Life gets tough sometimes

10 Things To Remember When Life Gets Tough

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Life gets tough time to time for everyone. Life was never easier for anyone and it won’t be. But despite of knowing this, we can’t help being hopeless and depressed when we have any pain point in our life. And when the problem is like too big, life feels almost like a nightmare. We feel stuck, miserable and start questioning ourselves. In those challenging circumstances, having a good mindset can be your biggest strength. I know it’s not always possible to stay positive in every stage of life. But. sometimes, remembering and memorizing some tiny life facts can be everything you need.

In this world where no one remembers about the real things in life, there I want you to read this article. Here in your way of reading, you will know about 10 of the most important things to remember when you’re going through tough times in your life. 

10 things to remember when life gets tough
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So, if you’re interested, then continue reading to the end.

Things To Remember When Life Gets Hard

1. If you can overcome such challenge, you’ll become much stronger then

Bad times don’t last for longer but they keep coming. So, there is no point of assuming that you won’t have any problem again. But, that time, it might seem easier for you and you may assume that it’s not a big deal.

But, the fact is life never gets easier, you just become stronger. Life will keep giving you challenges as you will move forward.  However, then it will start feeling easier for you by time.

2. If things would be too easy, life would be too dull

I guess this is not the same for everyone. A problem always comes with two main things. The first one is pain and that’s why we call it a problem and the second one is adventure and a new challenge. 

When you get over those challenging circumstances, you feel great about yourself. Because you understand that all of your efforts were actually worth it. Even, it also creates a better understanding about yourself. You understand your capability. There is a famous line that says, “you never understand how strong you are before you’re put on that situation.”

If you will never have those problems, you will never know about your strength.

3. Everyone has their own problems

There will be times in your life when you will ask yourself, ‘why me?’. In this world, where we have gotten accustomed with watching those happy faces on social media, it’s been so hard to identify which one is actually fake and which one is actually real. You may feel like the unluckiest sometimes by watching the happy faces around you. You may feel that everyone is happy in their life. But, you’re always wrong.

Because, you never know anything about the personal life of someone. You never know that what’s actually going on in their mind. They have are having all the thing you’ve ever wished for doesn’t mean that they are happier than you. Everyone has problems in their life and you need to accept this to have a better life overall.


4. Life is 10% of what happens and 90% of how you react to them

At the first time, it may become hard for you to accept this. What I meant by this is sometimes the problem isn’t as big as you consider it. To make it more clear, we, the human become easily frightened for the most part when a problems comes in our life. We start overthinking about the consequences of it instead of focusing on the solution of it. Eventually, a little problem may appear as a terrible problem in front of us.

Sometimes, we start assuming a problem that even never exists. We become sad, depressed and at last we become the responsible for everything. So, whenever you have a problem, make sure that you’re not letting your imagination to give you any wrong ideas. Otherwise the consequences can be so bad sometimes that you even cannot be thinking of.  

5. You will feel proud of how you went through such hard times in future

Life doesn’t stop or wait for anything, it keeps moving on. Even your life also won’t be stopped for the problems you have today. There is no guarantee that says that the bad situations you have today, will be the same at a later life.

You will either win the war or you will just lose. If you will win, then believe or not, at a later time you will be the first having the most pride for yourself. And when you will understand this truth, you will become unstoppable. 

6. A new day means a new hope

There will be some painful times in your life when you will wake up from sleep and you will understand that you are still being in the same problem. Life will feel like a nightmare at that moment. These types of situations can be only survived with a positive mindset. 

You see when you have the feeling, you may easily start feeling sluggish, uninspired and hopeless. But always remember that there is a quote says , “maybe today was bad, maybe tomorrow will be worse, but the next day will become beautiful.” So, you can always start the day with a positive hope rather than getting the boll rolling with a bad mood.  

