harsh truths to accept to become a better person
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10 Harsh Truths To Accept To Become a Better Person

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We all aim to do something better in our life and to be a better person. Our ambitions keep changing as we grow up. When we were children, the ambition for most of us were to have some happiness only . But as we grew up, we started aiming for various other things including more money, more happiness, more attention from everyone, more success etc.  

Everything is normal and right. But it starts going wrong when slowly but surely we start losing the courage of confessing the real truths and facts related to our life. It’s one types of time, when you know that what you think is extremely wrong but still you can’t help going with your own thoughts.

And since you keep the process of misunderstanding the real truths of life continued, at a later time, slowly but surely you forget about what is actually life is all about and then you start chasing the wrong things. That is exactly what’s happening with most of us.

In today’s article, you will discover 10 harsh truths about life that everyone must accept. I know that you’re a good person. But still I request you to read this. Who knows, maybe in your way of reading this, you’re going to know or feel something that you have never felt before.

Accept these harsh truths if you would like to be a better person
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So, if you’re interested, then continue reading to the end.

10 Harsh Truths To Accept To Become A better person

1. You’re the author of your own life

You’re the author of your own life and this is the same for all of us. However, for the most part we forget about this. We mostly complain others for anything bad happening in our life. We are not always ready to take the responsibilities as well.

Even though, in our whole life we become influenced by different types of people around us, but at the end we have only ourselves. And from my perspective, that is actually a good thing since you’re going to be the ruler of your own life. 

But when you become the ruler of your life, make sure you don’t only rule it and take the advantage of not having anyone to control you, but you also care about your life and love it as well and carry all the responsibilities yourself.

2. There is no way of getting rid of criticism

It hurts when you find people speaking in your back or just speaking something about you that you have never done. Even it also becomes impossible to tolerate them when you know that you never deserve this. It makes you angry and you tend to harm those people. At a time, you try your level best to stop them but at the end you will be stopped by yourself and that is actually the fact.

Most of us spend our valuable times and efforts in trying to stop others from slandering us. But at a time we feel tired because this is impossible. When you are afraid of haters, you need to remember that even the most famous people in the world also have haters. If someone is speaking in your back continuously, then you need to consider that this is their job and the only thing you can do is to not care about them and go forward with your life.

3. Your words are more important than your thoughts to inspire others

People say that our best power is our mind and our thoughts. But, I guess our words are sometimes even more important than our thoughts when it comes to inspiring other people. 

To give you an example, maybe you know someone who is frustrated and having zero inspirations. Now maybe you know that the person can do better but you didn’t say anything about this. Guess what, your thoughts or feelings became just useless or had no impact.

On the other hand, maybe you have nothing special to do for someone but at least you can inspire the person with your words.

So, if you have any positive thoughts, then never hide this. Maybe it can have a better impact on others that you can’t even expect.

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4. Nothing lasts forever and that’s a actually a good thing

We all have something special in our life that we love the most. And sometimes we get obsessed with the things a lot, that we just can’t think of living without them. But you will have to know that everything changes and the situation or moment you have today won’t be the same always. And that’s actually a good thing because at every different stage of your life, there will be always something that you enjoy or you will learn or will find interesting. So without those changes you could imagine your life to be boring.

5. Your material wealth won’t make you happy

As we grow up, the society teaches us different wrong things and this is actually one of them. You see, we’re mostly taught that the more money you have, the more happier you can be. The more luxury you have, then more peaceful your life becomes. The more success you have, the more good friends you will have. But are these things really true always?

Well, your money or your luxury may bring the outside happiness but it will never bring you the inner peace that you will need the most in your life. If you have a plenty of accomplishments in your life, then maybe you can have a big circle of friends but you should know that they will never be real.

Living in this society, it may become a little arduous for you to accept this but believe me, not being able to accept this will only make you having pains at a time in your life. 

6. Life isn’t fair to anyone and it won’t be

We always want our life to become easy, fair and think that maybe the main happiness exists in getting whatever we want but it doesn’t. 

Moreover, mostly we call ourselves unlucky when we have a look of the beautiful and nice pictures of other people. It makes us feel envious, disappointed and sad about the current life we have. But, the fact is you never know if they’re really happy or not. You never know what is happening behind the scenes.

Life isn’t fair to anyone and it’s actually not a hash truth to accept. Because when you accept that then life becomes more peaceful.

7. We all never have the same situations

This is one of the biggest problems of the humans like us that we always expect others to have the same situations like us. And our this wrong assumption enlarges our ego and creates misunderstanding with others. 

We always presume that if we don’t have any problem, then maybe the problem doesn’t exist. That’s why, when someone talks about a problem, we don’t always feel them in that way.

Just like this, when we become in a danger, we think that the other person should save us. But do you ever know that if the person has a problem too?

