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10 Simple Tips to Make New Friends

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New friends are always good to make and sometimes it’s necessary! Suppose a situation that you have been to a new place where you’re having 0 friends and everyone there is unknown to you. What will be your feeling then? Obviously you will feel quite isolated and a bit lonely. I am not saying that it’s impossible to live without any friends. But, we need to confess that we are human and we need socialization. Even if you don’t care about socialization, you cannot help confessing that some supportive people are always necessary to have. 

Because, your friends are not only your friends. If they’re genuine, then they can be your biggest supporter in your danger, your biggest mental booster when you’re in a huge problem, and also can become your biggest motivator when you’re completely hopeless.

Tons of people in the world used to live a kind of stubborn life without any friends at all. Even nowadays it has been too arduous to make new friends. Some of  the most common reasons behind it are social anxiety, introversion, trust issues, lack of opportunity, and relocation. As we grow older, people get busy with work, family, or children.

As a result, we consequently lose touch with some of our old friends and from this perspective, not knowing about the right strategies to make new friends can cause real troubles. Some people think of this process of making friends as too much complicated than it actually is. In this article, we’ve described 10 simple tips that will help you to make new friends.

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So, if you’re interested, then continue reading to the end! 

How to Make New Friends

1. Take the first step

Many of us used to live with a stubborn mindset. When we’re being in a group of people, we expect someone else to come to us and say the first ‘hello’. But, the fact is, maybe the second person is also thinking in the same way. Maybe the person is also expecting you to say the first ‘hello’.

Now you may ask why you will have to be the only one to talk first?? Well, everything needs to come to a solution. You’re not compelled to talk first and the second person isn’t too. But, in case you want to make new friends, taking the first step can be considerable. 

Some of people think that people are going to call them silly, if they will do so. However, the fact is, no one actually ever takes you as a silly person in that way. Instead they just can acknowledge your politeness and you can also make a couple of new friends and benefit yourself.

2. Join a new club or organization to make new friends

Nowadays, most of the improved cities used to have at least 1 organization or club type things for the people with several interests. You can get several advantages by joining a new club or organization.

But the main benefit is that you can talk to new people and can find people with the same interests like you at the same time. For instance, maybe you’re a tennis lover. Then you can join a club associated with tennis and thus you may find people with the same interest and you can become good friends as well.

3. Look for similarities but not always while finding new friends

Though, it’s always  better to make friends with people having same interests since in that way the friendship is going to be more amazing. Otherwise, when your friends will have any different choice than you or if they will have a completely different perspective about something or disagreement at something, then it may create different quarrels often and even the friendship also might seem boring sometimes. For instance, if you’re an extrovert but if your friend is an introvert, then you guys never going to make a good conversation.

 However, it’s a fact that not everyone around you is always going to have the same interest or perspective as you. And you can’t make them do everything in your own way.

 So, what to do to deal with the differences? Well, in this case, if you and all of your friends are going to be a bit of understanding of the differences then most seemingly, there is never going to be a problem. Since, compromising is always a great part of a good friendships.

4. Create friendship with the friends of your friends

If you can’t still find any way to make new friends, then you can give this method a try. You see if you have a friend with a great bond, then chances are that you’re also having similarities in many cases or at least your friend is a good person. 

You can never judge a person by another person though, but 90% chances being that the friends of your friends will have the quite same characteristics like your friends. Feeling a bit confusing, right? Well, I mean that they are more likely to have the same interests as you and consequently they can be your good friends too. 

To make it easier, according to social pronow, becoming friends with a friend’s friend isn’t necessarily a bad thing—unless it is something that’s done in a hurtful way. I mean when you’re making new friends, don’t make a situation like where you’re forgetting your already existing friend. Otherwise, it will be done in a hurtful way and even though you will make new friends, you will still mostly likely feel guilty somehow for losing the old one.

5. Stay in touch with your new friends

One of the biggest parts of making a good friendship is to spend a quality time. If you can’t manage time for your friends, you will also have the risk to lose your already existing friends. I know that human life is getting busier and nowadays it’s been so challenging for many people to manage time and even for themselves. 

I am not the only one saying this. According to one of the famous websites social pronow, “Regular contact and shared activities keep friendships alive. Confiding in one another and making memories strengthens your bond.”

It’s always important to spend time and stay in touch with your friends to show them that you care and think about them and also having them in your priority list. Good friends don’t come at every stage of life. So, when you find a good friend, show your care before they feel ignored anyway. 

6. Learn to say ‘yes’

How many times have you said ‘no’ to your friends when they have invited you on a picnic or have called you on a party? Some people used to be a kind of ‘no’ person. They always say ‘no’ to everyone on everything even without considering what it can bring for them.

To have a good friendship, you need to be a ‘yes’ person in some places. If they’re inviting you or calling you somewhere to join them but your answer is constantly ‘no’, then one day will come when they won’t think of calling you anymore and then you will have no way without regretting or feeling nonchalant for it. 

Because, people’s time are also invaluable. When you’re not responding to their invitations or calls continuously, then they will also think  that you’re such a negative person and they will never waste a little time by calling you anymore.

So if you’re a no or a negative person, then become a ‘yes’ person and understand the consequences before it’s too late. 

7. Help other people

If none of the ways is working for you, then you may give this point a go. You see there is never anything wrong with helping other people and caring about them. We should always help others without having any intention of getting it back anyhow. 

Even if you don’t like the idea of making friends by helping others, you will always make some quality friends in that way.  Because, most of the people like a person who is enthusiastic and helpful enough.

So, start volunteering and helping other people if you want to make some quality friends in your way.

8. Make some efforts

Making a good effort means helping your friends or bringing some simple presents for them once a week or month or going on a picnic with them to bring some good memories and to make them enchanting. It’s one kind of rare care that not everyone nowadays likes to make.

You will always find some people around you who will always be a bit of a miser. Like they’re used to being so protective about their money or their energy and time. If you’re one of them, then you should know that investing a little effort or money before your friends won’t go cliche if they’re the genuine one.

Because, when you make the little efforts, you most likely get them back anyway.

9. Be present at the important occasions

Do you forget about your friend’s birthdays? Do you often forget to wish them a good time? Well, if all the answers are yes, then I am sorry to say that you’re a terrible friend. Everyone expects their friends to be present or wish them on their special occasions. Even, I am sure that you expect your friends to do this too.

But, if you can’t fulfill the expectations of others , then you also can never expect your expectations to come true. Like seriously, why should they care when you don’t?  

So, make it a habit to be present at their important occasions if you want to make effective friendships. 

10. Take Care about yourself

 I know most possibly you didn’t expect the point. Because you may wonder now how self care is related to making good friendships. Well, it is. According to psychology, “when you care about yourself, you feel well about yourself and you start looking and doing better in your day-to-day life eventually. In that way, most frequently you attract others unintentionally.” 

So, caring about yourself is definitely pivotal to make new and good friends. So, start following this point if you think it’s something that may work for you.

My final thoughts: Personally, I never think that there is anything wrong with making new friends. But, we need to always make sure that those friends are genuine and honest. Friends should be made only for having some fun and good and memorable times with them. But, we should never make it a habit that we will only focus on making friends and making the circle bigger than keeping it real. Because, after all "Quality is always over quantity"

That’s all for today’ article. Don’t forget to leave a comment about your thoughts regarding this post.

Question for you: What was the last time you have made a new friend and how did it feel like?

Let me know the answer in the comment below!

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