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10 Habits of Fake and Manipulative People

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The world is definitely amazing. But, sometimes it feels bad for some people who even don’t have the minimal qualities of a good human. They don’t live with a good purpose. They take the advantage of the trust of the other people and harm them based on their own thoughts. Sometimes they do this just because of the jealousy they get when they find others being happy. We mostly call these people fake and manipulative.

This is not always a piece of cake to identify these toxic people. Those people mostly stay with us, around us. We just cannot always figure them out. There can be so many signs that will help you to recognize them, however there are also some red flags being that many people don’t take seriously.

In this article, some of those signs of fake and manipulative people have been covered that often get unnoticed.

Manipulative people are more dangerous than you think
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So, if you’re interested, then continue reading to the end.

How to Recognize Fake and Manipulative People

1. They don’t accept your emotions

Everyone has emotions but some just don’t show it because they know that their emotions are not going to be accepted all the time. Trust me, everyone cries and even a smaller thing can make you cry which might not be the same for everyone else and if it ever happens with you, then there is nothing shameful about this. If something feels exciting to you but not to anyone else, then there is also nothing wrong with celebrating this.

However there will be always some manipulative people around you who never ever accept your emotions. It is possible that you may have some savage and close friends who cannot tolerate your tears and always pushes you to smile when you’re sad. But, if there is someone who calls you dramatic, then always know that this is not normal especially when you know that it’s real and you’re not making drama. Also some people may not be happy for the thing that excites you and may call you a silly. Trust me, those people are very very very toxic. They will just never let you to be happy. So, whenever you find someone like this, then talk about this to them right away or simply remove them from your life. 

2. They don’t accept you for who you are

No one is perfect in the world, literally no one. Everyone in the world has some factors where they can do better. Even the person whom you consider as the most perfect, chances are, that person is also having some lacks that he never reveals. So, you can always change yourself for your betterment. Also, anyone around you can tell you to change yourself so long as it for good purposes only.

But when it takes a turn to manipulation, then this is not a simple matter anymore. There will be always some people who will never like literally most of the things you do or you like to do. You may also have some people who will try to change the inner you or your nature only based on their own opinions and not for the good of you. Every of us face these people almost often. If it ever happens to you by someone in your circle for once, then it’s okay but it happens with you for several times, then it’s time you seriously handle this. 

3. They don’t allow you to react

This is one of the most common things that you can ever find in manipulative people. As a human, it’s normal that we get to react to the situation based on what happens. However, what if you’re not allowed to react? Maybe you’re hurt, but you cannot cry. You’re embarrassed about something, but you cannot talk about this. You don’t like something, but you have no choice. You’re excited about something, but you have to hide your happiness.

All these situations are illegal but we all face this time to time and these things are mostly done by someone we know. There will be always some people who will hurt you and then if you will react to that, they will insult you again emotionally and will call you silly and will tell you that you take things in mind easily. Even if you will try to show a logic that you have the right to react, they won’t care about this. These kind of manipulative people are undoubtedly a pet peeve. So, whenever you find someone doing this to you often, it’s time you do something to get rid of this.

4. They speak  bad about you in your back

Most of us judge people based on their outer behavior. You may think that someone has a good presumption about you only because they laugh with you and never made a mess with you. But, do you know what actually goes on their mind? You get to know about this when you know what someone says in your absence. When you’re not with someone, then what they say about you to others means everything.

Sometimes, when you know that someone did this to you, it becomes really hard to believe maybe because you have always seen them being good with you. Or, maybe you’ve never done anything wrong to that person and you wonder that how that person can find something bad to talk about you. Well, when someone speaks bad in your back, then it not necessarily means that you’ve done something wrong. It just shows their mentality. They can make stories and gossips about you just to weaken your standard to others and even sometimes they do this just to make you think that there is something wrong with you. These kind of people are undoubtedly so toxic. So, whenever you find someone doing this to you, handle them wisely. 

5. They always keep criticizing you

To err is human. No one is perfect in the world. As a human, it’s normal that you’re always going to have some faults. However, every person in the word also used to have some features or reasons which they deserve to be appreciated for. Having appreciations inspire a person to do better and have more of them.

However, you will find some people who will never appreciate you. They will just always keep yelling at you for the mistakes you make. Even if there will be a reason to appreciate, they won’t even ever bother saying a simple ‘thank you’. Even when you will try to talk about this, then you may end up listening something like ‘you’re an attention seeker’ or ‘you cannot tolerate self criticism’. Those are the real manipulative people

Some people tolerate these rude and manipulative people time to time just by thinking that these criticisms may help them to improve. However, you should know that constant criticisms can never bring any good for anyone. Everyone needs inspiration, courage and motivation. So, if someone is continuously slandering you, then maybe they’re doing this just to lessen your self confidence or maybe just trying to create insecurities within you. Whatever the reason is, these people are undoubtedly so toxic. So, whenever you find someone who always sees something wrong in you, then it’s definitely a red flag .

6. They don’t help you in your bad times

There will be always some people who will be surrounding you in your good times, but in your bad times they might be the first to leave you. Believe or not, it happens with everyone. All of us face this time to time.

When those people leave, they try to show some excuses that mostly sound relevant but are actually not. As the most common excuse, most of them try to pretend like they were in a situation where they couldn’t help. Some even say that they were just trying to make you stronger by leaving you. And for these expert excuses, some of them even keep getting forgiven over and over again. However, if someone does this to you several times, you should never go easy for them. Why someone would leave you in your bad times just to make you mentally stronger? Or, why a person will be falling in a danger only at those times when you need them the most? Never ever get fooled by these excuses and always handle those fake and manipulative people wisely.