7. If you could fight your past problems, you can fight this too

Life was never relaxing for anyone. If your life gets tough now, it never means that you never had problems in your life. We, the human just forget about our problems and the loads of it naturally once it’s gone. However, those times were demanding too.

If you feel that life is being too harsh on you, then remember about your past problems, try to remember the problem you had and also please remember how you survived on those moments. In this process, you will have the feeling automatically, “if I could survive that, I can also survive this now” and you will not feel gut-wrenched anymore. 

8. Life was never easy but it’s your choice on showing reactions

Right now, there are people being around you who are fighting with different problems in their life. Sometimes the problem is personal and sometimes it’s something else. Whatever it is, but this is certain that the fight will never stop until the person dies.

Some people win the war of life and some people just lose. But, what differs them is their reaction when every time they fall in a problems and life gets tough for them. You see, when you can’t stop something, then there is not going to be any effect and even if you will shed tears for this 24/7. Just like this, problems will never stop coming in your life. So, it’s only your choice that if you will just keep hating life for this or you will just accept this positively and will move forward with your life.

9. There are people being who want you to succeed

When life gets tough, you may feel unloved sometimes. Some days your luck won’t work, some days you may feel that there is no one who wants you. But, you’re wrong.

The fact is that you’re never alone. It’s feasible that there won’t be always someone beside you. But, there will always be someone in your back praying for you and wishing the good for you. So, when life gets tough and you feel like giving up on yourself, then remember this and you will feel inspired again. 

10. Don’t be stuck ; just take the next step

From my perspective, feeling stuck somewhere in life at a time is one of the most painful feelings ever. Life is a matter of change. It’s okay to have a specific routine. But, when you feel that you’re being stuck somewhere in your life , then it’s time to try something else.

Sometimes when life gets tough, the feeling may feel like permanent. It may feel like that there is nothing else to do and you just need to go with the flow.  To get rid of these types of situations, one thing that you can do is to do whatever comes in your mind without questioning yourself either. Trust me, it may feel a bit risky at first but it may also bring you joy. At least, you won’t feel stuck anymore. On the other hand, if you won’t take the step, then chances are that in future you will regret for showing hesitation now.

My final thoughts: When we have bad times in our life, most of us start forgetting about the little things and facts that actually matter. We start feeling like the unluckiest person in the world sometimes. In those times, remembering these little facts and accepting them can give some mental reliefs. 

Life means loads of things and it's never possible to talk about all of them. In this article, I have tried to cover 10 of them. It doesn't matter, how many of these you've read, but everything depends on how many of them you can admit and can truly remember while facing hard times.❤

That’s all for today’s article. Don’t forget to leave a comment about your thoughts regarding this post.

Question for you: Is there any other things are being that we should remember when life gets tough but we’ve forgotten to list them here? If yes, then what are they?

Let me know the answer in the comment below!

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  1. Victoria Prasad says:

    Great read. I agree with you, feeling like the unluckiest person in the world does happen when faced with challenges. Mindset is everything.

  2. It is a very inspirational article! I have a very stressful period now, and I`m trying to stay positive. Your tips are great!

  3. Yes! Life gives us tough challenges from time to time, so it’s important to acknowledge that you can do it and be optimistic. 🙂

  4. This too shall pass seems to be the best advice to think of. There’s very little we can’t get through if we allow time to guide us

  5. Such amazing things to remembers. There is always hope and something in stored for everyone at next steps. We just need to be strong and content

  6. Great things to remember and it helps to remember them as well. I will keep these in mind. Thank you for reading!

  7. A new day means a new hope! I love that. I always look forward to a new day.

  8. Thanks for sharing these words of wisdom. Life can often seem hard and you don’t know what to do.

  9. Jennifer L Prince says:

    Goodness, we do all have our own problems, don’t we? And yes! How you respond is important.

  10. Shilpa Bindlish says:

    Thanks for motivation. I probably needed this positive vibe.

  11. I just had a great read through your post. This is a good checklist to remind me everytime my life is tough.

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