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19 Great Ways To Stop Feeling Stuck In Life

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Do you ever feel like that your life has become so much boring for a while? Maybe you just feel no joy in living the life anyways? Or, you’re simply stuck in a never ending loop of life that you’re constantly trying to get out of?

At those moments, it feels like all the joys and excitements you once you used to feel have become magically invisible. The same routine being repeated over and over again.. or just a completely purposeless and joyless life. You constantly feel that there’s something wrong but you just can’t figure it out.

You feel so stuck in life that you cannot even figure out if you’re really going up in your life or having downfalls. Everything around at that moment feels monotonous, boring or just lifeless. You feel a kind of misery that is boundless but yet you’ve no explanations of why it’s truly happening.

If you’ve ever gone through these phases or feeling it right now, then you must be so disappointed in life. However, life is much more colorful and exciting than you think. But to experience the colors, you first have to get out of that never ending loop.

how to stop feeling stuck in life

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In this article, we’ve provided you with 19 brilliant ways to help you to stop feeling stuck in life. So, kindly read along and enjoy!

19 Brilliant Ways To Stop Feeling Stuck in Life

Observe Your Present Situation

Being physically present in a situation not necessarily means that you’re going to be present there mentally too.

That’s why living in the present is too important. One of the biggest reasons behind you’re not understanding your life is because you’re not observing it wisely. So, take time and ask yourself what’s really going on with your life.

In these cases, some people try to lie to themselves in the same way they try to appear as a perfectionist in front of other people. Don’t try to appear perfect. Don’t pretend like your life is perfect. Also don’t ever lie to yourself.

The first step of figuring out the problems of your life and upgrading it is to become honest with yourself.

Break Your Old Habit Patterns

Breaking or changing old habits doesn’t always mean it’s just meant for the bad ones. You can have habits that feels normal in the most basic sense and yet cannot feel okay with them.

The fact is that, we build and shape different types of habits based on our current situations. According to ‘The World Counts‘ , ” Our brain turns daily actions and behaviors into habits” So sticking to the same old habits that don’t co-operate with your present situation or mindset will easily make you feel bored.

As a result, replacing the old habits with some new ones is not really a bad option. However, if you think that there is a habit that is necessary to have but it just doesn’t excite you anymore, then you can try changing the patterns of it instead.

I mean, bringing a change to the amount of days you practiced a habit and also to the process can make it feel so much better helping you to stop feeling stuck in life.

Don’t Focus on the Short Term Dopamine

Dopamine, often regarded as ‘happy hormone’ is the reason behind we have the feeling of pleasure and well-being.

Undoubtedly humans love feeling happy. So, we basically make efforts to have this dopamine. However, there can be both short term dopamine and long-term dopamine.

Doing things like exercising regularly, meditating, eating proteins and getting enough sleep can naturally increase your dopamine level. However, things like drinking, social media, playing video games can give you pleasure in the shortest amount of time which makes them regarded as the sources of short term dopamine.

At first, they might seem absolutely harmless. However, you should never look for them as they can often end up being addictions. And being addicted to something and doing it over and over again can eventually lead to feeling the sense of depression and boredom. According to an article on the News Wise which is written by an expert, “When the brain has fallen into a predictable, monotonous pattern, many people feel bored, even depressed.”

Therefore, in order to stop feeling stuck in life, you must make sure that you’re not falling in the trap of short dopamine.

Get Your Body Moving

You cannot probably do any good in life by simply sitting at a place and not moving your body enough. However, there are some people whose schedules don’t require them to move their body often.

For example- the office workers or general employees who work 9-5 . Even some people simply cannot manage time for going out or having some basic exercises. However, even if your schedule doesn’t allow you or require you to do so, still you should manage time for doing it as it’s related to your own well-being.

Getting your body moving doesn’t only help you to enhance your mood as well as increasing your dopamine level , but it also releases a chemical called endorphins which helps to reduce stress.

Therefore, to stop feeling stuck in life, adding some physical activities to your schedule can definitely be a good strategy.

Don’t be Afraid of Uncertainty

For many of us, certainty is all we care about.

