Sad Realities of today's world

10 Sad Realities of Today’s World You Can’t Ignore

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The sad realities are something we ignore very often. The world is being more and more modern day by day. We’re exploring new thing, following new traditions and trends and thinking like that our life has become more easier nowadays.

Don’t you also think like this? I am sure you do.

However, have you ever thought that is the generation really making our life easier overall? Are we only moving forward or are we also losing and forgetting something really precious?

Well, sorry for triggering you but we need to talk about this. I agree that the generation has given us various amusements and facilities to make our life more beautiful. However, there are also some things are being that the generation has taken from us and even without making us known about this, has created some sad realities that we are witnessing and facing every moment but unfortunately we’re having nothing to do about this. 

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In this article, we’ve talked about some sad realities today’s world which you can’t ignore. Which might make you a bit sad or aware at the same time.

 1. True love is rare and hard to find

It has been so challenging to find a true love in this generation where fake people have become a trend everywhere. Even, most of the dating apps and websites are not safe nowadays. Most of the people care about the outer beauty but only few people believe in the beauty of  mind.

Moreover, most of the relationships nowadays used to be built based on different interests and most of them end the relationships at the end of their interest but only few of them used to be thinking about the responsibilities and sacrifices. That’s why, divorces, breakups and affairs have been so common nowadays.  

Researchers estimate that 41 percent of all first marriages end in divorce. According to WF- LAWYERS , 60 percent of second marriages end in divorce. On top of that, About 15-20% of married couples cheat.

The rate of cheating increases with age for both married men and married women. In a study titled America’s Generation Gap in Extramarital Affairs, 20% of older couples noted that they had cheated during their marriage.

It apparently proves that commitments are almost dead in today’s world. Even why I am talking about relationships? You will have to struggle a lot and even to find out a simple real friend.

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2. Sharing your feelings with parents is way too Hard

If you’re reading the article and if you’re already a parent, then you might feel bad at the first place. However, we can never forsworn the truth. Tones of teenagers and young adults in the world are suffering from depression. Even I’m not the one saying this. 

Study shows that, approximately 20 percent of teens will experience depression before they reach adulthood. Between 10 to 15 percent of teenagers have some symptoms of depression at any one time. 

One of the biggest reason behind their depression is, they don’t actually get to share their feelings with their parents. Either the parents used to be too busy or for the most part they actually don’t feel quite interested to listen to their children. 

Because most of the parents nowadays trust that it’s impossible for a child or a teenager to feel depressed since they don’t have to go through anything. However, it’s not always true since you’re actually never knowing that what your children are going through.

Even though, every parent loves their children the most in their world and invest a lot of efforts before them as well, however it’s also necessary to understand that everyone is having their own feelings and the children and teenagers are having it too.

3. Mental health has no importance to most people

Believe or not mental health is having almost 0% importance to some people nowadays. Most of us only care about our physical health and mostly we used to be treated in that way.

I mean, when you’re having any physical problem, then others feel this and sometimes emphasize you as well that helps you to be cured.

However, when you suffer from mental pain, you won’t find anyone who will exactly understand you. 

Moreover, sometimes, your most nearer family members and friends may call it a glitch. They might say that it’s nothing but the inaccuracy of your mind and I know it really hurts when you listen it. Even, sometimes we also act in the same way to others.

However, According to World Health Organization, estimated 722 million people in the world are suffering from different mental health problems currently. So, does this number feel too small?

Even, in this generation not getting anyone to emphasize us has become a common place and definitely is one of the sad realities. So, it’s better that you accept the truth that you’re the only one who can help yourself. 

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4. Body shaming has become a common issue

“Oh no!! you’re too fat” , ” Why are you too short?” , “You’re looking so skinny”, “You ugly black guy”, “I hate too thin people”, “You’re over taller than the normal” – Haven’t you heard any of these lines or maybe lines like this in your whole life till yet?

If you haven’t, then you must be lucky. However, if you had listened, you might have felt so disappointed as well. 

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But, you should know that you’re not the alone. I have also listened this, we have listened this, we all people in the world have listened this and we’re still listening them every moment.

As a general person, whenever you will listen to them, maybe you will feel quite pensive but with it you will ultimately start having insecurities about your body unless you become a super confident person.

We can’t stop them anyway. So, the only strategy to follow is not to care about them at all and keep loving ourselves.

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5. Almost Everyone will try to control you

It’s one of the harshest and sad realities of today’s world. It doesn’t matter that how much good you are. If you will become too intuitive, then the world will show it’s cruelest face. Everyone in the world will try to control you as much as possible. They will try to be the ruler of your life and will give 0% importance to your opinions.

