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10 Simple Psychological Hacks For an Easy Social Life

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Psychological hacks are something that always feel super interesting to know about. It indicates the way our human brain works in. But, nowadays not many people are used-to talk about psychology. 

Knowing about psychology will help you to understand people better. Knowing about different psychology facts can be really helpful to control some situations in your day to day life. It may also help you to have an easy social life.

In today’s article, you’re going to discover 10 awesome psychological hacks that will really excite you and will also help you to have an easy social life.

Awesome Psychological hacks you need to know about
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So, if you’re interested, then continue reading to the end.

Awesome Psychological Hacks For an Easy Social Life

1. When someone answers your questions partially, don’t interrupt them while talking

When someone answers your question partially, then wait and never interrupt the person. Because, psychology says that there are high chances being that the person is going to complete the answer if you will say nothing. Suppose a situation where you doubt someone around you or any of your friends regarding something where you have many questions to ask them but whenever you try to ask them the questions, then maybe the person avoids or tables the situation anyway. 

To tackle these types of situations, apply this hack. Stay calm and patient and don’t interrupt them and wait to the end and even if you feel that the other person is taking longer to answer the question. At least at the end, you’re going to get a complete answer and for the most part that is all you can wish for.

2. When you want to get something from someone, represent this as an offer

If you wish to get something from someone, then instead of requesting that person, present your request as an offer or as a special opportunity. Because, a normal person is always more provoked by an offer than a simple request. Even people always tend to help more when they understand that they can certainly gain something out of it. 

To make it more clear, you will always find different business owners or course creators using the method all the time. They always want their customers or the normal people to buy their things or courses so that they can make a sale out of it. But they can’t always request them. So, they always keep giving different special offers, coupon codes, extra gifts in different times of a year for only a limited amount of time. Even, on those moments they mostly used to get the best amount of sales. 

Because, when a person can buy something at a cheaper rate or when they win an offer, then also win their mind. It creates a special happiness and they always keep an eye on the shops that when they will give an another offer. That’s how, they become a regular customer and that’s also what the owners actually want. 

So, from the next time, when you wish to get something from someone, try this method if you want to get fast approval from that person.

3. When asking for any favors, use the special word ‘because’

If you’re asking someone for any favor, use the word ‘because’ . It doesn’t matter how simple the reason is. But using this very simple word always used to have a special impact. Firstly, no one is actually going to give you anything if there isn’t any reason behind this. Like seriously why they will invest any effort before someone or something unnecessarily? So you must present a good reason and when you do so, use the word ‘because’ to elucidate the reason.

Since it’s been scientifically proved that when you use this word for describing any reason, the other person is likely to consider it as reasonable. At that time, they might be agree to do this for you.

4. Stand up straight always to look and feel more confident

You should always stand up straight because it makes you look more confident and you can also feel confident by yourself. Now you may ask me that how the pose of standing can be actually related to feeling confident?? Well, the simple answer will be we don’t have anything to do with the human psychology and with the science. According to Inc, When you slouch, you compress the space for your lungs, reducing their capacity by up to 30 percent. That means less oxygen can get to your brain. So sitting up straight may actually help your brain function better, as well as help you think more clearly because you feel calmer and more confident.

From my personal perspective, it has also become a common generational thing. As the world changed, we made different changes in different perspectives of our lives. But there are some things are being that have never been altered and this is also one of them I guess. To illustrate, if you will have a look of the ancient history, you will always find the big empires and kings always standing straight as they ruled the world with their confidence and power. Even for the common people, in this generation, it’s also the same. According to AFMC, Slouching indicates a lack of interest in the other person and their words, or that you don’t care how they think about you. Poor posture can also indicate a lack of self-esteem. Many features of modern life contribute to poor posture.

So, always have a straight posture to look more confident and self esteemed. 

5. Never express your emotions excessively

You may find this term quite confusing at first. The main meaning of it is when you force yourself to do something. then you’re likely to be doing this only by being influenced by yourself. For instance, if you will force yourself to smile, you will eventually improve your mood. 

Now personally I don’t know if it’s going to be the same for every situation. To be honest, I believe that you can’t force everything in this world to be happened. But we also need to confess that expressing emotions excessively is never okay. So always try to control your emotions.

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6. When you’re learning something, teach others about it

When you’re learning something, teach someone about it. It’s a very popular learning process and toppers mostly use this method to memorize everything they read. You don’t need to always figure out a person to teach this. Just find someone who actually have very low to almost zero idea about the subject or topic. Then explain this to that person. If you can explain it successfully and if the other person understands it, then it means that you have understood it well. It also means that you’re be able to deliver your knowledge to an another person successfully. 

Even if you can’t illustrate this, then while explaining, you will at least understand that what are the factors that are hiding you to not to learn this and then you will be able to solve yourself and will be able to try again. So, definitely try out of this scientifically proven psychological hacks if you want to understand a new or complicated topic.

