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10 Simple Ways To Love Yourself More

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Self love is undoubtedly the best love ever. When you start loving yourself, there is no harm. Loving yourself doesn’t mean that you’re going to protect yourself even when you know that you’re wrong.

You can only love yourself truly when you’re mature enough to understand what is right for your future and also quite good for your present at the same time. You mostly listen to your brain, but you also care about your heart and you don’t hurt yourself or don’t take any decision based on your current situation or emotion.

Anyone can claim that they love themselves until they know that mastering self love is never a piece of cake. It takes patience, times, practice and most importantly good guidelines. There are tons of people are being who enjoy their present and ruin their future, which is definitely not a sign of self love and the others simply become too harsh on themselves which is also not the right thing to do. Even only a few people know that how to exactly show love on themselves without hurting or ruining themselves.

Learning to love yourself is super crucial if you want to do something better in your life specially if you would like to find peace. In this article, we have explained some genuine ways that will help you to love yourself more.

Love Your Self More
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So, if you’re interested, then continue reading to the end. 

How to Love Yourself More

1. Support Your Dreams

Almost everyone used to have a dream. Having a dream is easy but the real difficulty comes when you need to implement it. This is never going to be easy for you to reach to the level you want to be.  

Many people start their journey vividly and stop at the middle. Do you know why? Because they mostly cannot accept the struggles which is obvious to achieve something. Life won’t go in your way all the time. There can be times when you will feel like giving up. But, then you should remember about the promise you had given to yourself once. Even when no one supports you, then you need to stand for yourself. It may sound silly but standing for yourself is actually the best part of self love. 

2. Push yourself to be improved and creative

How many times have you wished that you could be better? Or, maybe you just wished that there could be someone who would push you through the journey….. Well, if you ever had this situation, then always know that you have only yourself. I mean you’re the one who is responsible for almost good and bad that happens in your life.

If you’re not being able to improve yourself, maybe it’s mostly just because you couldn’t manage to get out of your comfort zone and undoubtedly then the culprit is always and only you. When you love yourself, you understand that you’re the only one who has the responsibility. Going against your procrastinating mind, you push yourself to be more improved and creative which is literally an amazing thing. 

3. Create your own happiness

‘Happiness starts from you’ – this tiny line is actually a lot easier to say than actually to perceive. Most of us try to find our happiness within something or someone else and when we don’t get what we want, we feel pensive. 

However, when you love yourself, you start creating your own happiness and in your own way, you start enjoying every and each moments of your life because you know that they won’t come back anymore. When something doesn’t feel okay, you humble your situation and you teach yourself to move. Trust me, this is one of the most aesthetic feelings ever! 

4. Don’t let other’s opinions to define you

 Have you ever felt like someone is trying to control you or maybe someone is being  too judgmental on you which they shouldn’t be? These situations are undeniably so painful but  since you’re living in a society, be prepared to have some stereotype people like this. Because, there is literally no place in the world where you won’t find them. They exist everywhere in the universe.

Some people just think that their thoughts and experiences are the only fact, and this is literally not their fault but just the limitations of their mind. So if you love yourself, don’t ever let yourself to be restricted or bounded by their thoughts!

5. Don’t compare yourself to others

Life is not easy. Sometimes, it feels like a complete failure, doesn’t it?  Specially when you find anyone being at the same situation like you but having something special that you wished you had. It is not easy to accept when you find someone having something special that you don’t have.

However, these feelings are likely to be there with you all the time if you won’t start coping with them early. Because, when you compare yourself with others, disappointment is obvious. Because then your mind just tries to figure out what they have in common but you don’t. And obviously not everyone is the same, so the misery is already there. But when you love yourself, you don’t make yourself feel uncomfortable in that way. Instead, you think of the good things you have and they don’t and thus how your life becomes a bit of more soothing!

6. Don’t body shame yourself

We often find others being body shamed by someone else. So, you might wonder that how anyone can body shame themselves. In case you don’t know, body insecurities mostly start from you. Have you ever found yourself standing in front of the mirror and being literally sad only for the way you look?

