass, the global average time spent using social media platforms per day is 142 minutes in 2021 – far higher than the 90 minutes recorded in 2012.

142 minutes means more than 2 hours per day in average only. But, in reality people spend more than this. In this amount of time, it’s not going to be a hard task to build an online community. It can be simply a massenger group, a whatsapp group, or you can do this easily using any online apps for free.

It’s not easy to meet everyone face to face always. So, when you visit that community everyday, you know what your friends are talking about and most importantly you know that you’re not alone and there is someone talking to you maybe not in real life but at least in the virtual life which is going to help you a lot to beat loneliness .

8. Say the first ‘hello’

Maybe you want others to say the first ‘hello’ to you but not anyone ever does this. You assume that no one likes you or thinks good about you. But, you’re completely wrong. 

 When you ask yourself that why others are not talking with you, then at the same time ask yourself also that why you cannot take the first step? At least you cannot expect a stranger to come to you and talk to you because you’re also never going to do this to an another stranger.

It may feel quite awkward to do this specially when you know nothing about the person. But, there is nothing wrong in trying to talk with a person that you’d like to. You can start talking by using simple conversation starters like knowing about the person.

It’s always a good strategy to beat loneliness.

9. Listen to musics

Listening to your favorite musics can become one of the best past times that you can ever have. Even I am not the only one saying this. The popularity of this latest past time source will make sense to you when you will have a look of the global reports.

The latest study from Nielsen Music shows, 90 percent of the population listens to music and that, on average, they do so 32.1 hours a week. That’s up from 86 percent in the prior annual study, when listening time averaged 26.6 hours a week.

Do you know why people love listening to musics so much? Well, According to The Conversation, When we listen to any pleasurable music, the “pleasure chemical” dopamine is released in the striatum, a key part of the brain’s reward system. Importantly, music activates the striatum just like other rewarding stimuli, such as food.

When you can dedicate so many times towards a special habit, then obviously you’re going to be able to beat loneliness.

10. Make friendship with yourself

You see in this world, no one is permanent and that’s a real truth. So, you can never expect to have someone there always for you in every situation. The one person who will be always there with you is only you. 

Many people in the world find it difficult to feel the friendship with themselves. And its actually arduous if you haven’t tried this before.

But, once you fall in love with yourself, then it will help you quite a lot to understand yourself and plus I can give you guarantee that you will never feel lonely anymore and for sure you will able to beat loneliness successfully.

My final thoughts:  In this world, when almost everyone is experiencing loneliness, I hope these few tips will help you even a little to beat loneliness. At the end, the one thing I want to say is that being lonely for a long time may seem dangerous and painful but never let it to break you.

It might feel a bit arduous to beat loneliness, but at the end of the day, staying alone for some times is really essential to know exactly who you are. Moreover, you also get to know that you belong to yourself and you're strong enough to live a life without being dependent on anyone. Sometimes, you just need a break to identify yourself and it's entirely okay ❤

That’s all for today’s article. Don’t forget to leave a comment about your thoughts regarding this post.

Question for you: Is there any other strategies that have helped you to overcome loneliness but are not listed here, if yes, then what are they??

Let me know the answer in the comment below!

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