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Fake Friends : 5 Tips To Get Rid of Them

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Fake Friends – we all are quite familiar with this term. However sadly only some of us caring paying attention to it. The truest friendships can bring us happiness and make us peace of my mind when we’re being in a trouble. Real friends can prevent our loneliness and make our day better. Maybe, you can get tons of enjoyment by having a circle of good friends. But, a single fake friend is enough to ruin your life and for spoiling all of your joys.

That’s why, it’s so crucial to emit those fake friends from your life as soon as possible. But, those fake people can be so evil sometimes. So, it’s never going to be so effortless for you to get rid of those toxic people.

Many people don’t have an idea about the right strategies to get rid of fake people. If you’re one of those people who want to get rid of toxic friends, then the article is going to be perfect for you. In today’s article, you’re going to discover 5 awesome tips to get rid of fake friends which will definitely help you anytime.

Fake friends
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So, if you’re interested, then continue reading to the end!

How to get rid of fake friends

1. Block all contacts

That strategy is one of the easiest one I guess . For the most part when we used to have some sort of friends we mostly want to stay connected with them through different social media platforms specially in Messenger, Whatsapp, and in Facebook in order to strike up for a conversation with them in our spare time. 

Moreover it has become also a tradition of this up to date generation.  However when we come to realize that any of our friend is betraying with us, at that moment evidently we start hating them. As a result, we don’t desire to have a word with them anymore. I feel, at that moment it is okay that you’re going to block that person in all of your social media accounts as well as that person’s phone number. In this way, it’s going to be easier to lose all connection with that person and most likely they also won’t be able to contact you easily.

2. Confront those fake friends

Now it can be considered as an opposite strategy of the first one. Actually, sometimes some of the friendships used to be so pivotal to us that we really don’t desire to cut out the relationship without having any last word with them. I mean, we used to be curious to know the reason why they have betrayed with us. 

In that case, you can ask the person why she/he has done something like that with you. You must be solemn and strident at this point so that they won’t be capable to beat around the bush. If she or he will be your real friend then absolutely they will be grim like you. On the other hand, a toxic person will try their level best to table the matter. If they do so, leave them right at that moment.                                                                                                                   

3. Don’t give the fake friends any opportunity to blackmail you emotionally

Generally the toxic people are more strategic than you can think of. As a result they know it very well how to blackmail others emotionally by elucidating their terms . Sometimes they can also take the reference of the previous good days that you had spent with them.

Being in this kind of circumstances you should keep in mind that apparently they are doing all these things and making all these dramas just to get a bit sympathy from you in case they can stay with you to fulfill their other needs. Never fall in their trap and just remove them from your life.  

4. Don’t try to keep those fake people in your life

 I have seen a masses of people who always used to pay so much values for the relationships and even when they know that they are going to be harmed by them. They keep imploring the other person to stay with them by being good. To be fair, I will always name them as emotionally weak. 

Friendship is something that you can never keep forcefully. Consequently, you better let them go from your life though it hurts you. Be sophisticated and keep going.                                                             

5. Getting back at those fake friends isn’t the solution

According to Washington Post, “People are motivated to seek revenge — to harm someone who has harmed them — when they feel attacked, mistreated or socially rejected” I feel it is something that I have talked about in the early beginning. As a human being it becomes intolerable when we see someone is betraying with us by taking the opportunity of our beliefs. As a result, we tend to take revenge at them and for the most part it can be something really massive. 

But you should always bear in mind that, you can be also in trouble after taking a revenge by being in the heat of the moment. Since there is a proverb says that,”TIT FOR TAT.” That means if you’re going to take any wrong step by being uptight then the other person can also put up with your antics and then they will be cruel too. Furthermore, doing something by being miffed can occur a crime. Then you will be punished consequently. And the biggest thing is there only a fewer amount of people know how to be zen with their enemy and even who has deceived with them. So try to act tranquil and intelligent as much as you can.

My final thoughts: You will keep facing fake people in every stage of your life and there is no end to it. Unfortunately, there is never going to be a situation when you will be able to trust anyone by keeping your eye shut. 

However, it doesn't mean that everyone in the world is bad or you always need to be afraid. You just need to make sure that you're being careful enough while choosing a friend as well as knowing about the right strategies to get rid of fake friends and applying them when necessary. 

That’s all for today’ article. Don’t forget to leave a comment about your thoughts regarding this post. Is there something that you have learnt for the first time? Also if there is any other strategy that has helped you before but is not listed here, then don’t forget to share it in the comment section

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fake friends
fake friends
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