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10 Simple Ways To Develop a Stronger Personality

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Stronger Personality means growing a positive attitude and being a strong person who cannot be influenced or impacted by other people easily but people around them mostly used to find them attractive and used to be influenced by them. A person with a stronger personality overall used to become always determined and confident.

As a human, you can already understand the importance of having a strong personality. It doesn’t not only make you attractive and influential, but also gives you the peaceful state of mind and you understand how to stay confident and determined and how to enjoy your life.

Developing a stronger personality is not an easy thing to handle. It takes courage and efforts to have that. Many people don’t know how to build an attractive personality. If you’re one of them, then the article is going to be perfect for you. Because, in today’s article you’re going to discover 10 simple ways to develop a stronger personality.

But before everything, I want to say that today I am not alone. I am having an another amazing lifestyle blogger with me . She has helped me a lot to write this article. Her name is Grace Asemota-Orisakiya. I really love her blog and I am pretty sure that you guys will love it too!

 *Visit her full blog by clicking here

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 So, if you’re interested, then continue reading to the end!

How to Develop a Stronger Personality

1. Be polite

One way to spot an attractive personality is from their attitude. Being polite doesn’t make you look weak, rather it makes people attracted to you. The world is full of negative attitudes so stand out by being polite. 

2.Make the best of every situation

 Personally, I believe people are attracted to those who are optimistic and give hope to others. Someone with an outstanding personality creates a favorable path and goes in that direction when faced with a difficult situation. So whenever you face any situation that bothers you, learn to play it smartly and you will win.

3. Read more and expand your interest and knowledge

This is an obvious part of human psychology that they always enjoy having a conversation or making friendships with someone who is interesting and charming. Reading books and knowing about various things doesn’t only make you knowledgeable, but also it makes you an interesting conversationalist. 

Because, if you won’t grow your interests and if you won’t know about different things, then while talking with someone, you will have no way without talking about the most general topics or without talking about yourself only. 

These types of conversations can be so boring and the other person will never feel interested in you or will never feel that you’re an extraordinary person. So, start having a reading habit from today!

4.  Have a positive outlook and attitude

Having a positive outlook doesn’t mean that you will have to look wonderful or will have to use fancy makeup to look appealing. What is meant by having a positive outlook is dressing cleanly and modestly and having a smile on your face. 

You can always make a great impression even by staying simple. Moreover, your positive outlook also depends on the ways you talk, walk and joke. Moreover, your number of new ideas and creativity also defines your positive attitude.

5. Be a little humorous

Before starting out I want to ask you a little question. “If you’re required to have a conversation with a grumpy, not smiling person, how much times will you be able to continue the conversation”? 

Well, I don’t know about you. But for me the time duration will be no longer than 5 to 10 minutes as I am never going to feel a little interested to talk with these kind of people. I hate them. 

According to science, being funny is a sign of intelligence. People always enjoy the company of that person the most who can make them smile. Even, only for the same reason, funny contents and little jokes are in high demand on the internet. Because, people watch them, listen to them and enjoy them! So, learn to make jokes. Learn to make someone smile. Learn to make someone’s day a bit better!

6. Be a good listener and a good conversationalist

Being a good listener is actually a part of being a good conversationalist. Being a good conversationalist also requires good body language. Moreover, it also requires talking by using modest language and talking about new ideas. You see, even though a topic is so interesting, no one will ever feel interested to talk about the same topic more than 45 minutes over and over again. 

Every country used to have 1-5 official languages. But, the fact is every country used to have several dialects or local languages or accents that only those native speakers can speak. But, while having a serious conversation with someone, you must make sure that you’re not using any dialect language.

 Listening to the person carefully and answering and showing reactions to her opinions and thoughts within the conversation is also a crucial part that you can’t ignore.

7. Be yourself

Do you know what our biggest specialties are? Well, the answer is we all are different from each other. We all are unique with different thoughts, ideas and opinions. Nowadays, sadly it’s been like a trend to copy someone else and trying to be like them. While, we scroll down through instagram and feel bad because of not having the beautiful lifestyles of bodies they have and we don’t, we mostly forget about our own specialties.

We regret, cry and complain about our present situation and then everything ends. This is how tons of people are spending their days. There is nothing wrong with having a role model and trying to be like them. However, you need to believe that everyone has their own process to win. 

In an exam, many students can get the same questions, but it doesn’t mean that their answer papers are going to be the same. You will definitely fail if you try to copy someone and obviously you will never be able to build a good personality. You will have to remember that no one can be like you and that’s exactly superpower! And you can develop a stronger personality only when you can use that superpower goodly.

8. Be mysterious

Being mysterious doesn’t mean ghosting people or not talking to anyone at all or having an abnormal attitude. Being a mysterious person means being a kind of tough cookie that no one can easily understand or deal with. The advantage of being mysterious is, when they don’t understand you then they feel curious to know about you and mostly feel attracted to you.  

