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31 Reasons Why People Don’t Like You (With Solutions)

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Have You Ever felt like no one really likes you? or simply doesn’t like to be around you? Maybe they don’t act with you in the same way they do with their most other normal friends.

Being in these situations, it’s easy to feel strange, not included or left behind. In fact, it’s also sad when you’re being treated like this by a single person or a wide range of people that you always wanted to be friends with.

In these cases, some people act like as if there’s nothing wrong with them. But, isn’t there really anything wrong with them? On the other hand, while facing these situations, you may find yourself taking all the blame. But, is it really all your fault all the time?

In this article, you’re going to know about 31 possible reasons why people don’t like you. We’ve talked about both the reasons where you’re the responsible one and what you can do about this, and the things that are out of your control being the reason why people don’t like you.

 reasons why people don't like you

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So, kindly read along and enjoy!

#Reasons Where You’re are Responsible one

1. You’re Manipulative

When people don’t like you, it might also happen because you try to manipulate them with your own thoughts and opinions.

Everyone has got their own opinions. No one likes to be influenced by other’s thoughts or choice. Regardless of how good your manipulation skill is, as soon as someone gets to realize that you’re trying to manipulate them, they’ll start disliking you right away.

Solution :

Don’t try to influence or manipulate others with your thoughts. Instead, try to master the skill of making people understand your points. If they don’t agree with you, then learn to accept the diversities. Being the great manipulator represents no pride, but being able to make people understand your point politely and having them being agree with you does.

2. You’re Self-Obsessed

Some people are all about themselves. They only talk about their own struggles, own achievements, own issues. They don’t get a moment to ask others what’s going on in their lives.

Remember, the world doesn’t revolve around you. No one will ever hang out with you if you have got nothing to tell about themselves but you.

Solution :

When you’re hanging out with someone or with a group of people, don’t try to be the center of attention. Instead, become more generous. Treat the friendship as it is. While you talk about yourself, make sure, you’re asking others about their days too. Because, they also love to be asked and cared about their businesses in the same way you do.

3. It’s just all you think

There are some people, who like to play the victim. Always pretending that they’re all alone and nobody likes them even though it’s not true at all.

What’re the benefits they get out of it? Well, it just gives them the false mental comfort that they’re strong enough to stand alone or sometimes helps them to gain sympathy from others.

Solution :

If you think that you’ve got no one liking you, make sure that it’s truly happening and just not happening in your head. Don’t play the victim in your head. Not having any friends isn’t always a misery if it’s truly happening with you for some reasons. But, having the feeling of having no friends isn’t a happy feeling either.

4. You Never Invest Efforts

You’re all about getting but never giving. Even the things people give aren’t always money and facilities. The times and energy they give you also counts.

However, if you’re one kind of person who always says ‘no’ and doesn’t show up when it’s their time to return, then it might also be a reason why people don’t like you.

Solution :

Be an ‘yes’ person. Say ‘yes’ to plans, or small talks. Learn to give back the same amount of efforts you get from someone. Don’t be afraid of being looked as someone who is too much available. You’re just giving back the same amount of things you’ve got, in return. That never makes you look ‘too much available’. In fact, when you don’t return the efforts, it just makes you look rude and selfish.

5. You’re all Talk

One of the other reasons behind people don’t like you is that you’re the bigger person but only while talking. But, when it comes to taking actions, you’re found no where.

You only make promises, but never keep them. In other ways, your actions are always poorer than your words.

Solution :

Don’t be an all talk person. Actions speaks louder than words. So, instead of using your mouths all the time, you better use your brain to show some real affections.

6. You’re Always Blaming

You’re never ready to take the responsibility nor you care about solving the problems. So, every time, anything goes wrong, you just find it a better option to give all the blaming on others.

You always act victim and try to represent others as the culprit one.

Solution :

Be a solution focused person but not a blamer. Learn to take responsibilities for your life, for things happening with you and around you. Even when it’s their fault, don’t blame oppressively. Instead, be understanding . Also don’t just act like, it’s all their fault, even if you’ve little to no contribution here, but still mention that.

7. You’re quick to Judge

No one likes to be judged. One of the other reasons of why people don’t like you is because, you’re so quick to judge. You make comments about people even before you know them goodly.

