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10 Excellent Benefits of Reading Books You Should Know

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Reading books might feel like a simple thing. However, in reality it used to have a big impact on us. There are tons of people are being who used to avoid reading books thinking of it as a menial work and time wasting. Whereas, it’s never the truth.

Reading books is going feel full of boredom only when you’re not enjoying it. But, when you will get to know about the amazing benefits of reading books, I am sure that you will never feel bored anymore while reading books.

In this article, you’re going to know about 10 of the excellent benefits of reading books.

10 benefits of reading books
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So, if you’re interested, then continue reading to the end.

Benefits of Reading Books

1. Reading books gives you free entertainment

In this up to date generation, people in the world are caring a lot towards entertainment. They are spending a lot of times by watching movies or doing parties. The most nefarious thing about all of the sources of entertainment is, they are distracting the people from gaining knowledge. I’m not saying that doing parties is bad or gaining knowledge is necessary always. But, some of them are also distracting people from their family and spoiling their life.

For instance, the kids and teenagers nowadays are being addicted towards video games and even the grown ups are also losing touch with their family members by spending a reams of times in facebook and in other social media. But, the one and only source of entertainment that is fruitful and popular among the people from the ancient era is reading books. Generally, you can purchase a book in a very fair and stingy price. However, there are also some sites, where you can get numerous fabulous e-books for free. Some of them are:

  • Open Library
  • Internet Archive
  • Project Gutenberg
  • Google eBookstore
  • BookBoon
  • Free eBooks
  • LibriVox
  • GetFreeEBooks
  • FreeBookSpot
  • The Online Books page (Here you can work as a book reviewer or you can only read books in free.)  

2. You can have an easy mental exercise

When you used to go for gym and you have some exercise, then physically you used to be fit. Have you ever thought about,” what can be the perfect exercise for mental health that keeps you mentally fit?” The answer is “Reading books” As there is a proverb called that, “Use it or lose it”

Reading books is a perfect example of that. When you read and learn something, your brain used to be Active and it receives something new every moment. That’s why it used to be one of the best uses of your brain. On the other hand, if you won’t keep it active, then normally your brain will start being dull and down and you’ll lose your brain capacity by time. So, having an easy mental exercise is definitely one of the biggest benefits of reading books.

3. You can gain more knowledge

The biggest advantage of reading books is that, whatever you read, you gain some knowledge always. Maybe you love reading books about psychology or about any other topics, but you don’t know that “how it’s going to help you?” Well, I am having the answer.

The answer is,”Not necessarily you’re going to get the outcome today. However, who know that the knowledge you’re gaining today maybe going to help you somehow in future.” I feel, you’ve already realized what I wanted to mean. So, never underestimate the extra knowledge you can gain by reading. 

4. Reading books helps you to be patriotic

It’s something that’s probably being connected with gaining knowledge. By reading books, you can know about different culture in this world as well knowing the culture and history of your own country. It really doesn’t matter that from which country you are.

I reckon, almost every country in this world is having their own unique and proud culture and history. When you read books, you get to know more about them and it makes you more devoted to your country automatically

5. Reading books can help you to learn new languages

Are you a fan of reading books that used to be from an another country or that used to be written in an other language except your mother tongue? Then, you’re being in the right track. Just keep it up!!!

Reading books is scientifically considered as one of the most efficient strategies for learning a new language. As a polyglot, I can say that the feeling of knowing an another language is amazing undoubtedly. So, start doing this from today.

6. Reading books can be one of the best ways of taking rest

In this busy world, where people are being over stressed day by day, being in this time it can be arduous for you to get some time for yourself where you will be entirely zen and will be capable to refresh your mind. Reading books is the master of it. Simply, when you read a book, you can imagine yourself in the place of the characters or in the circumstance of the story of the book.

In short, you used to be immersed in reading books and get distracted from any kind of anxiety or pain in real life for some times, and even at the end of reading that books, you can have a spontaneous feeling like you have taken a tour from a new world. So, undoubtedly we can say that reading books is one of the best ways of having relax.

7. Reading can help you to improve your writing skill

Writing is an essential job skill. It’s also pivotal for life. Writing is the primary basis upon which one’s work, learning, and intellect will be judged-in college, in the work place and in the community. It equips us with communication and thinking skills. It also makes our thinking visible and permanent.

