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10 Valuable Lessons I Learned That Changed My Life

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This is the first time I’m writing about something related to my own life. I do believe that there is something always that every single person used to have in common. There are some things are being in our life that we all experience. Also there used to be lessons that we all feel or sometimes need to feel to make ourselves better. Some of these lessons can be something that influences our lives so much. There are some valuable lessons are being that had changed my life completely.

Sometimes the time zone is different but we all experience them in different stages of our life. Even there used to be lessons that we already know about. However, there’s actually a difference between knowing about something and learning about something. Because, when we learn something, it’s like collecting experiences and understanding that thing properly. Which also influences our life in a much bigger way.

In this article, I’ve shared 10 of the most valuable lessons I learned that changed my life. Here in short, I’ve explained my journey of learning and perceiving them fully. And I hope that in many places, even you’ll be able to relate to my journey.

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So, if you’re interested, then continue reading to the end.

10 Valuable Lessons I learned That Changed My Life

1. You will always be the reason of someone’s sadness

Before I realized this, I used to suffer from self hatred often. Even sometimes it was so bad that I would literally cry alone thinking that there was something not okay with me until one day I realized that all these things were actually useless.

The fact is, there will always be some people who will hate you for no reason. I used to find some people disliking me. The biggest thing is some of them used to be one of those that I even never talked to. So having a quarrel with them or hurting them in any way must be impossible. In these cases, I mostly thought that there must be something weird with me. Or, something that wasn’t likable about me.

So, I would go to those people who seemed like being sad because of me and would ask them the reason politely. But, guess what… they would act more rudely with me which would make me sad. Then instead of practicing self-hatred, I started analyzing. And at one point I realized that I was never guilty. As most of them just could never bear my progress or success. And from that day, this truth changed my life slowly and made me much better.

2. You need to allow yourself to dream big

After I learned and realized this lesson successfully, then it obviously changed my life at the same time made me more relieved from mind. Because, before that, there was actually an issue with my mindset. I used to think of myself as one of the most unluckiest in my circle. Which definitely made my have lack of confidence always. But the biggest fact is, I was being toxic for myself.

Whenever, I used to think of something big, a part of me always told me that “I cannot do this”. “I cannot make it.” I immediately thought that if I won’t succeed, then it would made me cry. So, I shouldn’t have expectations. But, one day I did a google search on the difference between expectations and hope and realized that I actually never had any of them. Expectation is when you strongly believe in something which was never existing in my life. But, hope is important.

It’s when you say yourself that you might make this and you can make this in a way which sounds inspirational. Hoping is necessary to win. It’s difficult and even more painful to live without hoping. This truth is definitely something that changed my life completely.

3. You need to allow yourself to be happy

Back in the day, I used to define happiness in many ways unless slowly I realized that it’s actually a personal thing. Every day I would wake up in the morning with a fresh mind and would start the day well. But, then something little bad things would happen in my life that would my mood off..and would take off all my energy. Then, I wouldn’t be able to focus on anything in the whole day.

Even, when nothing bad would happen, I would still feel bad for no reason or maybe by comparing myself with those beautiful, successful influencers on social media. But, one days I was blown with this sad life and finally started looking for happiness.

And what I discovered is something that you can already guess. Happiness is within you. It doesn’t lie within having a beautiful life or having a perfect day. Though it’s not always possible to feel sunshiny and exuberant. But if your mind will be looking for things that make sad, you will be sad automatically. Understanding this lesson changed my life by making me realize the real meaning of happiness.

4. When you love yourself, people love you

Looking down to me was never a new thing in my life. Even some months ago, there wouldn’t be a single day when I didn’t call myself worthless. I had been always thinking that I was good for nothing. Maybe I wasn’t likable, I wasn’t pleasing, I wasn’t a good persona overall. I thought that I was so boring that no one would ever mind listening to me.

But, I was wrong! Luckily there were people around me who didn’t miss a chance to inspire me and thus how my wrong idea about myself was broken by time. Even I was surprised when I found that there were people who loved me and started thinking of myself as special. But, realized that everyone is actually special in the world. If you’ve something interesting to talk, there will be always someone interested to listen.

5. Understanding yourself isn’t necessary, it’s crucial

I can still remember those times when I used to underestimate my feelings and emotions so badly. For a while, I had been caring only about other people and what they need from me. I tried to fulfill their expectations and never bothered thinking what I really need for myself. But, I was lucky that I started the process early. The process of understanding myself. Realized that my happiness comes first.

There’s a difference between happiness and having fun in life. When you start working for what you want, it’s not always a good process. But when you start working for something you truly need, it’s always likely to end up doing something good for you. Even understanding yourself is so crucial that if you won’t do this, you even might feel like just a dead body.

