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20 Promises that You Should Make To Yourself

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Which is the biggest thing you want to have in your life?

For most of the people, the answer is ‘happiness’. However, it’s never effortless to get that one thing in life. Most people find it really tough to be happy entirely. One of the biggest ways of being happy is to make yourself a better person everyday.

Some people think that being a better person means simply having accomplishment in life or making more money which is never correct. What is actually meant by making yourself a better person is to improve yourself emotionally, mentally, and also in your personal life at the same time. 

This process of changing for the better is never easy. One of the biggest ways of reconstructing oneself is to make some specific promises and keeping them to the end.

The promises you’re going to make are going to be your commitments to yourself. They are going to stay in your mind and also going to work as daily mantras which is going to motivate you every moment to work for the better.

In this article, you’re going to know about 20 promises that you should definitely make to yourself to be a better person.

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So if you’re interested, then continue reading to the end.

20 Promises That You Should Make To Yourself

1. “I will always keep my self-respect at the first place.” 

Your self-respect is your biggest asset. There will be people in your life who will try to ruin it. There is no wrong in removing them from your life.

Removing them from your life instantly might feel a bit like ego to some people but you know that saving your self-respect is your own responsibility.

2. “I will accept my flaws.”

You’re not always right. As a natural human, it’s normal for you to make mistakes and learn from them. So, if you make mistakes, then don’t stress over it or don’t try to prove yourself correct. Learn to accept it and learn the lesson from it.

There is never anything shameful in accepting your mistakes. Sometimes, it’s more respectful than you even can think of.

3. “I will remember that I cannot control everything”

Life is so uncontrollable. You cannot control every piece of situations in your life. So, whenever you face something unexpected or overwhelming, then instead of freaking out, try to accept it and handle it peacefully.

If you cannot handle this anyway, then don’t be frustrated. Again, there will be situations you cannot control and that is completely okay.

4. “I will choose my battles wisely”

Having a competitive mindset is okay as it can be apparently motivating sometimes. But, you need to remember that each and every person you find is not always worthy of being your competitor.

So, always choose your battles wisely. It’s going to help you to improve in real life and also will save a lot of your times.

5. “I won’t compare myself with others.”

‘Everyone is different in the world.’ – Learn to accept the truth. You’re so amazing in your own way. But, when you compare yourself, that’s the time you begin to lose the beauty.

You lose your spirit and end up copying other people and being frustrated at the same time. So, never ever compare yourself with others.

6. “I won’t let my past to be a burden.”

It’s true that some situations in life are really painful. We all have a dark story that we don’t want to talk about but it irritates us every moment whenever we think about this. Sometimes, it feels like a burden that doesn’t let us to move forward with our life.

Remember that you can fly freely and can expand your wings only when you let those things to go that bring you down. So, let your that painful past to go. Just take the lesson and move on with your life.

7. “I will learn to enjoy the little things in life.”

The generation we’re living in is literally so unrealistic sometimes, where most people are running before money, attention, fame and other expensive things for their whole life. They find their happiness within it.

However, does it really give you happiness or is it taking away that exuberance from you little by little everyday? Remember, if it costs you happiness, then it’s evidently too much expensive. You can find the real happiness only when you learn to enjoy every little things in your life.

8. “I will learn to forgive”

You should practice forgiveness, not just because it’s a great virtue. But, you need to do it for yourself. You see, when you’re hurt and try to take revenge, it always keeps you under a pressure and also makes you think about that evil person all the time.

But, when you forgive the person, that’s the only time when you can finally remove that person from your mind and finally can get rid of the burden and of all the pressures. 

9. “I won’t judge myself based on other’s opinions.” 

‘The moment you start judging yourself based on the thoughts of other people, you start losing all the joys and contentment from your life’ – this line is so true. There are thousand of people around you.

You meet a variety of people every day. If you will care about the thoughts of every of them, then it will not only create confusions, but also will make your life extremely gut-wrenching. So, if you want to stay happy, then learn to ignore those judgmental people and only care about those who really matter in your life. 

10. “I will understand that sometimes, it’s okay to depend on the future. “

Life is so unpredictable. It’s impossible to guess what’s going to be happened next all the time. There will be times in your life when you will have no way without just depending on the future and waiting to know what’s going to be happened.

When you face those situations, then don’t be anxious or don’t overthink. Just work, relax and go with the flow.  

11. “I will help anyone who needs it.”