Or maybe you just keep wishing all the time that you could look like someone else whom you think to have a better look than you. Or simply you just keep blaming yourself all the time just because you think that you’re an ugly and the main reason behind this is only you……

Well, it is possible that all these situations are not going to feel real to you, but you should know that thousand of people are facing this every day. You don’t need anyone to talk bad about your body when you’re already there to do this.

Trust me, this is so painful! You’re hurting yourself by yourself and at the end, you’re going to be the one being harmed. You should always know that accepting yourself in every way is one of the hardest and important parts of this self love journey.  So, accept yourself firstly if you want to call yourself a true self lover.

7. Don’t push yourself too much

We have previously talked about how important it is to have the urge to improve ourselves. From that perspective, you should definitely push and force yourself to be productive when you feel like procrastinating or not doing anything right. However, you will also find some people who just torture themselves. 

As an example, you may find many adults doing overwork and even many undergraduate teenagers who study literally for whole day but never gets a good outcome. These kind of situations might sound kind of unreal since we already know that success is a must for a hard worker. Then how we hear about them often?

Well, it’s never an unreal situation and completely possible to be happened. Because what they do is less a hard work and more of a torture on themselves. Those people do one of the most toxic things like not taking a single break and always pushing themselves to work. Believe or not, it’s never going to bring anything good, just never. Even if today it somehow works for you, you’re going to suffer in the long turn for these toxic and unhealthy habits. So, don’t push yourself too much, love yourself and keep working and good outcomes will come to you automatically.  

8. Accept your emotions

Accepting your emotions means to allow yourself to cry, smile and laugh when you feel like doing this. Some people never show their emotions. They keep hiding it from other people which is never good. Though, the world doesn’t care about your emotions, it’s your responsibility to care about yourself. You should understand your feelings. You should understand how you feel about something. If something doesn’t inspire you anymore, then let it go.

 Your brain is your master but your heart deserves to have the same amount of importance from you. If you will always keep saying ‘no’ to yourself, then one day you will start feeling more like a robot than an actual human. After all, if you don’t agree to accept your emotions, then please never say anymore that you love yourself. 

9. Don’t lose yourself in your bad times

‘Life is not a bed of roses.’ – you may have heard this line for several times already but trust me, this line is a way lot easier to say than actually to accept. There will be ups and downs in every step of our life. But, some of the miseries and downfalls are truly intimidating. This is not always easy to get over those toughest circumstances of life. This doesn’t always feel possible to control ourselves and continue our journey or just keeping hope that one day we will get over this.

Many lose hope at this time and they do the unpleasant which should never be done. They don’t think about what is good for them. When you fall in a problem, then your faith in yourself defines your self love. So, always have faith in yourself, don’t lose yourself in your bad times and most importantly remember that bad times never last for ever.  

10. Understand your worth

Understanding your worth is entirely crucial to have a better life. However many people often pick a wrong meaning of this. Some people think that understanding your worth means being an egoistic and always thinking that you’re the best and no one can do better than you. Whereas, the real meaning of understanding your worth is simply knowing what you deserve and where you deserve to be. 

Those who don’t understand their worth often keep tolerating the damn people around them for years and some also think that they’re a loser. On the other hand, understanding your worth makes you self confident. In your bad times, instead of crying for getting help from others, you believe in your abilities and you try to help yourself at first. Understanding your worth is also necessary if you wish to be respected by others around you. Since for being admired by others, firstly you need to learn to admire yourself. Overall, understanding your worth is definitely one of the biggest parts of self love.

My final thoughts:  At the end, the one thing to remember is that everyone has their own ways to love themselves. So, if your method of self love feels different than what we have explained here, then there is nothing wrong. Just make sure that you're doing only what is the perfect for you. 

Also it doesn't matter whatever comes in your life, but don't forget to love yourself and always make self-love your first priority as it's one of the best things you can do to make your life better.

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Love yourself as much as you can. The more you love yourself, the more you will do better in life.
Love yourself more because it's the best love in the world
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