7. They never celebrate your success

 For every person in the world, it takes a lot for them to have prosperity in life. No one ever becomes accomplished in an easy way. So, whenever you get accomplishment, it’s your right to celebrate. You may want to celebrate this with someone in your circle or with the people around you. However, you should know that your success is never going to make everyone happy.

There will be some people around you who will mock and hurt you for your success. You may end up listening from them something like, ‘you don’t deserve this’ or ‘you got everything just by luck’. Whenever they say something like this, don’t get disappointed and don’t show anger. Because that is everything they can say.  Those people just say this from their jealousy and nothing else. You may also have some people like this in your friend circle or among the close people you know. But, you should never take them easy for who they are. Whenever you find someone like this, you should always take a step.

8. They change their words

Changing words not only means breaking promises, but it’s also related to someone who is used to deny what they said at the very moment. To explain, suppose you had a quarrel with one of your friends and maybe then he did something or said something that made you feel bad. So, at a later time when you tried to talk about this, he denied all the things he said and tried to prove you wrong. If this ever happened to you for once, you may let the matter go just by saying yourself that maybe he forgot.

But, if it happens with you over and over again, then don’t avoid it. Someone who does this, is completely aware of what he does but also is kind of selfish and opportunist at the same time. Maybe he is just taking the advantage of your trust. Many people also avoid this sign just to save the friendship or relationship when it’s so precious to them. However, likewise many people, if you will avoid this sign all the time, then you will just keep hurting yourself but the friendship will still keep getting toxic.

9. They always try to prove you a foolish

Not necessarily all the decisions and all the steps you’re going to take in your life are going to be to the point. At those moments, if someone corrects you, then there is completely nothing wrong with this. But, then again all of your decisions are never going to be wrong.

However, there will be always some fake and manipulative people who will see a mistake in everything you do. They may also insult you or call you dumb in the disguise of correcting you. When they do these kind of toxic things multiple times, then it doesn’t mean that you’re always wrong. It just points out their mentality and their real purpose. Which is just undermining you and making you think that you’re a foolish. Not only in personal life, but they can also try to prove you a foolish in real life public situations. Example: – a co-worker of you who always tries to outsmart you. But they cannot do this directly so they try to prove all of your decisions irrelevant all the time.  

10. They make others angry on you

Have you ever found someone getting mad at you for something you’ve never done or have never said. Sounds familiar, right? But, what could be the reason then? Well, it may have several different reasons but the most possible reason could be something someone said about you to them that drove them crazy.

You may wonder why someone would ever do something like this? It’s quite related to speaking in back but is even more dangerous than that. In most cases, when someone wants to take a revenge or when someone tries to harm you for any reason but cannot directly do this to you, then they want it to be done by someone else by making them trust that you’re the evil! Trust me or not but it genuinely happens in real life. Though, it’s hard to spot those manipulative people, but if you can do so, then don’t cut them a slack for a single time. Don’t forgive by considering it just a mistake. Otherwise, next time they can harm you in a much bigger way and then you may have to pay for this. 

My final thoughts:  Many people never notice these 10 signs or never take them seriously. Fake and manipulative people are everywhere. You cannot get rid of them completely. It's completely impossible. However, at least you can just try to keep yourself as much away from those people as possible maybe just for the sake of your own happiness. 

There can be also some fake and manipulative people among those you really care about. However, always know that your happiness is your responsibility and those people will never let you to be happy. So, always take a serious step when you find them.

That’s all for today’s article. Don’t forget to leave a comment about your thoughts regarding this post.

Question for you: Is there any other habits are being that fake and manipulative people used to have but we’ve forgotten to list them here? If yes, then what are they?

Let me know the answer in the comment below!

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  1. EVERYONE needs to read this and bookmark it. Unfortunately, there are so many people like this out there in the world. We have to be able to recognize them as soon as possible.

  2. We need to be careful with these people because make our lives worse.

  3. Gervin Khan says:

    This is such a great post, and very informative. It is worth reading as this will help any individual to be aware and to know people in this kind of category. Loved it!

  4. I hate when people act like this. It’s so hard to recognize sometimes until you have a list in front of you. It’s also a great reminder to make sure I’m not doing this to others even without trying to.

  5. Jennifer L Prince says:

    Ug. I’ve had a few manipulative folks in my life. It’s never fun, and it’s best to get away from them as soon as you can!

  6. I know some people with these qualities. Their habits sometimes sneak up on you, without you even noticing. Avoiding people like this is key.

  7. Melanie E says:

    I really dislike people like this and have made a point of avoiding them. It’s not worth having people like that in your life.

  8. Rosey says:

    Yes, for the sake of your own happiness it is best to stay away from fake or manipulative people. I think even people who love us can be one or the other, and then it’s harder, but still better for your soul to disengage.

  9. I’m at the stage in my life that I don’t care what others really say anymore. That includes dealing with fake people…there’s so many more important things in life.

  10. This type of awareness should be shared to everyone. You have to always look out for yourself as many may take advantage of you. Great share!

  11. It is very important to choose our surrounding people very wisely. And all your points will help one to know who doesn’t fit to be your companion. Staying alone is far better than staying with fake people.

  12. Daniel says:

    Id like to thank you for the efforts youve put in writing this website. I really hope to view the same high-grade blog posts from you in the future as well. In fact, your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my own, personal site now 😉

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