 One of the biggest reason behind this is, most people think that they’re the most experienced in something so whatever they say is right. Even, some people will try to destroy you willingly.

However, you should always remember that you’re the painter of your own life. But, first you need to learn how to take the responsibilities of yourself. That is the moment when you will be able to be the perfect master of your life.

6. You will NEVER be able to get rid of criticisms

One of the other sad realities is that nowadays criticisms are everywhere. It doesn’t matter what you do and how well you do it!! But, people will always try to find your faults everywhere. To illustrate, maybe you’re too passionate about something. Now some people will appreciate you but for sure some people will call you a crazy.

On the other hand, maybe you’re not having any passion and even at that moment you’re obviously going to get loads of criticisms. 

Even sometimes people will also interfere within your choices. For instance, maybe you choose the town to live as a better place, but some people will call you unreal at that moment. If you choose village, then some people will call you backdated.

Maybe you love wearing on covered long dresses, then people will call you unsocial and if you love wearing on short dresses, then people will call you a bad girl.

If you love being with yourself, then some people will call you introverted and unsocial but if you love to talk with others, then some people will call you extremely talkative.

These were only some silly examples of the harshness of today’s world and the sad realities we have today. But, it used to be more cruel sometimes. 

7. Money is being considered as the most valuable thing to many people

It’s not new that most people used to consider money and wealth as the be-all and end-all of their  life. Even though, it’s true that money is important to live a good life, however we should never forget that money is only a material.

But, for the most part we let it to control our life and it should never be happened. Tones of people value money even than the worth of human. 

Some of them become so addictive towards money that they forget about the needed enthusiasm and the minimal morality that we must have as a human. And even you will be wondered to know that money addiction has become so popular in the world that the doctors and medical science have also given it a specific name. 

People who suffer from extreme money addiction are called avaricious. Someone who is avaricious is greedy or grasping, concerned with gaining wealth. To make it clear, an avaricious person will do anything to achieve material gain, and it is, in general, not a pleasant attribute. And it is definitely one of the sad realities that many of us are being it nowadays.

8. Expressing your emotions will be considered as your weakness

As a real human with brain and blood, I know that sometimes how emotional we can be! Nothing hurts most than when you notice and know that no one is valuing your emotion and even is considering it your weakness. It gives a more painful feeling and even more than death. I am sorry if you’re feeling sad or bad, but it’s true. 

For living a sustainable life, we need to accept this. Even your pain will remain no longer when you will notice that you’re not the alone. Nowadays, we barely find anyone around us being real about their emotions. Most people nowadays are suffering from smiling depression. Yes, smiling depression. It’s medically assumed that people who are used-to hide their feeling behind their smile are likely to suffer from smiling depression. 

9. Social media sets our boundaries nowadays

Do you that estimated 210 million people in the world are suffering from social media addiction? From a recent study, it has been found that, An Estimated 330 Million People Will Potentially Suffer from Internet Addiction in 2022. According to Head Phones Addict, Over 210 million people worldwide suffer from internet and social media addictions. 

Now you might be curious about what people actually do on social media for most of the time and how it’s related to setting boundaries?

Well, let me explain. In the previous days when mobile phones weren’t there, then relatively people were being more intuitive to each other. But what happens now is most people spend their time chatting with their friends and scrolling down instagram rather than doing anything productive. But, in real life they actually don’t even remember the birthday of their friends unless the facebook reminds them about it. In that way, social media has ultimately set boundaries to our productive routine and towards our beautiful relationships. 

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10. We remember most things till it’s not a trend anymore

This has become one of the harshest side of today’s generation and even it doesn’t need to be proved. You see that many terrible things are happening all around the world every day but do we actually remember about them? We don’t. 

Even why I am taking the reference of the global things? Let’s talk about the personal topics. You see that we all are having father’s day, mother’s day and many more. When the days come, we take different photos with our parents and post them on different social media platforms to gain some attractions. But what happens next? Slowly but surely everything becomes normal and we don’t show that same love towards our parents anymore like we do on these days.

This is how the generation is working now.

…………… ……………… …………………

Final thoughts :

We all know and understand that all of the points here are the deep down truths and these things are happening with us almost every day. However, it shouldn’t be happened with us.

Heaps of things happens only because we spare them and go with them. However, we need to change. Even though, we can’t change the world by ourselves only, but you can change your mindset if necessary, and can make the other person’s life beautiful .

…………… ……………… …………………

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