There are people around you who are in troubles. Maybe some of them are just seeking for a bit of inspiration. It’s true that you can never help every of them. But, those who have good purposes and genuinely need your help, don’t refuse them if you can.

Even when you know that you won’t get anything in back but still you help, it always gives a different kind of vibe, satisfaction and happiness that cannot be explained in words. 

12. “I will forgive myself.” 

We all have bad chapters in our life. Sometimes, we’re the one responsible for it. Those mistakes made by us always leave us with a lesson and also with some regrets.

Always take the lessons only and try to skip the regretful part. Because, that’s the best thing you can do to make your future self happy.

13. “I will take care of my body and mind”

You always have only one body and mind left for you. It’s your responsibility to take care of your health.

Also you’re the only one who can make yourself happy. Trust me, you can never do anything good with a bad body or mind. So, always take care of them. 

14. “I will appreciate everyone who deserves it.”

People love appreciations. They need it to get inspired, to stay motivated as well as getting happy. However, the sad fact is not everyone gets it though they deserve it sometimes.

So, when you find someone like this, appreciate them. Because, sometimes you never know that what a great difference your appreciations may make and how much it may matter in someone’s life. 

15. “I won’t be afraid of exploring new things.”

Life is full of new things, new people and new places. Allow yourself to explore those things. It might feel a bit frightening sometimes, but the result is mostly the best.

Exploring new things gives you new experiences and sometimes can give you some of the best memories of your life. 

16. “I will respect everyone’s opinions.”

Everyone has a different opinion of their own. Sometimes, it can be completely opposite to yours. Whenever you face someone holding a strong opinion against yours, don’t get irritated.

Stay calm. They can be the correct too. Listen to them carefully and lastly, learn to respect the opinions of everyone. 

17. “I will act with people in the same way they act with me.”

Getting too soft or being too rude – both can cause you a trouble. So, act with people according to their attitude towards you and you will be more happier. 

18. “I will never ever run away from my fears.”

We all have fears. Your fears are one of your biggest enemies.  They’re going to hinder you from exploring the most amazing things in life.

So, whenever you meet any of your fears, don’t run from them. Face them bravely and get over them.

19. I will be with myself even in the hardest period of life.”

‘Life isn’t easy for anyone’ – accept the truth. You may get lucky time to time but there is no guarantee that it’s going to stay forever. You may have to face one of the hardest times of your life being alone.

If you will blame yourself then, there will be no way for you to save yourself. So, never leave your company even in the hardest times of your life. Always have faith in yourself.

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20. “I will keep as many of these promises as I can.”

The last but not the least, keep the promises. Keeping all these promises at once are never going to be a piece of cake at first. However these promises can change your life

But, you will always need to get the boll rolling in order to get things done.  

My final thoughts: When you make these promises to yourself, make sure that you keep them. Making healthy promises to yourself and keeping them is the best way to make yourself feel better as well as keeping yourself productive and happy for most of the time.  

On the other hand, if you won't be able to keep the promises, then it's going to create a disappointment within you just because of the bad feelings you're going to have about yourself.  

To explain, if you will keep breaking your promises, then you're going to be pointed out as a liar and a promise breaker to yourself which is super depressing. Because, at the end of the day, what you think about yourself means a lot about you than anyone else's thoughts. 

That’s all for today’s article. Don’t forget to leave a comment about your thoughts regarding this post.

Question for you: Is there any other precious promises are being that we should make to ourselves but we’ve forgotten to list them here ? If yes, then what are they?

Let me know the answer in the comment below!

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  1. These are great things to promise ourselves. I like the one where we accept our flaws because some people struggle to do that. Thak you for sharing!

  2. So many good points here! Not comparing yourself and enjoying the little things stand out to me, but so many resonate. Thank you!

  3. Catherine Tyler says:

    These are beautiful and definitely promises we need to make to ourselves. It’s so important to accept who we are and be proud of it.

  4. Whitney Stewart says:

    This post was so wonderful, I couldn’t help but smile as I read it! Great words to live by too when you make promises to yourself. I think my favorite is to always forgive. Life is too short to hold grudges and anger against others; it’s no easy task, but great words to live by. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  5. These are amazing points and spot on. A couple of these I really needed to hear today!

  6. This is wonderful! Having a mantra is so powerful and something that I truly believe can make a difference! Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. I really appreciate this post. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt piece about very important promises to yourself. 🤗

    Pastor Natalie (ExamineThisMoment)

  8. Julie Russell says:

    Keeping promises to yourself is important for self-growth! These are spot-on suggestions and things I need to work on. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to reading more articles!

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