Solution :

Don’t judge someone at the first or second impression. Even you shouldn’t become judgmental at all. If you don’t like something about someone, just tell them about it. It’s your thing that you find something wrong with them. It’s okay, because, not everybody is supposed to like everyone. But, don’t be like, you already know everything about them which makes you don’t like them. The fact is that, you never really know about the full story of someone’s life.

8. You’ve Anger Issues

Anger is definitely a very common human emotion. It’s not easy to keep our anger to ourselves all the time or nor you should try to.

Every time, something pisses you off or goes wrong, you should definitely try to speak up about this. However, anger issues are a real thing. If you allow your anger to be out all the time, then soon people will start being scared of you.

And honestly, nobody likes to hang out with people that they have to be scared of.

Solution :

Learn to control your anger. Learn to gain control over your emotions. Do different mindfulness activities if necessary. But don’t scare people. Your enemies are the only one who should be scared of you. Otherwise, scaring other normal people with your behavior isn’t so cool/

9. You Gossip a Lot

You gossip about people a lot and spread rumors as well. Even your gossiping is quite life ruining as you use people’s secrets against them. That’s why people are scared to be around you or to share anything with you since they already know that, it can and will be used against them.

Solution :

Don’t be a gossiper or a rumor spreader. Remember, that one rumor spread by you is enough to ruin someone’s family, career or maybe their whole life. Also, don’t use people’s secrets against you. Even if it’s a really dark one and for some reason, they’re not your friend’s anymore, but it’s still your responsibility to keep their trust.

When someone hangs out with you, there’s no surety that the closeness is going to last forever. But, if they know that you’re one kind of person who becomes an enemy as soon as the closeness isn’t there, they’ll never be comfortable sharing their personal lives with you.

10. You don’t give Privacy

You don’t respect people’s boundaries. You’ve to know about every single thing going on in a person’s life. You think of it as an act of betrayal every time someone choses not to tell you something about their personal life.

Solution :

Just like you and me, every one has got their own boundaries. There are some things that are really private. There are things that one mightn’t feel good to share with anyone else. Some people even get disappointed, embarrassed or angry, when their information gets leaked. To be an authentic person, it should be one of your liabilities to protect the privacy of other people.

You want to know about something from someone, but they say ‘no’, then it’s a clear ‘no’. Stop the conversation about that topic there and don’t even ask why they don’t want to share it with you.

11. You’ve Overshared

You’ve already told everything about yourself the first or second time you met. Since they could have all the information about you at such a shortage of time, they don’t think of you as an interesting person anymore and has started ignoring you consequently.

Solution :

Don’t be an open book. Learn to respect your own privacy. Be mindful about how much you should share with someone you barely know. When you first meet someone, you may think that keeping no secrets from them would make the companionship much stronger. But, in reality, it makes them nothing but uninterested in knowing about you.

12. You’re Obsessive in a Friendship

You’re so obsessed that you can’t take it every time someone talks with anyone else . You feel jealous or sometimes act in a crazy way. Because, you think, that when a person is with you, they must give all their attention to you.

Solution :

When you become friends with someone, make sure you treat them as your friends and not as your property. Though, you obviously have the right to set some boundaries. For instance, they shouldn’t be friends with your enemies.

However, at the end of the day, you need to accept that it’s their own life. So, they’ve the complete right to choose who they’ll will be friends with. If you don’t like the people they hang out with, then it’s okay to make them know about this . You may also want to walk away and you can. But, being obsessive is just a bad trait that no one should follow.

13. You never Show any emotions

You always try to act like you’re an emotionless alpha. You don’t cry or laugh or become angry particularly. Having a neutral and poker face is something that you’ve when you’re around other people.

Also, you show no dependency on other people. Even when it’s clear that you need help, you say ‘no’ to taking help. You always act like that you don’t need anyone and they’re the only one who are dependent on you.

Solution :

Those people who hang out with you have this right to know the real you. And a real person can never be built without emotions. Therefore, showing your true emotions doesn’t make you look weak from any persepective.

Though you should be having control over your emotions, but that doesn’t equal to showing no emotions at all. Controlling your emotions make you look mentally stronger attracting other people towards you, whereas showing no emotions at all is actually creepy.

At the same time, there is and will be always some dependency in a friendship. We cannot do something alone in our life, and that’s why we make social interactions. There’s a difference between showing minimal dependency and asking everything shamelessly from someone. Ask for help when it’s necessary. I guess, acting like the bigger person isn’t really necessary specially when you’re with someone in your close circle.

