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30 Easy Ways To Make Someone Happy Today

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Being able to make someone happy and be the reason of someone’s smile is definitely a great thing. Specially, when you’re feeling down for some reasons, knowing that you’ve made someone happy today can be a sudden mood lifter.

Whatever our purpose is, being of use for someone at the end of the end is mostly all we want. Having to know that our existence matters to somebody out there in the world is sometimes all we need to know to feel good about ourselves. And there’re are also some awesome humans who just do it unconditionally.

But little do you know that not everyone in this world has the power to do so. To open their hearts, make someone happy and just be kinder. Specially, when so many people out there are just all about themselves and store so much negativity within, if you’ve even tried to make someone happy today, then you’re honestly doing a great job in life.

However, this very extra ordinary thing can end up being a huge headache to some people. I mean, many of us really overthink over the smallest things in life. So, when it comes doing a favor for someone or make someone happy, you definitely don’t want to embarrass yourself.

But, is it really that much of a big deal to make someone happy? Well, it’s not. Think of yourself. If someone wanted to make you happy, would they have to buy you a new car or give you something really costly? Probably not, right? Fortunately, human psychology works mostly in the same way. Even the smallest gestures performed with great humbleness and intentions can end up making someone’s day so much brighter.

So, if you’re still wondering how to make someone happy, here are 30 very simple ways to help you to make someone happy today.

Give Handmade Gifts

Handmade gifts are so underrated nowadays. Handmade things mightn’t often seem very worthy at first. But, when they look at it, they can clearly see your efforts. They can see the amount of passion you had for them to physically make something for them when you just could be lying on your couch and do nothing.

And these handmade gifts can be anything from –

  • Doing a painting for them,
  • Making some beautiful crafty things
  • Sewing a simple dress or a sweater
  • Or just growing some flowers for them in your garden.  

Write Something

  You’ve got some artistic qualities? Time to put it to work. Write anything.

  • Anything like a song
  • Try writing a poem.
  • Or, you can just simply write a letter to them explaining your thoughts about them and how their existence made your life better.

Honestly it just means a lot and is a wholesome way of making someone happy. And just to let you know, you don’t have to be an expert for doing any of these. Your grammar won’t have to be on point all the time and silly mistakes are always considerable.. After all, you’re not sitting for a test or preparing it for an AI teacher who is going to give you marks based on your writing.

You’re doing it all for a normal human being just to lift up their day a little bit and make them happy.

Make a Dish

You’ve discovered a new recipe lately? Why not bring a portion of it for your friend. And yeah, again you don’t have to be a master chef or something like this with a wholesome cooking experience. Even though not everyone is a fan of eating, homemade foods specially when they’re made by our loved ones can make the experience 10 times better.

Also, in case they’re picky about the foods they eat and you’re just in the dark about their choices, just ask them out. You don’t have to give them a hint of what you’re planning to do with it. If only a little information can make the process faster, then go and look for it. It’s an amazing way to make someone happy.


“I believe when you put a smile out there, you get a smile back” – Heidi Klum

At first, this idea of smiling might look weird to you. Look, it’s a lot dependent on the environment you were raised in. And if this idea isn’t normalized there yet, then thinking of it as something unnatural isn’t unnatural at all. I won’t lie but once I also used to think of this as a crazy idea.

But, just think of a day, when you’re just really exhausted, and suddenly you see someone giving you a warm smile. How would it feel? We all are fighting hard. And sometimes, a hopeful, relieving smile is all we need. Something reminding us that we’re doing great even if we don’t feel like it. Or, it will just all be okay.

Image Source : Unsplash

Smiling is the easiest way of carrying the most positive messages. So, practice smiling randomly with your colleagues, friends, and family members. Besides practice doing it with random strangers too.

Give a copy of your favorite book

Exchanging books is honestly so underrated. I mean, who does that when anyone can have any information online nowadays? But, this can have a serious impact on the person you gave that to and make them happy. Sometimes, we’re just not ready to find out something from billions or results knowing even if all of them are valid or not. And this is when we go to books.

If the book you gave resonates with their current situation or carries a message they just really needed deep inside, then every time they read it, they’ll be happy and thankful thinking about your efforts for them.

Furthermore, if both of you have got the same favorite writer, then you can also try giving them the books written by them or perhaps the copy of their latest books. You can also go an extra mile by finding books of their favorite genres to make them happy. 

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Ask to Help

Chances are currently there are people around you who crucially need your help but are just too shy to ask out. Or, probably, they’re just not ready yet because they don’t know you enough to ask for it though they really need it.

So, if you feel something like this about someone, go and ask them out. Even if they didn’t do it, they will surely feel good thinking about your concerns for them and this step will definitely make someone happy.  

Invite Someone to Have a Chat

When we think of invitations, many of us think about arranging some massive launch or dinner plan. Or, doing some great decorations. But, sometimes you can also invite someone to just have a chat sitting face to face and spend quality time. There Are things that cannot be told unless you meet in person.   