There are some specific things that sound so normal to do but can make you smart and look intelligent. These things are talking less, observing more, smiling more and showing less reactions. Trust me having these characteristics will give others another type of vibe about you and will surely help you to develop a stronger personality.

9. Have a strong, genuine and logical opinion everywhere

Be careful while giving your opinion anywhere. Because, by having your own opinion, you hold a strong position. So, always make sure that it’s logical, effective and helpful enough and makes sense. 

Additionally, always assure that you’re not copying someone’s opinion or not saying yes to someone only because the majority of the people think they’re right. Just say what you genuinely think and then consider if it’s logical or not. Because you opinion can tell a lot about how stronger your personality actually is.

10. Treat others with respect and emotion

 People have emotions, different problems, different situations. Be compassionate with them. Don’t fake your feelings. Be genuinely generous. Believe me, you will be able to create an entirely different idea about you within the person. Because, everyone needs a person who will treat them with respect and emotion but it has been so challenging to find someone like this nowadays. So, if there is only one person who can be like this, become that one person. Trust me, it’s going to help you a lot to develop a stronger personality.

My final thoughts :  Developing a stronger personality doesn't require a lot of things. You don't need to be a perfectionist to do that. You just have to grow the urge of being the best version of yourself and improving yourself every moment. You will have to trust the process because no progress can be happened overnight. Also having a stronger personality doesn't mean that you're going to be liked by everyone. 

Some people get frustrated when they find someone isn't liking them. Because, they think that having a strong personality means everybody should like you. So, if there is someone who doesn't prefer you, it means you're not making any progress. Though, having a stronger personality should help to become successful in both places of your life. But, it clearly doesn't mean that every person is going to find you attractive. So, make sure that you're never switching to the people pleasing mode and always being yourself. Because imperfection is always better than unrealness. 

That’s all for today’s article. Don’t forget to leave a comment about your thoughts regarding this post. At the end of the article, I would like to thank Grace Asemota-Orisakiya to contribute here by giving off some awesome points. Check out here website for more interesting articles.

Question for you: Is there any other ways are being that may help to develop a stronger personality but we’ve forgotten to list them here? If yes, then what are they?

Let me know the answer in the comment below!

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  1. Tasheena says:

    Having a good personality is so important, thanks for sharing these tips.

  2. Being yourself is the best tip on here! So many people think that having a better personality means changing who they are, and that’s just not the case.

  3. I love your tip about making the best of every situation. We can’t always control what happens to us, but we CAN control how we react to it.

  4. I love this and needed this today! Thanks for sharing! I sometimes struggle with trying to change my personality to please others.

  5. Finding humor in situations is great. Being able to laugh at yourself makes you a stronger person!

  6. Amber Myers says:

    I find being positive is the way to go. I know people who are constantly negative and it’s just draining to be around them.

  7. Jennifer L Prince says:

    I definitely think folks are attracted to people that have a good sense of humor. It’s a gift for sure, but one that makes people congregate around you.

  8. I like to have a positive outlook on things. I will have to try the humor thing too.

  9. These are great points. The reality is that life goes on and you have to work hard to make the best of it!

  10. Monica Simpson says:

    I’ve been trying harder to let my voice be heard. I’m at the age where I really need to stop caring what others think of me and just be confident in the strong relationships I have.

  11. I find that most people seek me out because I am a good listener. However, my husband’s humor is always a crowd pleaser.

  12. Gervin Khan says:

    Such a wonderful article to read and be informed! Definitely a great help to any individual to build a strong personality that will boost his/her well-being!

  13. There are no truer words than “Be Yourself”. That is all you can ever do.

  14. Richelle Milar says:

    Be yourself and learning how to treat other with respect is the best. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  15. I always try to think the best of every situation. I’m a bit more reserved since my divorce was finalized.

  16. My mom says, if you don’t take yourself seriously, who will? Perfect read.

  17. It would be good to remember to make the best of every situation, especially when it’s the hardest thing to do.

  18. Catalina says:

    These are the first steps to improve yourself. I will teach my kids to work on these aspects!

  19. This kind of confidence is shunned where I come from. But I like them and I hope one day, people around here will expand their views better on people and learn to improve themselves.

  20. Great tips, I’m working on these every day. I have a new couple of things on this list I want to add. Thank you for sharing!

  21. Bedabrata Chakraborty says:

    Invaluable post. I would like to add that accepting failure with grace is a sign of strong personality. Many people I know struggle with this.

  22. Neely Moldovan says:

    Being a good listener is so important! I love this list.

  23. Melissa Cushing says:

    I love this and yes… you need a string personality to make it in this world. Improving and working on ones self is so important 😉

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