14. You don’t speak up for you or for them

Every time a situation goes against you or something embarrassing happens to you, you just try to avoid it by being nice. You never really speak up for yourself. Moreover, you also never speak up when someone you know gets bullied or becomes looked down in front of you.

Solution :

Anyone in the world wants to be with someone who’re confident and can speak up from themselves when it’s necessary and also for others. So, learn to speak up. Don’t be a people pleasure. The fact is that, being a people pleasure actually doesn’t make people pleased on you and makes them dislike you more.

Since, nowadays, almost everyone knows about the signs of a people pleasure. As a result, they can detect a people pleasure in no time. And honestly, no one likes to be with a people pleasure. Because, they can ruin anyone’s life as well as theirs idiotically just for the sake of other’s pleasure.

15. You’re super Fake

You try your best to represent ‘the perfect you’ in front of others. You try to act like everything is perfect, everything is great when it’s really not. At the same time, you lie about your present situations. Things that might seem embarrassing, you try to ignore them anyways when they’re really a part of you.

16. You Never Smile

Smiling isn’t your cup of tea. Your mood is off. Even when something good happens to you or to others, still no smile shows up on your face. You act like smiling is an offensive thing to do therefore, you act emotionally dead all the time.

Solution :

You don’t have to act like someone who is absolutely perfect in front of anyone. See, most often we feel insecure that others may end up judging us and making us embarrassed. But, the harsh truth is, we’re often judged by the people we care about the most or we already knew.

However, most people you meet don’t really care whether you’re perfect or not. Because, they’ve come to know the ‘authentic you’. The unique things, vibes or information you’ve to give are the things that interest them the most.

17. You’re too Slow

You take hours to reach someone or to reply to phone call or a text. You’ve no sense of time. Whenever anyone sees you, they feel like, you’ve inherited the motion of a tortoise. You always lack behind and the swiftness is never seen in your day-to-day life actions.

Solution :

Don’t be a slow creature in the fast-paced world. Swiftness is one of the biggest elements of today’s world. Don’t put up anything for tomorrow. Although, you cannot do all the things at the same time, but swiftness is a skill that you must master.

18. You Waste People’s Times

You waste people’s times with your unnecessary of boring small talks. Furthermore, when people aren’t interested in knowing about your opinions, you still talk and deliver your opinions anyways breaking all the barriers. Even when you haven’t got anything valuable to share, you waste people’s times talking about unnecessary topics.

Solution :

Time is the most valuable of all. Most people won’t like it, if you’re wasting their times when clearly, you don’t have anything thoughtful to deliver.

If you’ve nothing valuable to give, it’s okay to stay quiet. Not necessarily anyone’s head is going to be full of new ideas and interesting thoughts all the time. It’s impossible. There’s nothing embarrassing in staying quiet when you’ve ran out of ideas. But, what’s embarrassing is that, when you try to act like an all-genius and waste people’s times because of that.

19. You’ve Poor Hygiene

You don’t like doing basic hygienic things like wearing clean clothes, brushing teeth and taking a shower or simply cleaning your workspace or your home. You don’t cut your nails or even don’t comb your hairs well. As a result, every time, you meet with someone, they feel uneasy or uncomfortable as you mostly deliver an unclean impression and starts ignoring you thereupon.

Solution :

No one likes to be around people who’ve poor hygiene, smells like poop and delivers a nauseous looks overall. It just ruins their mood and the day. So, take care of yourself. Make this minimal efforts if you don’t want to make people dislike you.

20. You act like a Best Friend when You’re Not

Despite of not knowing someone for too long or despite of not being one of those closer circles, you try to fake it all. Acting like you know them for a while and they’re your biggest friend.

Therefore, you make efforts to be present at every single situation of their life though they don’t like it and expect them to act with you in the same way they would do to their best friends. You try to take responsibilities and demand the rights of a best friend.

Solution :

Trust me, it’s so irritating, when someone tries to act like the closer person when they’re not. It’s normal to have the urge to become someone’s best friend. Some people really match our vibes a lot.

But, at the end of the day, a person mightn’t think of you the same way you think about them. We cannot force someone to like us. So, be sure about how much priorities you’ve in someone’s life and act accordingly.

#Reasons Where You’re NOT the Responsible one

21. They are Jealous of Your Privileges

We all used to have some privileges in our life. Some of those privileges are those that we gain. And others are those we’re born with .