I presume, you have already understood the unlimited necessity of having good writing skills. Now you can ask me,”how reading can help to improve writing?” Apparently, it has been scientifically experienced and proven by the professional writers that, the one of the best ways to improve your writing skills-beside practice-is to read. Because, basically reading lets you observe good writing first-hand. Reading polishes your imaginative skills. While you read, you imagine scenarios happening even depict the characters according to the written explanation. It helps you to mature cognitively and helps you specially in the mean time of writing new contents. So, if you want to step up your game in writing, then start reading books from today.

8. Reading improves your memory

After watching this for the first time, you can be feeling a bit confused about how books can help you to improve your memory? Well, I can give you the answer. But, before answering this, I want to ask you a question. “Do you love reading books that contains too many characters?” If the answer is,”Yes” then, congrats! you’re already there.

Because when you’re reading those books, at every page you used to be compelled to recall all the characters and the features of the characters as well as simply knowing about their position in the context. Or, maybe you’re reading a book which is not having any character but simply some points or chapters. Then, you’ll have to also brainstorm them goodly for observing the whole book. Otherwise, you can miss out some information. In a word, in the whole time of reading a book your brain and memory used to be actively used. Which can help to improve your memory a lot. So, if you want to improve your memory, start reading books in a regular basis from today.

9. Reading can help to improve your power of thinking

 Before talking about this point, I want to ask you some questions again here. “Have you ever asked yourself questions like, ‘why the author has written it?’, ‘what does it truly mean?’ or, ‘how the character brought a great change in her life?’ while reading books”? Or, “Have you had any extra feeling towards the story of the book like?

If, the answers are ” Yes”, then you have already understood and experienced my words and I am sure that your thinking power is already improving. You can develop your analytical thinking skills overtime by consistently reading more books. Reading stimulates your brain, allowing you to think in new ways. Being actively engaged in what you’re reading allows you to ask questions, view different perspectives, identify patterns and make connections. When you improve your thinking, you can think outside the box and can be more innovative. So, start the reading habit from today for having a special admiration from people by improving your thinking skills.

10. Reading can help you to motivate your younger family members:

For the most part, we all used to have at least one younger member in our family. Maybe, the younger member can be your child or your little brother or sister or simply a younger cousin. Generally, in a tight knit family, the family members used to be so nearer to the heart of each other. From this view, you can be a little anxious by thinking about the future of the younger members of your family. Apparently, the younger always used to follow the older members of the family. So, if you will read books in front of them, there are slim chances that after growing up, they can be also a good reader like you. So being able to motivate the younger family members is definitely one of the biggest benefits of reading books.

My final thoughts : To, conclude, the advantages of reading books are numerous. The benefits can never be explained entirely despite of talking about them more and more. Reading books is a simple, cheap and one of the most effortless ways of being productive and successful in life. 

Because, an avid book reader used to have their own discipline, time management also used to gain unlimited knowledge that no one take from them. Only a curious person who wants to learn something new every day can be the perfect book reader. 

That’s all for today’s article. Don’t forget to leave a comment about your thoughts regarding this post.

Question for you: Is there any other noteworthy benefits are being that we can get out of reading books but we’ve forgotten to list them here ? If yes, then what are they?

Let me know the answer in the comment below!

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  1. It’s nice that you mentioned how the biggest advantage of reading books is that you always gain some knowledge whenever you read. My wife is currently looking for a new hobby and I think reading some books would be great for her. So with that in mind, I think I’ll recommend that she reads some historical nonfiction books about women.

  2. Me and my daughter both love to read. Just about anything too.

  3. Reading does have so many benefits. Now to get my boys reading.

  4. Reading is such a wonderful thing. I grew up reading all the time, and passed it along to my kids. I miss reading as much as I did previously, and since I have been busy as a parent.

  5. I totally agree with you! In fact, it is one of my personal advocacies to encourage people to read more and raise more readers, especially among the younger generation. It certainly helps in improving our writing skills, memory, and power of thinking. I just shared your post on my blog facebook page. 🙂

  6. I don’t get to read nearly as much as I would like to. I used to read several books a month several years ago and now I’m lucky if I read a handful every year. 🙁

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