From our early childhood, we’re taught that in order to live well, having a certain life is must. That’s why, we keep trying to secure a good job, build a family, save money and other sorts of things for our future.

But, as we keep persuing that certainty in our life, we start forgetting about what’s enough. If you’ll think carefully, you’ll realize that there’s no borderline to what’s truly enough to have that certainty. As there is always more money, more accomplishment, more accolades to have. At the same time, we embrace the enormous boredom of life.

But, the truth is, life isn’t all about certainty. Behind every certainty, there’s always an uncertainty. You’re saving money for your next 10 years but who can give you the guarantee that you’ll live the next 10 years.

So, instead of focusing on the certainty all the time and living with that boredom, learn to live care freely sometimes as well.

Follow a Simple Daily Routine

Earlier in this post, we talked about being trapped in your old habits and therefore you should try to build some new ones

But, as always, it can work in both ways. Starting each day not knowing what to do doesn’t really sound like and ideal thing to do. As you start getting comfortable to passing your days mindlessly, soon wasting weeks and months don’t bother you anymore.

And, thus you start getting stuck in a loop not being able to move forward. In this case, building a daily routine might help.

Remember that the routine doesn’t always have to be filled with tasks and look super fancy. Just a simple daily routine giving you the necessary guidelines can help.

Write Down Your Goals for Life

As you’re reading this post, right now, can you name 10 most important goals of your life within 10 seconds. I guess, you can. But, if you couldn’t do so, it’s a sign that you’re not truly sure of your goals in life.

We used to have different categories in our life and different goals for them as well. Which can often end up making us confused and overwhelmed. So, how to be sure about them?

Well, firstly write down 100 goals of your life. It can be of any category. Just write down what comes in your mind first. As you’re done with writing them, divide them into different categories.

Then, from each category, choose 4-5 goals. These are going to be the goals you’re going to work for.

Make a list of Priorities in Life

As you’re done with goal setting, it’s time to prioritize. From every section, choose 1-2 things that you would put in your priority list. Be really careful while choosing them.

Think about the consequences they can bring you. What is the amount of investment or sacrifice you’re ready to make for them? Is it something you truly want or doing this for any kinds of pressure or needs?

Making your priorities and goals clearer will give you a better vision of your life helping you to stop feeling stuck in life.

Don’t Underestimate Yourself

There are many people who feel stuck and disappointed in their life because they think that they’re useless and are good for nothing which is absolutely wrong.

Basically in this way, you just underestimate your true potentials. In this case, you should take necessary steps to stop feeling like a loser and grow your self esteem as well.

See each Day as a New Opportunity to Grow

There was no guarantee that you would wake up this morning. So, getting to experience every new day is like getting the opportunity to experience a new life.

While being stuck in life, you may feel like that after all, it’s a part of the same boring life you’re living every day. But, shifting your mindset a bit can make the work easier for you.

Treat every new day like a blank page. You’re the writer of that page. So, use it as a new opportunity to grow and move forward in life.

Don’t be a Perfectionist

While trying to achieve something, expecting the mediocre result isn’t definitely something we’ve got to do.

However, being a perfectionist can do much more damages than that. Since, when you’re doing a mediocre work, you know that there are places to improve. In this process, one achieves the qualities through their relentless work, learning, and mistakes.

While in perfectionism, it doesn’t only hinder you from moving forward, but as soon as someone starts thinking that they’re being able to do that thing perfectly, there’s no room for improvement.

So, eliminating perfectionism is definitely one of the biggest steps you can take to stop feeling stuck in life.

Know about Your Strengths and Talents

One of the other reasons behind you might feel stuck in life is the lack of self awareness.

Everyone in the world has gotten some strengths and talents as well as the weaknesses. However no one knows about them better than the individual itself. Even though, most often we see our weaknesses easily, but there used to be the hidden talents that often become overlooked.

So, you must know about both your hidden and visible talents and strengths and then use them to move forward in life.

Don’t Rush

While you’re trying to upgrade your life, make sure that you’re not rushing the process.

Break your goals into smaller tasks. Don’t do multitasking. Focus on one goal at a time. And thus by taking small baby steps, you will reach to your goals eventually.