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Ask For Help:

Sometimes, the only thing that someone might be looking for is to feel involved. While asking for a suggestion, you might just want to go to the experts only. But, what about the rest of them? Those who had been trying so hard to improve themselves.

Maybe they haven’t been seeing the outcomes lately, but those people also deserve to feel seen or needed. So, even for once in a while, go to these people. Even if it’s a very small thing, ask them if they can help you with that. And pay attention to what they’ve got to offer.

Simply Ask Them How They’re Doing

In the fast paced world, while everyone is busy with their own lives, asking someone how they really are has just been a very rare thing. And it’s been so rare, that sometimes we don’t even get to ask this to our family members. Or, maybe just don’t feel the need to.

Everyone around us is going through something. They’re also facing the ups and downs of their lives like you do. Just because someone doesn’t show their struggles doesn’t mean they don’t have it.

Very often, people bottle up their miseries when they don’t have someone to listen to. So, be the listener for once in a while. And you’ll eventually have a fraction of their heart and end up making someone happy.

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Compliment Their Looks

These days we’ve been so hooked to the intellectual side that complimenting someone based on their looks or get-ups just feels so shallow. However, it’s really not that shallow though. You never really know how much effort someone has put into just looking good.

So, admiring them in your mind isn’t enough. If you like their hair, or their beautiful smile, tell them. If you like their dress, tell them. Or, you may also want to give some small suggestions. Because, sometimes people might seek their outer beauty to get noticed too just like their inner ones.

So, complimenting someone on their looks can be an amazing way of making someone happy.

Include Them In Your Future Plans

 You’ve met a lovely person that you would like to keep in your life for at least a long time? Let them know about it! Let them know about the future you’re seeing with them. Tell them about your plans and how important they’re to you.

While moving on with our lives, it’s easy to lose touch with some people. Suppose, you guys are not gonna live in the same town after a while. Tell them how you’re going to manage to keep contact with them at that point of your life.

Knowing that they’re this crucial in someone’s life will just light up their heart and you’ll end up making someone happy today.  

Leave Kind Notes

 Leave a sticky note on their office desk or somewhere that they’ll notice with some affirmative words written on it. Or, you can also leave a note among the pages of her favorite book while returning it. Sometimes, you don’t have to really let them know who has written it.

However you may want to mention their name there on that note. Just so that they won’t be confused thinking that it was written to someone else. And while reading that note, you may just notice a curvy smile appearing on their face.  

Say ‘Thank You’

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” —Maya Angelou

Isn’t it weird that nowadays, we don’t even bother thanking people. If someone makes us a special food, we’ll just start eating it and will appreciate how delicious the food is but won’t appreciate them for once. As if it was just a responsibility that they fulfilled.

And the amount of good things some people are ready to do for others and still not be appreciated for this is just crazy. Besides, we better not talk about those disgusting or perhaps sluggish people who make them feel unappreciated. But, I don’t want you to be one of them.

So, appreciate people for the smallest contributions they have in your life. Just say ‘Thank You’.Or futher you can say-

  • Thank you for being you
  • Thank you for being the reason I smile
  • Thank you for being in my life everyday and make it beautiful

It’s as simple as that.   

Buy Them Their Favorite Flowers

If you know the name of someone’s favorite flowers, then leave a bouquet of those flowers in front of their doors. And honestly you don’t have to do this on a specific day to make it look special. Because, flowers themselves are so special already.

Introduce Them With Your Parents

I wouldn’t really introduce someone with my parents, unless they’re one of those very special people in my life. If I feel someone is temporary, I wouldn’t really bother doing this in their case. And hopefully this idea resonates with others too.

So, if you want to make someone’s day better as well as making them feel good and making them happy, you might want to consider inviting them to a family gathering and introducing them with those who raised you.

Laugh At Their Jokes

Nobody likes fake things for sure. However, faking isn’t always a bad thing if done in the proper way. If someone is trying to tell a joke and even if it seems a bit dry, make sure your reaction feels warm enough. Even if you’re not in the mood of laughing, don’t let your reactions look dull enough.

Because, making good jokes isn’t always about having a good sense of humor. There Are people who aren’t just that much comfortable yet.

And understanding that they’re not looking boring and the jokes they’re trying to make can actually make others laugh plays a huge role in lifting up their mood and confidence.

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Remember Details About Them

Remembering details about someone doesn’t mean remembering their birthdays only. But it also means remembering the things that make them feel happy and relieved. It’s also about knowing the things that they feel disgusted about and being careful about it.

Remembering details about someone means remembering which of your behaviors hurt them and not repeating them anymore. Honestly, if you can remember these small details about them, your efforts won’t definitely go unnoticed.

Tell Them How They Inspire You

  • Let your family members know how they didn’t let you give when you wanted to do so.
  • Tell you friends how they’ve inspired you to have fun in your life.
  • Tell your co-worker and opponents how they inspire you to work hard.