We all have different situations, different problems, different feelings and you must admit this if you would like to be a better person.

8. No one wants to have a person who doesn’t love themselves

Nowadays, it has become too tough for us to love ourselves. You can say easily that you love yourself. But do you really love yourself? I know this is challenging. Since, as we grow up, the society and everyone teaches us that we all should only learn compromising and if you think about yourself, then you must be a selfish.

Well, I don’t know what you think about this but I disagree. Compromising is obviously a big part of our life, but when you make others smile, you need to make sure that you’re smiling too. 

If you don’t know how to love yourself, then you will never know that how to love others properly. If you think bad about yourself, then you can never expect others to respect you. In a word, everything starts from you. So learn to love yourself to become a better person.

9. The person who is most likely to kill you is you

When it comes to being in a problem in our life, then frequently we tend to blame others. But have you ever noticed that every problem you have in your life is somehow connected to yourself? Let me give you some examples.

Is any addiction killing you? Well, this is noteworthy that addictions never come automatically. Are you disappointed with negative people? Why have you kept them in your life or why do you care? Is your bad past killing you? Well, I guess you’re not strong enough to let your past go. Do you regret for any disease you have? Well, there is nothing to regret but if the disease is so dangerous, then I will suggest you to live the time you have in your hand. 

Trust me you can change your life if you wish. Just like this, killing yourself can be sometimes done by you too. And to be a better person you must accept the truth.

10. There will be some ways in your life that you will have to take by yourself

As a human, I know that it’s never easy to live a life or a single moment without the support of anyone. As we grow up, we get unlimited loves and cares from our family members. Our friends and other relatives add an extra value to our life. Through this process, we easily get accustomed with having people caring about us always. Eventually, we can never even imagine having no one to boost us.

But, the fact is if you want to survive the life, you need to be prepared for those toughest situations . Bad days don’t last forever but bad days come in our life. There will be some situations in your life when the decision you take will only feel good to you but might feel rubbish to others. Eventually there will be no one to bolster you and if your luck will be too bad, you may not also get your family beside you at that moment.

There are many examples are being like this in the history of the world where people faced these situations but they didn’t lose hope and they’re being at a greater position now. That’s all I want to say. So, always have the courage to face those situations and accept this truth to become a better person.

My final thoughts:  I am quite sure that this is not the first time you're listening about these facts or truths that will never change.  Even not only you and me, almost everyone of us knows about these truths but still sadness, misery and disappointment in the human life are increasing crazily. 

Even though, everyone has different problems for sure, but not being able to accept the truths is a great problem too. In this article, I have tried my best to elaborate every point as much as possible so that everything can seem clear to you. I hope after reading this article, it's going to be even a little easier for you to accept these harsh truths and accepting these will make your life nicer too. ☺

That’s all for today’s article. Don’t forget to leave a comment about your thoughts regarding this post.

Question for you: Is there any other harsh truths are being that one should accept to become a better person but we’ve forgotten to list them here? If yes, then what are they?

Let me know the answer in the comment below!

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**** These points are not enough I guess. So, I am going to make a second part of it where I will be talking about another 10 harsh truths to accept to become a better person. You will like that post too. So, stay tuned for the second part !! ****

[Updated] The second part is out!! check it out here now. I can give you guarantee that you will find that article interesting too.]

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  1. I absolutely love this. Life is beautiful, but the fact is that it’s also hard. When we accept and embrace that and realize that not everything will always be perfect, we can begin to make positive changes in our lives.

  2. You are so right! These are not always easy to hear and even harder to accept, but it’s so true!

  3. Brianna says:

    I love this! So many hard truths to accept. Accepting that there will always be criticism and also rude people has been the hardest for me to accept!

  4. Yes, these are all things we must accept and live our lives the best we can. This is a good starter list- there are so many more, beyond these 10, that could be added. You should post a sequel!

  5. Such an amazing ideas to be a good person. Thanks for sharing

  6. Jennifer L Prince says:

    Nothing lasting forever is actually a good thing. Especially when you can adopt that mindset while going through tough times!

  7. Number 3 resonated with me. It reminds me to only speak positive things and even then after thinking about what I’m going to say.

  8. I hate when people talk behind my back, especially if I thought they would never do such a thing. Of course, if they talk about others TO you, they’re probably talking about you too. That’s just the way it goes.

  9. Bedabrata Chakraborty says:

    Your post is so deep. I never expected such serious thoughts on a blog. Loved every point but rooting for no 6. The earlier one accepts life is not fair, the faster one progresses in life.

  10. These can be tough realities. Honestly it took me a while to realize some of these in my life. It is good to focus on ourselves and not waste our lives.

  11. Trying and becoming to be better people can be hard for some but it’s a tough reality we must all face. Those are some great points and thought-provoking as well.

  12. Top site ,.. amazaing post ! Just keep the work on !

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