Take Lessons From Your Past Experiences

When we fall in a problem, we feel like that there can be nothing worse than this or maybe this is the end. But, think carefully.

Life wasn’t always so much colorful till today. There might be already thousands of miseries that you had gone through and survived through to be here today. Even there could be days when you felt like the same as you’re feeling right now- stuck and purposeless.

Didn’t you find joys in your life again? What did you do then to get out of those situations? Remember, the situations and processes mightn’t be always the same. You might possibly be in a better or worse situation than you were some years ago. But, the lessons you learnt then are permanent.

So, think of those lessons and use them to get out of the boredom.

Ask for Support from Your Loved Ones

Feeling stuck in life is definitely NOT an unusual feeling. Even it’s not something that people face once in a lifetime. So, you don’t have to worry about that if people will find you weird.

Also as I said, it can be one of those feelings that are very hard to express. So, don’t be in a hurry while explaining what you feel. Don’t worry if they will misunderstand you. Your loved ones will always get you no matter what the situation is.

Take Therapies

Even though, talking to the loved and supportive ones can help a lot, as they might have experienced the same feelings of feeling stuck in life like you, but that doesn’t mean that their advices will always work.

They all had their own ways of getting out of that situation. It’s totally okay if their advices and experiences doesn’t resonate with you. In these cases, you might feel hopeless for a bit of moment.

But this is where therapies come. Taking therapies like Logotherapy and the Morita Therapy can help you to stop feeling stuck in life by helping you to find the purpose of your life.

Get Rid of The Energy Vampires

This is something that I’ve come to learn lately. Our energy and times are very limited.

Therefore, we’ve to be really wise in investing our times and efforts before someone or something. That is why, we love hanging out with a group of people that we love. In this way, we share energies and get the same amount energies or sometimes even more than we invest.

However, there’re people who you hang out with who literally sucks the energy out of you like a vampire. Thus when you’re alone, you feel out of energy.

If you’re feeling stuck in life, it might also happen if you’re surrounded with more people like this. So, you must get rid of these energy vampires to stop feeling stuck in life.

Write a Letter To Your Future Self

This one is one of the most underrated ways to stop feeling stuck in life which many people don’t talk about.

We often write letters to our past self to often acknowledge the beautiful moments and feel more connected to our inner child . We also use this method when we’re feeling lost in our life. However, what’s about writing a letter to your future self?

When we write a letter to our future self, it often works as a commitment. When you’re writing that letter, make sure, you imagine talking to the best version of yourself. It can be a letter to 10 years ahead future self or simply the you in the next year.

When you’re done with writing it, keep it in a safe place and set a time when you’re going to open it. Don’t open it often as it will lessen the excitement. But, don’t forget that what are the qualities you’ve written there about. Or, simply what are the qualities you should have while opening that letter on that exact time. It’ll eventually help you to upgrade your life and will make you feel guilty when you’re not doing that.

In this way, soon you will get out of that rut and step up the game of your life

Build some Social Connections

One of the other reasons that might cause you feeling stuck is isolating yourself.

Though it’s not true that people who don’t like to socialize cannot survive. But, there is a difference between surviving and living. See, Humans are an associative creature.

You cannot literally succeed at anything by yourself without the minimal help of anyone. Even some of the richest people in the world were introvert themselves. However, restraining themselves and not being willing to socialize didn’t make them reach where they’re today.

Even your friends, at times can end up being your biggest challenger in your lazy life and your biggest cheerleader in your personal development journey. Even making new friends is much easier than you think.

So, it’s clear that in order to stop feeling stuck and upgrade your life, building some good connections is a must.

………………………. ……………………………….

Final Thoughts

No matter how hard the situation is it’ll eventually pass away. When you’re feeling stuck in life, make sure that you’re taking proper care of your mental and physical health. Because, how you see the world is a lot connected with your well-being. If you’ll stay messy yourself, then all the other things around you will consequently feel annoying.

Moreover, focus more on the positive sides. Don’ stress so much about life and most importantly don’t lose patience

………………………… ……………………….

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