7. Stay in a community full of positive people

If you want to be happy, then you need to make friendships with happy and positive people. Also you’ll need to emit all the negative people from your life. It may become quite difficult for you if you’re already being in a community full of negative people. But to become happier, you need to leave that community anyway. Because, this is a humanly nature that people who are unsuccessful or negative will never be able to tolerate someone easily getting into a higher position in their life in front of their eyes. So you can never expect to be respected or inspired or appreciated by any negative person.

Just like this, it’s been also proven that if you hang out with 5 billionaires for at least one year, then the sixth billionaire is likely too be you. It may seem impossible but we the humans are mostly influenced by the people around us. So, if you want to have a good social life, this one is definitely going to helo you like other psychological hacks.

8. If you want to make good friends, be interesting and positive

If you wish to make good and new friends then be a positive human being. This is quite related to the previous point. You see, if you understand psychology well, then it will also make sense to you that for 95% of the time, human psychology works in the same way. And that’s actually the fact here. 

If you feel happy by staying with positive people, then the other person is also going to feel happy with a positive person. Even to make it more clear, if you know anyone who is kind of negative, then keep an eye on them and you may find them making 1-2 friends maximum. At least from my experience, I have been witnessing the same thing in my life. So, this one is definitely going to be help you like other psychological hacks to have an easy social life.

9. If you want your decision to sound more rational, think in a different language

Do you want to try one of the psychological hacks within a minute?? Try this. As a human, I am sure that you talk with yourself time to time. Now maybe you’re going to take a decision but you’re quite unsure that if the decision is right or wrong. Now tell the decision to yourself in your mother tongue once. Then repeat it and tell it to yourself again but this time in an another language that you know well. Have you figured out the difference?

There are 90% chances are being that this time you’re going to find your decision sounding more rational and authentic to yourself. This hack might not be directly connected to having a good social life but is actually having an effect. If you would like to have your opinion somewhere, then firstly it need to sound rational to yourself. I’m not saying that this psychological hack is going to make a big difference. However, if you’re searching for a hack that might help. This one is definitely going to be one of those helpful psychological hacks.

10. Always try to think about the positive sides firstly

A single negative thing can outweighed all the positive incidents. Trust or not, your brain always remembers bad things over the goods. According to Facts Net , it’s also considered as an effect of this thing called ‘negativity bias.’ It is also the reason why you keep feeling bad on how a co-worker insulted your outfit despite hearing a compliment from your client.

This psychological fact is also likely to have kind of a same effect on your social life. To illustrate, you may have a good friend with thousand good memories. However, over only one fight, you may end up hating that person. One of the biggest part of having a good social life is having the capability of making good friendships.

So, in these cases, firstly try to think about the positive things they did to you. You should definitely stay nowhere where you’re not allowed. However, if you will always think about the negative firstly, you may end up breaking most of your friendships which is definitely not good. So, always try to maintain a balance and remember this psychological hacks. In word to have a balance, a 5:1 ratio of positive to negative is a must to have a better social life and also to do better in every stage of life. 

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My final thoughts: Since, personally I am a crazy fan of psychology, I thought that it would be a pleasure to share some of my favorite psychology facts with you all. These psychology hacks can be really useful if you're going to use them properly. It's not necessary to be a nerd of psychology to understand people. Knowing a little about psychological hacks and using them in a good way can actually make your situations a lot better!!

That’s all for today’s article. Don’t forget to leave a comment about your thoughts regarding this post.

Question for you: Is there any other psychological hacks are being that may also help to have an easy social life but we’ve forgotten to list them here? If yes, then what are they?

Let me know the answer in the comment below!

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  1. I love “when learning something teach others”. I am currently in yoga teacher training and feel that if I share what I am learning it will help me remember.

  2. Great tips! Thank you for sharing!

  3. These are great! Being positive I think is a big one though. No one wants to be around someone who is always negative.

  4. Be kind to strangers and always smile its contagious and it makes the world a better place! Great article

  5. Amber Myers says:

    I will keep these tips in mind. You have some great ones here. I especially try to always stay around positive people.

  6. I think this is something all introverts struggle with and there are a lot of us in the world. I don’t know a second language, but your advice on positivity and not interrupting are on point!

  7. I think using “Because” is really an effective way for people to listen to us. I remember the book “influence” written by Robert Cialdini. Inside the book, there’s an interesting experiment where it shows that the word “because” does have persuasion power.

  8. Great tips. I totally agree about staying in a positive community – it affects so much of your life and enjoyment of things when you are surrounded by positive people.

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    These are great tips, I like number 7 the most. If you want to stay positive, surround yourself with positive people. I always tell my boys this!

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    I love your focus on the positive! Creative insight! Thank you for sharing!

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    Being a positive person is important. It can draw more positive people to you. No one likes people that are overly negative.

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    Standing up straight and saying because are both so simple yet can have such an impact. It always helps when you can appear to be confident!

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