Belive in yourself even when life gets tough

10 Excellent Tips To Believe In Yourself When Life Gets Tough

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Life is not a bed of roses. It’s a rollar coaster full of ups and downs. We enjoy our good times but as we face a big problem, we start losing our hope and patience and disappointment surrounds us from every side. Even at a time, we start losing faith in our capability and strength. We throw the towel effortlessly and start questioning our capabilities time to time. You should never forget to believe in yourself when life gets tough

Losing hope in yourself is one of the biggest mistakes that you can ever do in your life. It doesn’t matter that how many people believe you and accompany you in your hard times, but if you won’t accompany yourself then you will never win. And just like this, if there will be a time in your life when you will have no one to stand for you, but even at those moments, if you won’t lose hope, then you will win for sure.

In this impatient and messy world, where almost everyone finds it extremely difficult to believe in themselves, there I want you to read the articles. It’s feasible that you have been acquainted with most of the tips here already but there can be also some other tips that can blow your mind and can help you to believe in yourself in your difficult times. 

Believe in yourself in your hard times
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So, if you’re interested, then continue reading to the end.

How To Believe In Yourself When Life Gets Tough

1. Accept Your Present Situation

When you will go through the hardest times, you will find various people poking you and saying you that it’s actually not a problem or you don’t need to take it seriously.

But, it is. Not considering these situations solemnly may make you unrealistic and incapable of handling the situations. But, when you accept the situation, instead of stressing yourself, you may just be sure of that one day you’re going to get over this and you will also learn how to fight those problems at that moment. 

2. Think About Your Previous Achievements

You can never enjoy a continuous permanently hassle free life. There will be problems coming in your life and even the happiest person in the world also faces problems and you need to get rid of those disasters to survive in your life.

So, you can say that you will face several bad situations time to time and right now if you’re facing a problem, then chances are that you have faced various situations like this even before.

Thinking about how you got rid of those past circumstances can actually work as a good motivation. 

3. Get Inspired By Other People

We are humans and as a human it’s okay to feel down, demotivated, and uninspired sometimes. But, getting inspired by other people can become also a way.

Unless, you become super unlucky, there will be always a group of people supporting you and standing for you. Getting inspired by those people can actually make your day. 

4. Believe In Your Ideas

Being creative is a big part of getting out of a miserable situation. There isn’t going to be a specific solution always for every problem you have in your life. Human brain is awesome and those ideas you have in your mind can become a turning point for you to get rid of the hell.

However, not necessarily all of your ideas are going to work and all on a sudden you may start doubting your ideas. But, never do this please. Because, the more you fail, then more you become experienced. But, if you will stop believing in your ideas, you will be nowhere at a time. 

5. Trust The Process

There will be times in your life when the future will feel so unpredictable. You will never know about the consequence and even you may also doubt that if you’re going to be successful or failed. And in these types of times, if you will lose hope, then you will be stopped forever. 

So, trust the process. If you doubt that if all of your hard works are worth it, then always know that after all the failures in your way, there will be success at the end if you will stay passionate about your ambition.  

6. Talk With Yourself

Here by talking with yourself, I actually meant being honest with yourself. Today’s world used to give us a bad idea that talking with yourself alone is a sign that you’re a crazy and even there was a time when I was also afraid of this. Whenever I used to find people talking with themselves, I used to be aware of them thinking that they were crazy. Because I used to think that there nothing existed in the world like talking with ourselves.

But, the fact is everyone needs to talk with themselves and you need to understand your inner voice. You need to understand what you truly want for handling any types of situations in life. 

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7. Forgive yourself

We all used to have some sort of  regrets for something that we have done in past. Sometimes it can be a big fault or a little mistake that you’ve done which has made you fall in a big trouble. 

It never matters that how big the mistake is but you need to remember that past is past. You may find various people around you poking you for those things but that’s none of your business. If you think that it’s not a advice and more a mockery, then just ignore it.

You will never be able to be happy in life if you will hate yourself or if you won’t have a good idea about yourself. So, it’s always important to forgive yourself .

8. Believe in your strength

We all have different strengths of ourselves that make us unique from other people. It can be a special skill for some people or simply a good thing that you have in yourself. 

It never matters what you have and what you don’t. But, it matters how good you are in that and how it’s going to be helping you in your life. So, work hard before your strength and always believe in it.

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9. Continue the process till the end

One of the most disturbing facts about the humans is that we give up so easily. When you give up, you never know that how closer you were to your goal. 

For our energy, spirit and inspiration, mostly we somehow enjoy the beginning but as we move forward, we start feeling out of energy, demotivated and hopeless. Eventually we mostly give up when we are at the middle and have completed the half of the way or when we are too closer to the success. 

It’s essential to understand the importance of having patience till the last of the process and also it’s a big part of believing in yourself. 

10. Figure out your favorite task to do

This is a bit different tip from the others. Because, on the previous tips you have been told to do only some specific tasks. But this is indefinite and the main reason behind this is that we all are different and we used to have a special thing to do in our life that gives us mental relief.

It can be reading books or talking to your favorite people. For some people it can be also doing some small tasks like going on a simple walk or doing yoga . These things don’t cost a lot to do but they can give you the simple mental relief that you would like to have time to time while going through hard times.

So, it’s always important to figure out your that special habit and work before this. 

My final thoughts:  Bad times never last forever but the fact is it feels mostly like a hell when we go through all those miserable situations in our life. It's not possible to get someone always beside you in your good or bad times. 

It doesn't matter whom you have or don't have right now, but most importantly you have yourself, always and forever. So, believe in yourself even when it feels the most impossible and that is the only time when you will find your main strength ☺❤

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Question for you: Is there any other tips are being that have helped you to believe in yourself when life got tough but we’ve forgotten to list them here? If yes, then what are they?

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  1. Great post! Loved that you mentioned getting inspired by others. It’s so important to surround yourself with the right people!

  2. Love this, it all comes down to your mindset. Such great advice and help with putting life into perspective. Thanks!

  3. Those are some great suggestions for how to believe in yourself!

  4. Great tips that I needed to be reminded of today! When you have a chronic illness, and have a flare, or a new injury like I’m experiencing right now, it’s tough. I applied many of the tips you gave already, but will try the other ones too.

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