Now, no one has actual control over where and how we’re going to born. But, some people have really got the nerve to not understand this simple thing. They believe, that it’s illegal to have these privileges. Others might think that you’re just not worthy of all these and might dislike you therefore.

Solution :

Accept that some people will never have faith in god’s plan. They will keep being jealous and will keep hating you which you’ve nothing to do with.

22. They Never Liked You From The Beginning

When you’re thinking that someone has started disliking you and it could be because of anything you had done, it’s also possible that they never really liked you from the beginning.

They just pretended to like you with the hope of gaining something from you. But, as soon as they’ve got what they wanted to have from you, they’ve started showing their true colors.

23. They’re Insecure

Not everyone you see is open minded and kind. There are some narrow minded people too, who like to stay in their bubble. That’s why, they only hang out with people who’re just like them. So, they won’t have to feel challenged or the urge to improve by any means.

And when these people have met you and know that you’re better than them deep inside, then out of their insecurities, they can start disliking you eventually.

Solution :

As soon as you detect these narrow-minded insecure people, it’s better to leave them even before they get the chance to leave you.

Because, obviously you’re not going to downgrade your level just to be with them. So, why wasting time with these narrow minded people when you already know that they’ll never accept you.

24. They Just Want to Break Your Confidence

According to Psych Central, “People might feel intimidated by confidence and assertiveness because of their own low self-esteem or insecurities. ” And that’s exactly what the fact is. Some people just dislike you, because they want to break your that intimidating confidence which they know they can never have anyways.

31 reasons why people don't like you

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Solution :

Your confidence intimidates others doesn’t mean it’s harmful. What frightens the insecure people is going to work as an attraction for the real ones.

25. You’re already Blacklisted in Their Mind

Some people will never like you no matter what you do for them. And there can be several reasons behind that –

  • Because of your past mistakes : There can be anything happened in the past, maybe an clash or for any mistakes you had done, for which they’ve never forgiven you have made you blacklisted in their minds forever.
  • Misconceptions: Some people may also dislike you if they had been having the misconceptions about you, your gender or maybe about your religion or culture for a long time.
  • Someone has lied about you to them.
  • They think that they’re superior than you .

Solution :

You basically cannot do anything for something that you had no contribution before. Yes, you can try to make them understand about the true facts. But, that’s the highest you can do. If they still don’t understand, it’s better to accept the reality and move on.

26. You’ve stopped giving them the Privileges

Recently, I faced something like this. There was that friend I met only some weeks ago. For the first few weeks, everything went so good. I was ready to give here literally everything she wanted just for the sake of her amusement. But, soon I felt like I was being used and changed my mind.

And unfortunately I was right. Their real faces came out. They started disliking me extremely pretending like they even never knew me.

Solution :

Walk away from these kinds of opportunists as soon as you detect them

27. You don’t Take Disrespect

Some people like to disrespect others as they were just having fun. But, once you don’t accept the disrespects, you’re a bad person.

Solution :

Just accept that some people has this extremely bad trait. However, you should never learn to take disrespect therefore just to fit in.

28. You Put Yourself First

You Put yourself first which makes you look selfish to other people. And therefore, they cannot help disliking you.

Solution :

It’s completely okay to put yourself first. Self love isn’t selfish. You should always remember that.

29. You’re a mirror to their Behaviors

You reflect the same amount of energy and vibes you receive from someone. Therefore, sometimes, people call you two-faced and hates you because of that.

Solution :

Some people don’t like it, when their behaviors and vibes are returned to them. It’s their problem, not yours.

30. They Can’t take Your Honesty

Some people cannot take criticisms. And even it’s something like constructive criticism or something that they deserve, still it greatly hurts their ego.

Solution :

Someone can’t take your honesty, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be honest anymore. If someone cannot take your honesty, then let them be in the way they’re and move on.

31. They think of You as Their Competitor

They make every little thing a competition and think of you as their inferior. As a result, rather than thinking of you as their friends, and helping you, they want to break you emotionally and by making you feel alone so that they can win over you. They want to win over you not with you.

Solution :

Again, you’ve no control over people’s thoughts. So, the best you can do is to treat them in the way they treat you. If they think that you’re their competitor, then act like a competitor and lose them.

………………………. ……………….

Final Thoughts :

I hope this article gives you a good understanding of why people may not like you. When someone doesn’t like you, always look out for the role you’ve played here.

But, never get upset stressing over the things you can’t control. Not everyone will ever like you and it’s okay.

…………………………….. ……………………………

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