6. You’ll sometimes have to emit some people from your life

It hasn’t been a while since I’ve understood this lesson. Even some months ago, I would mind tolerating those toxic people in my life who would make me feel bad. Because, I used to think that there will be always some toxic people in our life and maybe I should learn going with it easily. But, I was wrong.

Because, some of them were so bad that they’re literally taking of my happiness. Always remember that maybe there will be some people not loving you or liking you but you should give the right to anyone to break your happiness. Just don’t give the right to anyone. And when someone is trying to do that constantly, it’s always the best to emit them from life.

7. Sometimes taking a break from life is okay

Once there was a time, when I was super deniable to taking breaks. I would over work, and would never go for traveling or having a vacation. Even never cared about spending some times with the nature. However, soon I was fed up and I changed.

What do you think? Did I become lazier?

Well, I am still as active as then but no longer living with those toxic thoughts. Now I take a break from life after ever 3-4 months and go for a traveling or go for a picnic with my family. And I genuinely believe that it’s not a waste of time. It’s more of an invest to your life. Because, collecting moments, changing places and changing minds is necessary. It’s necessary for life.

8. What we think or believe isn’t always right

Most of us say that we can accept our flaws and can change our mind easily when necessary. But how many of us can really do this? Is it really that easy?

Well, for me, it wasn’t. I wouldn’t always live with a stereotype personality but used to find it really demanding to change my thoughts on a person. When I used to think that someone is wrong, I wouldn’t give them a chance to speak. Yes, I was quick to judge and no one ever told me about this.

But, slowly I realized that the problem was with me. But it doesn’t mean that I was always wrong. The fact is, you’re right never means that the next person is wrong. You will never understand the person unless you see the world from their perspective.

9. Bad days are necessary in life

Another truth that changed my life is bad times are necessary. There was a time, when I used to hate bad days. Because I hated being in pain. I would pray to god every morning wishing that nothing would happen that would ruin my day. And finally when there used to be some bad days, I would blame god and everyone around me.

But, one day I started observing and this is what I learnt –

Bad days are actually necessary. They’re painful sometimes but mostly they’re informative. Because those bad days help you to learn and also helps to realize who is real. At the same time, makes you more stronger. So, bad days are undoubtedly necessary in life.

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10. Prioritizing people in life is crucial to be happy

We are used to prioritizing our daily works. Because it keeps us more organized. Just like this, it’s necessary to prioritize the people in your life because it may help you to be more happy.

It took me a while to realize this truth fully. There was a time, when I thought all the people around me are important and I tried to act with them equally. But, then I realized that not every of them wasn’t important in my life in the same way and even some of them weren’t really worth of it. As a result, While acting with them equally, I was giving less time to those who deserve it and spending more time with those who don’t really worth it.

However, the fact is that our time is limited. So, I started making a change. While you make the change, it’s necessary to remember that you cannot find all the potentials in a single person. So, I started spending the most time with who genuinely worked hard for me and cared for me. I shared the most emotions with them. In this category, I kept my family members including my mom and sister. Secondly I cared about my friends. Because, I wouldn’t be with them most of the time but they would make my day. And finally removed all the people from my life who were good for me in no ways. And thus how I changed my life successfully.

My final thoughts : All these lessons and my stories related to them are soooo real that I can still think of them clearly in my mind. It feels like they influenced me so much. So, I shared them with you guys hoping that it might help you in any way. Or, maybe at least it can be relatable in some ways for you.

That’s all for today’s article. Don’t forget to leave a comment about your thoughts regarding this post.

Question for you: Is there any lessons are being that you’ve found new or have found relatable? If yes, then what are they?

Let me know the answer in the comment below!

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  1. Jesmin says:


  2. These are all wonderful life lessons! Learning when to let people go and when to make a little effort to keep someone in my life is probably the most valuable thing I’ve learned so far.

  3. Thank you for this inspirational article! I have a pretty challenging period in my life now. I understand I need to love and accept myself more. And I agree bad days will pass soon.

  4. It’s numbers 5 and 8 for me. I find understanding myself it a lifelong tastk, and our belief systems could always use some evaluation.

  5. Asen Stoyanchev says:

    Hey Abida,

    That post was very inspirational, and I relate with everything you say.
    Thanks much!

  6. I remember getting upset over little things and letting it affect my day. That was many years ago, and I wish I’d have learned my lesson sooner.

  7. Nnniiiccceeeeee….this is one of the reasons why I prioritise my happiness most!

  8. Great lessons we learn from our life. And these will help people. It’s ok to dream big and go after it.

  9. Kristy Bullard says:

    I agree with you! Dream big and work hard. And, don’t be afraid to remove toxic people from your life. It’s hard to do, but so worth it!

  10. There are so many beautiful reminders in this article. My favorite one is allowing yourself to be happy! Happiness is a choice.

  11. You just shared great lessons for anyone getting here. This must be shared widely with many people.

  12. These are some great life lessons. And I agree, you need to remove toxic people from your life and prioritize your happiness.

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