Anyone feels amazing when they get to know that they’re inspirations to other people. They love it when they know that despite being not so special, they’re still so special in someone else’s life.

Do Something On Behalf of Them

Do you know someone, maybe any of your co-workers who have been so stressed out lately? If you don’t really have something serious to do right now, if possible, tell him that you’ll do his project or do that pending work and buy him a ticket to a beautiful place. Pay the bills for someone. Tell your mom that she won’t have to work today or worry about anything. Because, you’ll handle them all.

Give Them Hope

 “Hope is a waking dream.” — Aristotle.

If someone is feeling lost and feels like they’re sinking in complete darkness, be the light to them. Be the person they can hold onto. If they can’t see their own future, then tell them about the possibilities they still have got.

If they’re about to give up on themselves, make them understand that it will all be okay. And at some point of their life, they won’t be struggling like this anymore.

Support Their Works

Maybe someone wants to learn something or make arts but don’t have enough scope, then give them the resources. Maybe someone is trying to make a small business stand and looking for investors, be an investor.

Or, at least donate some money. Or, share their works online. Let people know about it. Show support in every small way you can. And that person will remember you forever. 

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Learn About Their Love Languages

Even though you always have the option to try out new ways to make someone happy, the best thing you can do is to learn about their love languages first. There Are different love languages such as physical touch, spending quality time, or helping or being helped or traveling together.

How to make someone happy

While learning, try to be as specific as possible. But, definitely don’t make this the only way and keep other options too. The University of Arizona talks about the psychology behind 5 love languages. You can also try taking suggestions from articles like this

Ask Them To Teach You Something

If you’re currently learning something that you know they’ve some ideas about, ask them to teach you about this. Or, if you know, there’s something that they’re very interested about but that thing doesn’t interest you much, still you can ask them to give you some information about it that can end up making you like it.

Make them understand that you truly care about their opinions and knowledge. And what feels valuable to them is valuable to you too.    

Hold Their Hands

If You’re walking by roadside or on sea beach with them, consider holding their hands. According to the British Columbia Medical Journal , “In practical terms, hand-holding can also start oxytocin production, which can help one to feel closer and more connected to someone and also reduce cortisol response to stress. “

Show Love Publicly

Though, loving and respecting someone when nobody is watching you is definitely pivotal, but it’s surely not enough. Compliment that person publicly. Take her to a ballroom and dance with her. Tell people how you’re so proud of having them in your life in front them.

Talk about A Past Beautiful Memory You Share

Another way to give someone a beautiful moment is to let them re-experience a beautiful moment happened in the past. Talk about the beautiful moments you experienced together and what you felt then. Let your words and thoughts be the time machine taking them back to the past.

Compliment One Of Their Skills

Often we look at high-skilled people and quickly assume that they achieved it so effortlessly or perhaps they were born with this talent. Consequently, the skills aren’t often as much appreciated as they should be. And what goes completely unnoticed is the amount of effort that person puts in to have the expertise they’ve today.

So, if you can, appreciate a person for their skill as well as the hard work they did for it. Tell them that they’re an absolute asset.

Stand Up For Them

You shouldn’t only stand up for people when they’re being directly bullied. If you find someone being targeted by heavy sarcasm and you can just look at their face and tell , they’re clearly not okay with this, it’s time to stand up for them.

Since sarcasm isn’t something direct, many people don’t really feel the need to defend it. But, those who are the victims can understand their words and suffer later in silence. So, saving someone from this silent suffering even of one day can be an amazing way to make someone happy.

Show Empathy

If you know someone who has been going through a lot lately, consider demonstrating some sincere empathy. You don’t really have to fix things or come up with a solution all the time. Just saying things like, ” I understand your loss” or sometimes only giving them the surety that they can reach out to you whenever they feel like is enough. According to 29k App, “Empathizing with our partners makes us better equipped to handle conflict, support, and show love. “

And while showing sympathy, make sure your body language, and your behavior afterwards supports your statements.

Make a Sacrifice For Them

 Another way of making someone’s day is to consider making small sacrifices for them once in a while. Suppose they wanna hang out with you on the weekend when all your plan is to just stay at your home and chill out.

At this point, you may consider making a small compromise and choosing to hang out with them instead. Or, maybe, you’re a very disciplined person who likes to stick to their routines.

However, be ready to embrace some changes and unscheduled things once in a while. In this way, not only that person will understand their importance in your life, but will also respect your time too.

Final Thoughts

Doing any of these things we talked about will not only help you to make someone happy but also can be a good way of making your personal relationships much better and stronger.

But, just to let you know, long term loyalty and ethics and values are what matter the most. You words mean nothing if you tell them that you love them and the next, you make them feel unloved. At the end, it’s just all about what you truly feel and ready to do for that person that decides how much lively the connection is going to be.

………………… ……………………….

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